This is a list of the holdings (documents, photographs etc.) of the History Centre. To search use the box below.

2000:0017PhotoPeople and EventsMrs Turner and Miss Cooke in schoolroom; date not known.
2000:0010:a-dPhotoCelebration at Well House; 1960s or 70s;Joan Barker's home at the time.
2000:0011PhotoHandbell ringers at Well House.Richard and Wendy Godden; Charles Cope.
2000:0012PhotoPostcard 'Little Baddow Girls'; 29th May 1909.Cloggers Farm.
2000:0013PhotoGeorge Enefer with gun and dogs.Probably at the rear of Wickhay Cottages.
2000:0014PhotoGeorge Enefer in Home Guard uniform, with bike.Outside Wickhay Cottages, North Hill.
2000:0015PhotoCricket team, outside old pavillion.Charles Vanstone, umpire, on extreme right.
2000:0016:a-cPhotoHockey Club on carnival float. Rex Hovendon as teacher with 'St Trinians' girls.Molly Wyatt, Mike Parker, Judy Pittaway, Bob Upson, Janet Burr, Margaret Gibbons, John Fowler, Gordon Callan, Ann Wyatt, Daphne Pittaway, Ann Sandiford, Mary Munn, Eddie Wood, Rex Hovendon.
2020:0001DocCricketSupper menu and Toast List, 1936 (2 copies, with autographs)A L Woodhouse, Lawrence Andrews, Capt Currie, Capt Willett, W R Wild, Rev J Berridge, Vice-Capt Lightfoot, G Joslin, Vice-Capt J Kennedy, Andrew Armour, J Watson, E Arnold
2020:0002DocSummer Lunch invitation, 2014
2020:0003DocBalloon stunt, Penfold, 1912
2020:0004DocPeople and EventsNorah Shipman identity card.1943 National Registration Identity Card
2020:0005PhotoPeople and EventsNorah Shipman and Sir Alistair Stewart; presentation of sampler.
2020:0006DocPeople and EventsNorah Shipman family tree.Printout and memory stick.
2020:0007PhotoPeople and EventsMargaret Shipman at Aldermanburgh
2020:0008PhotoPeople and EventsCowshed at Aldermanburgh
2020:0009PhotoPeople and EventsFarmyard at Aldermanburgh.Margaret Shipman?
2020:0010PhotoPeople and EventsConstance Turner's retirement.1960
2020:0011PhotoPeople and EventsMrs Turner school group.1960?
2020:0012BookA Country Teacher Looks Back by Constance Turner2 copies
2020:0013PhotoPeople and EventsConstance Turner, 1955
2020:0014DocChelmer and Blackwater NavigationExample of George II Navigation authorisationA copy of 1737 act for making navigable the River Rodon between Great Ilford and Barking.
2020:0015DocChelmer and Blackwater NavigationCopy of the 1793 Act to establish the Chelmer and Blackwater navigation.
2020:0016DocPeople and EventsIndex and photocopies of photographs of George Enefer.
2020:0017DocNoral Shipman.
