The History Centre houses what was affectionately called ‘The Parish Chest’. Contrary to general opinion, this is not a single container but rather a collection of items, papers, photographs and historical records of significant interest to the life and times in the parish of Little Baddow.

These records have been archived and are selectively displayed for the benefit of visitors and researchers. Browsing folders are available, sorted by topic and offering the viewer an insight into local history and events. Several family names are still represented in the area and family members have reconnected with distant branches of their family across the world through these records. Information is added to these folders as enquirers bring new information, often revealed while researching family history, census returns, names and addresses of property or records of employment. Paper cuttings and photographs often tell of happy and sad events.

Other items on display include a unique collection of Chapel Teaware, preserved from times when churches and chapels had their own crested or labelled tea sets and the Washington Foundation, comprising some of Robert Washington’s pots and drawings, along with a wood engraving by his father, William Washington. 

We are gradually entering information about our massive collection of documents, artefacts and photographs into our database.  If you would like to search this, please use the ‘Database’ link at the top of this page.

We have a wealth of old photographs…

Heather hills
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Let’s take a walk down North Hill and back in time…

Miss-Sorrell Cropped
Memorial Hall
Hall fire
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Opening Times

The History Centre is open on Thursday mornings from 10am – noon and Sunday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm, and we are happy to open the Centre and make its archive available to you at other times by appointment.

Latest Publication

This is the story of an Essex village, from the Ice Age to the Edwardians. It is based on a unique collection of documents, photographs and artefacts housed in the Little Baddow History Centre and shows how the great events of history have impacted one small village in the southeast of England. It offers a unique insight into the ordinary lives of village people through the centuries.

If you are in the village, the book can be obtained from the History Centre (cash or cheque) for £10 – alternatively, it can be purchased from Amazon for £11.99.

Snippets from our history…

Fire A newspaper report of the fire at Little Baddow Mill. Which had previously looked like this…

Mad policeman A Little Baddow Policeman goes goes mad, following a bout of flu.

Essex Tornado 1897  A newspaper account of the Essex Tornado.

Blakes Wood  Some notes on the history of Blakes Wood by Jesse Berridge.