2020:0018DocSpring Elms Farm
2020:0031DocLetter from Patricia Stewart
2020:0030DocJesse Berridge PapersPhotocopy of Anne Berridge confirmation certificateLists Godparents
2020:0032DocScouts, Hockey and Sportsfield2011 Letter from Elizabeth Bourn re donation of shields
2020:0033DocPeople and EventsNewspaper cutting of funeral for Fiona Stevenson Aug 2005
2020:0034DocPeople and EventsNewspaper cutting baptism of Jessica Hackett by Rev Hooker
2020:0035DocPeople and EventsWalter & Audrey Fell Golden wedding celebration May 2015
2020:0036DocPeople and EventsKathleen Cheek funeral service
2020:0037DocUnited Reformed ChapelNewspaper cutting of 400th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Hooker URC
2020:0038PhotoSt Mary's ChurchPostcard of St Mary's
2020:0039DocHistorical Notes on Little BaddowNewspaper article by Stan Jarvis 13 May 1977
2020:0040DocSt Mary's ChurchRenovation to St Marys Church towerNotes by Alastair Stewart, 2017
2020:0041DocSt Mary's ChurchJohn Bundock research on organ and Psalm 96
2020:0042DocSt Mary's ChurchPhotograph of St Marys by Tony Counsell
2020:0043DocSt Mary's ChurchPhotocopy of article on fontFrom Essex Fonts and Font covers (Norman to Nineteenth Century) by W Norman Paul, 1986
2020:0044DocEventsMusic at Little Baddow Hall 1980 Programme
2020:0045DocCuckoos, Thomas HookerMagazine article on John Eliot1952 The Essex Countryside article “An Essex Missionary and his work among the Red Indians”
2020:0046DocCuckoos, Thomas HookerPhotograph of Hookers descendants 1987/8
2020:0047DocCuckoos, Thomas HookerPhotograph of Hookers descendants 1987/8
2020:0048DocNewspaper accounts of hurricanes of 1897 and 1987Newspaper cutting of flooding at Paper Mill Lock 23 Jan 2014
2020:0049DocHistorical Notes on Little BaddowPhotocopy of photograph of Katherine McDonald undated
2020:0050DocProperties and Residents - North HillArticle on Walters Cottage from parish magazine July 1967 revised 2017 from comments by Patricia StewartMiss Langford, Mr Davies, Nora Shipman, Charles Mulley, Mr Walter Crook.
2020:0051NewspapersWW2 MemorabiliaEssex Chronicle article on RAF Pilot Wilfred Sizer, 12 Jan 2012
2020:0052DocLetter from Patricia Stewart on the creation of St Andrews Room
2020:0053PhotoThe Rodney P.H.Walk or race, from the Rodney PH.Probably 1978 or 1980. Black and white photograph. 'Walk round to Woodham Walter'.
2020:0054PhotoThe Rodney P.H.After the tug or war' - men in the Navigation?Following event at The Rodney, as shown on 2020.0053? 1978 or 1980.
2020:0055PhotoChristmas event at HC, 14th December 2008Andy Coppell, handbells, Suzie Opie, Alison Harker,
2020:0056PhotoHistorians exhibition, December 2008.Corner representing Jesse Berridge.
2020:0057PhotoSummer fete at HC, 3rd July 2010, 16 photos
2020:0058PhotoSummer fete at HC, 2011, 10 photos
2020:0059DocHarding family; 17th century; immigration to the colonies.Note sent by Diana Presciutti to Mary and Michael Klaber
2020:0060DocSearch for the Lost Barns of Tofts (research project)Produced by STEVE DRURY
2020:0082PhotoThe original 'Parish Chest'; digital image taken outside the HC
2020:0061PhotoSt Andrew's; 2015
2020:0062PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillGeorge Newman and Bill Marsh, roadman, outside St Andrew's, North HillTaken c1925;
2020:0063PhotoNational School, North Hill, 1893
2020:0064PhotoSchool PhotographsNational School group photo; c 1890s
2020:0065PhotoSchool PhotographsElm Green School, 1957Mel Thompson, Peter McDonald, Rosalind Dancer, Martin Wintle, Richard Sizer, Caroline Digby,
2020:0066PhotoSchool PhotographsElm Green School, sports day, 1963Steve Thompson
2020:0067PhotoSchool PhotographsElm Green School, classroomSteve Thompson
2020:0068PhotoSchool PhotographsElm Green SchoolSteve Thompson
2020:0069PhotoElm Green SchoolElm Green School sports day, on cricket fieldLine-up for mothers' race, 1973.
2020:0070PhotoThe Old RodneyCows on Rodney CommonNow Heather Hills
2020:0072PhotoThe Old RodneyPostcard showing people on the Heather HillsDate unknown
2020:0073PhotoPostcard showing the Heather Hills; print not found.
2020:0074PhotoEssex Wildlife Trust work party.Geoff Pyman.
2020:0075PhotoPost Office Stores
2020:0076PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillPost Office, postcard, 1970
2020:0077PhotoParish Council: General Proceedings 1918 - 1939Coloured postcard of North Hill, by Rodney PH.
2020:0078PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillBlack and white photo of Post Office Stores interior, 1998
2020:0079PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillAlmshouses on Mount Pleasant; 1987
2020:0080PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillDouble glazing at Mount Pleasant, 1987
2020:0083PhotoView toward the top of North Hill.
2020:0084PhotoFire at the Memorial Hall
2020:0085PhotoFire at the Memorial Hall, showing the original arch.
2020:0086PhotoFire at the Memorial Hall.
2020:0087PhotoSchool PhotographsChildren on the steps of the Memorial Hall, 1950s. Used as school canteen.
2020:0088PhotoWI Anniversary lunch, 1958.Nita Sizer (President)(back), Dorothy Thompson (ex-president)(left); Miss Everett, organist at the Church (right).
2020:0089PhotoWI dinner, Memorial Hall.Memorial to the fallen of WWI on right hand wall.
2020:0090PhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowPresentation to Mrs Turner in Memorial Hall.From rt Mr Brice (Chair of Parish Council), Mrs Cook (teacher), Daisy Turner, Mr C Turner, Rev Mitchell, Mrs C Turner, Mr Primmer (?)
2020:0091PhotoCricketCricket club dinner, in the Memorial Hall, Nov 2nd 1956.Mrs Puddephat (centre)
2020:0092PhotoCricketCricket club team photo, 1957/58Back: Umpire, M Patrick, J Hepworth, D King, P Linnett, T Ketley, B Brazier, P Burr Front: R Brazier, J Hurren, T Enefer, J Bowles, G English
2020:0095PhotoMemorial Hall, October 2011.
2020:0096PhotoMemorial Hall, digitised image. Date not known.
2020:0097PhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowElizabeth and Roy Warsop; Easter Breakfast in Memorial Hall; 1980s.
2020:0098PhotoDeborah Freeman, Merryn and Stephen Beard; fancy dress for village fete.
2020:0099PhotoFishing.Merryn Beard, Judith Stewart, Caroline Digby, Deborah Freeman, Stephen Beard, Mr Stewart and Rover, the Beard family dog.
2020:0100PhotoDeborah Freeman with Paddy Digby at Spring Cottages.
2020:0101PhotoHolybred Farm. Perry Carr Deborah Freeman Merryn Beard Timmy and Sally Carr. Robert Carr on tractor.
2020:0102PhotoFishing. Judith Stewart, Caroline Digby, Merryn and Stephen Beard, Deborah Freeman, Mr Stewart and child.
2020:0103PhotoJoan and Deborah Freeman Merryn Beard and Caroline Digby at the ford.
2020:0104PhotoDeborah and Susan Freeman Fancy Dress for village Fete.
2020:0105PhotoDeborah Freeman back row 2nd right at Elm Green School. C1962.
2020:0106PhotoMrs Dale's Diary star opens bazaar.
2020:0107PhotoHolybred Farm. Deborah Freeman Perry and Timmy Carr Merryn Beard Sally Carr.
2020:0108PhotoFloods in Church Rd late 1950s (2)
2020:0109PhotoWater Hall. Deborah Freeman Merryn Stephen and Murial Beard
2020:0110PhotoMaypole Dancing at the Rectory village fete. Deborah Freeman centre. Mrs Honeyball right. Marion Harris left.
2020:0111PhotoDeborah Freeman Elm Green School.
2020:0112PhotoRowan Cottage
2020:0113PhotoFloods in Church Rd late 1950s (1)
2020:0114PhotoFloods in Church Rd late 1950s (3)
2020:0115PhotoButcher's shop in days of Sidney Wooder.
2020:0116PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillJohn Vale's butchers shop1990; John Vale in doorway;
2020:0117PhotoMiss Sorrell's shop (Hilltop Stores).Date?
2020:0118PhotoNewspaper cutting of Miss Julia Sorrell, at time of her retirement.
2020:0119PhotoHistory Centre Exhibition re-creating Miss Sorrell's shop.
2020:0120PhotoAldermanburgh Farm (colour photograph) 1/3
2020:0121PhotoAldermanburgh Farm (colour photograph) 2/3
2020:0122PhotoAldermanburgh Farm (colour photograph) 3/3
2020:0123PhotoProperties in Colam LaneTop of Colam LaneView towards Sorrell's corner; Spalding postcard; Edwardian;
2020:0124PhotoNorah Shipman outside shed (village 'lock-up'?) at Aldermanburgh.
2017:0100DocHistorical Notes on Little BaddowSheet music for 'The Ballad of Semmerwater' by Armstrong Gibbs.
2017:0101DocHistorical Notes on Little BaddowNewspaper cutting of fire in cottage by Gibbs, Spring Elms Lane, 2008.
2017:0102PhotoJesse Berridge Papers2 photographs of watercolours by Edna Adeline Berridge, 1928 / 31.
2017:0103DocHistorical Notes on Little BaddowMagazine article on Pilgrims Barn; John and Sally Lowe; 2004.
2017:0104PhotoSt Mary's ChurchRestoration work, St Mary's Church by Bakers of Danbury
2017:0105Photo3 postcard sketches; no date; St Mary's, Miss Sorrels, The Rodney.
2017:0106Photo15 photos of building work on new cricket pavillion.
2017:0108DocVillage PeoplePenfold parachute jump, 1912; newspaper cutting, 2012; John Bundock;Captain Penfold, Sir Hubert Wilkins, Isaac Bundock
2017:0109DocDrama ClubNewspaper cutting of LB Drama Club production of 'Rebecca'.
2017:0110NewspapersChelmer and Blackwater Navigation2012 Essex Chronicle article about the Chelmer and Blackwater NavigationChildhood memories; Steve Rush.
2017:0111DocHistorical Notes on Little BaddowMagazine article on Old Riffhams; 2002.
2020:0019Photo2018-2020Photocopy of postcard and enlargement; North Hill; Cock Farm; Wickhay Green;Postcard sent in 1916, but photo dated 1910. Looking south up hill from crossroads.
2020:0020Photo2018-2020Enlargement of postcard of North Hill.Original in X9mi.
2020:0021Photo2018-2020Enlargement of postcard looking south up North Hill.
2020:0022Photo2018-2020Enlargement of postcard of the Rodney Inn
2020:0023DocMemoriesNewspaper cutting ”Charting the waterways”LBHC Canal Exhibition
2020:0024DocMemoriesThe Spirit of Christmas 10 Dec 2011LBHC Leaflet
2020:0025DocSt Mary's ChurchFestival of Flowers St Mary's Sep 2015
2020:0026PhotoSt Mary's ChurchChristmas Greetings from Little Baddow Churches flyer, undated
2020:0027PhotoSt Mary's ChurchCelebration of Marriage booklet, undated
2020:0028PhotoSt Mary's ChurchConsecration of extension of churchyard booklet 18 Jul 2004
2020:0029PhotoSt Mary's Church2 Photocopies of glass engraving of St Mary's Church by Bert Collis
2017:0072DocWorld War TwoOrder of Service; Thanksgiving for Victory, 1945.
2017:0073PhotoWalter's CottageInvitation to tea, 2013, Walters Cottage.Showing photos of Walter’s Cottage in 1953/54 and 2013
2017:0074Doc2018-2020Journal article, October 2005, about Holybread Wood.
2017:0075DocSt Mary's ChurchLicensing of Rev Clive Ashby, 2013.St John the Baptist, Danbury
2017:0076Doc2018-2020Social Club, report of evening 1934.
2017:0077DocDrama ClubReview of St Roger Folk production, George and His Dragon, 1934.
2017:0078BookHistory of URC by Brenda Hooson.
2017:0079DocArtists in Little BaddowSheet from Elizabeth Bourne about paintings by Geoffrey Burnand.
2017:0080PhotoHassocks at St Mary's - set of photographs from exhibitionFolder 'Church Hassocks' in 'New Stuff 2019' folder. Original laminated images to Margaret Martin for return to St Mary's.
2017:0081DocJesse Berridge PapersGhost story related to Cranley CottageDate unknown; author is Margaret ?
2017:0082DocBorough council Planning Applications 1984 - 1991Borough Council Planning Applications 1984-1991Planning appeal withdrawn 1989 New Lodge Farm
2017:0083DocPoliceCharles Calcraft Police record
2017:0084DocCricketCricket Club history
2017:0085BookCalendar 2002LB Historical Society
2017:0086DocPeople and EventsInvoice for sampler conservationInformation on Emily Mulley
2017:0088DocThe Rodney P.H.Rodney beer festival 21/07/2006Newspaper cutting
2017:0090PhotoPhoto Memorial Hall post fire
2017:0091DocArchaeologyRoman villa reveals village’s long historyEssex Chronicle Article, 4 Dec 2008 – Simon Johnson
2017:0092DocWalter's CottageSilver Jubilee celebrations 1977Photo and letter from Patricia Stewart
2017:0093DocPeople and EventsUlrik Middelboe memorial service 01 Feb 20131929-2013
2017:0094DocPeople and EventsPeter Willington memorial service 21 Feb 20151941-2014
2017:0095DocPeople and EventsGeoffrey Lionel Mills memorial service 6 Jan 20141925-2014
2017:0096DocPeople and EventsSilas Clifford-Smith newspaper cuttingphotocopy 31 Mar 2016
2017:0097DocLittle Baddow History CentreHistory Centre dedication ceremony 4 Jul 2004
2017:0098DocHistorical Notes on Little BaddowPilgrims flyer for B&B at the barn
2017:0099DocHistorical Notes on Little Baddow3 pages of notes on Gibbs and occupantsMar-10
2019:0024ArtWilliam Washington ArchiveWashington Collection: Coronation Memorial Restoration, William Washington, 1953West doorway, St Mary's Church, Little Baddow
2019:0023ArtWashington Collection: Clocks to Mend - Etching - William Washington, 1955.
2019:0022ArtWashington Collection: Black Bridge - engraving - framed, RJW.
2019:0021ArtWashington Collection: Horse at water - etching.
2019:0020ArtWashington Collection: Pictoral Panel - framed.Ceramic fibre, metal, fibreglass inclusions.
2019:0019ArtWashington Collection: Platter Type II, The Elements - Earth, Fire, Water. 1968.Multi-fired (low); Stoneware clay, engobes, ceramic fibre board, fibreglass fabric. Yellow dot indicates Catalogue number 1258.
2019:0018ArtWashington Collection: Bowl - late work.Multi-fired. Catalogue number 1187.
2019:0017ArtWashington Collection: Medium pot - late work.White stoneware, engobes, multi-fired. Catalogue number 1061.
2019:0016ArtWashington Collection: Sketch for 'Diana'.
2019:0015ArtWashington Collection: Tall pot - 7; Ages of Woman - 'Diana'.Shown at Chelmsford Library in 1992.
2019:0014BookLittle Baddow Drama Club; minutes and notes.3 notebooks and a ringbinder, labelled a, b,c and d.
2019:0013PhotoPhotograph of Well House.Looking westwards along Spring Elms Lane.
2019:0012BookBible presented to Hariet Enefer by the Butler Charity, 1866.Lists 4 trustees (Isaac Pledger, John Piggot, H J Eve, Alfred May)
2019:0011ArtWilliam Washington ArchiveWater colour / line drawing by E.G. Earthrowl.Found with William Washington’s cards and letters, no date
2019:0010ArtWilliam Washington ArchiveLino-cut by G. Earmann.Found with William Washington’s cards and letters, no date
2019:0009DocObituaries and Memorial ServicesPaul Ogden; Essex Chronicle notice of his death in 1971, plus account of his funeral.Includes colour photocopy of Paul, with sister Caroline. An additional copy in in the Browsing Folders under Ogden.
2019:0008PhotoPostcard of Baddow RodneyPosted Dec 15th 1906
2019:0007PhotoColour tinted postcard 'At Little Baddow near Chelmsford'.Posted 17th Dec 1908
2019:0006Photo2018-2020Photograph of St Mary's from front of Little Baddow Hall.Taken in 1956 by John Tarlton and published. This is print of the published page.
2019:0005Doc2018-2020Memories of Little Baddow - paper by Gemma HooperDescribes village in 1940s and 50s. (Gemma Hooper is nee Cockerill; lived at Mill Mead)
2019:0004MountedEtching by William WashingtonSigned etching of St Mary's west doorway being restored in 1953.
2019:0003DocSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's Restoration Appeal, 1991Various lists and certificates relating to the appeal.
2019:0002BookThe Natural History of Little BaddowWildlife survey, dated 2009, authored by John Mc Crindle, with contributions from Brian Luscombe and Tim Gardiner.
2019:0001ArtMilk bottle ShipmanMilk bottle from Aldermanburgh Farm - Norah Shipman
2018:0026PhotoWooder, Sidney (?)Village butcher, standing outside his shop
2018:0025DocWWI MemorabiliaNaval signal for end of WW1Naval signal given to Frederick Coxhead 1918, giving notice of armistice
2018:0024PhotoPost Office in 2002Liz Sherriff
2018:0023PhotoPost Office in 2002
2018:0022PhotoPost Office in 2002Liz Sherriff
2018:0021PhotoPost Office in 2002John Sheriff
2018:0020PhotoPost Office in 2002
2018:0019PhotoMemorial Hall Sunday Lunch 2002
2018:0018PhotoMemorial Hall Sunday Lunch 2002
2018:0017PhotoMemorial Hall Sunday Lunch 2002
2018:0016PhotoMemorial Hall Sunday Lunch 2002
2018:0015PhotoMemorial Hall Sunday Lunch 2002Beryl Thompson; Dorris Dancer;
2018:0014PhotoMemorial Hall Sunday Lunch 2002Suzy Opie; Vicky Briggs
2018:0013PhotoElm Green School leavers 1958Nicolas Sizer, Elizabeth Tubbs; Simon Johnson
2018:0012Doc2018-2020Extract from 'History of Essex' by T WrightThomas Wright's 'History of Essex'; Baynard; Fillols; Barrington; Tofts; Middlemead;
2018:0011JournalWorld War TwoPoppy ProjectReport of the Poppy Project by Alison Harker; Danbury Contact Apr/May 18 about knitting/crochet/making poppies for Remembrance Day and drop in making sessions at the Little Baddow History Centre.
2018:0009BookChelmsford Centenary Year BookProduced in 1988; gives history and current amenities in Chelmsford
2018:0008MapHand drawn map of field namesPhotocopy, showing names of fields north of Almanburgh and west of Tofts.
2018:0007PhotoJohn BowlesJohn, son of Harry Bowles, of Copeland Cottage; Bright House, 9th November 2007
2018:0006PhotoChristmas drinks party at IonaChristmas drinks at Iona, home of Keith and Lynda Ferguson; from the left: Geoff Houghton Keith Ferguson Gill Houghton, Nick Conner, Clive Ashley, John Atkinson, Chris Poulard, Bob Shepherd and Alistair Stewart; 24th December 2015
2018:0005PhotoURC GardenShephen Harrod and Charles Cope; 3rd June 2007
2018:0004PhotoBarn DanceBarn Dance at Little Baddow Hall Fruit Farm, 16th June 2012; from left: Bob Shepherd, Peter Willington, Doreen Shepherd
2018:0003PhotoSimon JohnsonSimon Johnson, his sister Margaret, and her son James, walking in Tofts Chase, 1st February 2002
2018:0002PhotoSunday lunch, Memorial Hall12th November 2017; Barbara Teel and Jan Yuel
2018:0010JournalWar MemorialWar Memorial Event 2016Report of the rededication in Danbury Contact; Dec 16/Jan 17
2017:0070-71PhotoMemorial Hall fire, April 19592 b/w photographs
2017:0060-69Photo14th century effigies in St Mary's. Dated 1340-50. Sir John and Lady Filiol.9 photographs.
2017:0055-59PhotoPoleighs restoration, 19845 photos
2017:0054PhotoElizabeth Warsop at Poleighs
2017:0053PhotoRoy Warsop, at Poleighs
2017:0052PhotoLittle Baddow in the PastPhotocopies of work on Water Hall, formerly Belmers, following restoration,.
2017:0051PhotoWorld War TwoLittle Baddow and Danbury Home GuardSidney (Jigg) Willett, Joe Knight, Jock Robertson, Alf Martin, Sonny Mundon, Arthur Crisp, Stan Knight, Bert Balls, Pym Wiggins, Stan Carter, Chris Reeve, Les Winger, Jack May, Jack Phelby, Len Knight, Sam Williams, Ted Scrivener, Percy May, Side Enefer, Dan Allen, Charlie Wright, Alf Ager, Cyril Holland, Arthur Pilgrim, Charlie Hunt, Sgt Collins, Lieut Shaw, Lieut Harper, Sgt C Norfolk Stan or Fred Allen, George Gordon, Bill Windley, Walter Mead, Francis Thorrington, Arthur Clark, Sam May, Harold Foley, Cyril Robertson (Pyne), Fred Kite, George Enefer, Jum Vale, Ketley, Sonny Barker
2017:0050DocWWI MemorabiliaPhotocopy of postcard from Front in WW1From Albert Enefer to his father. Mentions The Rodney public house.
2017:0049Photo2018-2020Postcard of New Bassetts, 1928
2017:0048PhotoBelle Vue. View of side of house. August 1929.Relates to John Vale and Mr Wooder; village butcher.
2017:0047PhotoPostcard of millstream at Little Baddow Mill, date unknown.
2017:0046Doc2018-2020Little Baddow Hall Arts Centre - brochureProbably produced mid 1980s, but not dated.
2017:0045Doc2018-2020Photocopy of page of Pigot, September 1839Comments on village, and lists inns, trades etc.
2017:0044DocSundry cuttings from Essex Chronicle about flooding; some already used for exhibition.Now added to the Browsing Folder on Severe Weather.
2017:0042PhotoSmall sepia print of group of 5 young people.Date, location and names are unknown. Found in accessions box in 2019, it has 'unknown' written on the back.
2017:0041Doc2018-2020William Denny, birth certificate, 1838Laminated copy of birth certificate, used for exhibition.
2017:0040Doc2018-2020Protestation returnsLaminated sheet on returns for 1642, with explanation.
2017:0039Doc2018-2020Guild of ArtsIndex to the Minute Books
2017:0037BookLittle Baddow United Reformed Church - A History by Rev Dr R Buick KnoxPublished in 1976 with 1985 Addendum
2017:0036DocThe National Schools Little Baddow & Danbury and Evacuees during WW2School records - 1872, 76, 78, 80, 82, 84Photocopies of documents held in the ERO
2017:0035Photo2018-2020Photocopy of churchyard working partyCharles Thompson (second from right)
2017:0034Photo2018-2020Photocopy of Churchyard working party
2017:0033PhotoTom Barker, Les Smart, Jervois Firmin and Jack Wisdom - photo dates 198? - in Memorial Hall, probably at Christmas Fair or similar event.
2017:0032DocCrime in Little BaddowPartridge murder and suicide at Cloggers FarmDigital printout from National Library of Australia. Original source not shown.
2017:0031DocCrime in Little BaddowAccount of Partridge funeral in the Essex Weekly News31st July 1908. Double murder and suicide of Partridge family at Cloggers Farm.
2017:0030DocCrime in Little BaddowPartridge murders and suicide - account of the funeral in the Essex Chronicle.July 31st 1908.
2017:0029ArtDanbury District Guides - Laura Cole Award.Winners on shield - 1993 - 2002
2017:0028ArtGirl Guides - Branker Cubitt Cup shieldHas names of winners from 1973 to 1989.
2017:0027PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPhotograph of barge in lockNo date; shows the 'Bothy' and barge named 'Willie'
2017:0026PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPhotocopy of postcard "at Little Baddow" of lock and bargeDated 1890, from Essex Archives Online
2017:0025Doc2018-2020Hockey Club carnival float2 photocopies of photos, plus a newspaper cutting. St Trinians. Named: Molly Wyatt, Mike Parker, Judy Pittaway, Bob Upson, Janet Burr, Margaret Gibbons, John Fowler, Gordon Callan, Ann Wyatt, Daphne Pittaway, Ann Sandiford, Mary Munro, Eddie Wood, Rex Hovenden.
2017:0024DocThe National Schools Little Baddow & Danbury and Evacuees during WW2School Diptheria 1870Copy of document from ERO dated October 1870 about closing the school because of infection
2017:0023PhotoThe Old RodneyThe Old RodneyPostcard showing 'heather hills'
2017:0022PhotoThe Old RodneyThe Old RodneyPostcard showing 'heather hills'
2017:0021PhotoThe Old RodneyThe Old RodneyPostcard showing 'heather hills'
2017:0020PhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesOld RiffhamsPostcard dated 1909
2017:0019PhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesRiffhams ChaseSpalding postcard dated 1921
2017:0018PhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesRiffhams ChaseSpalding postcard (two examples), one dated 1920
J29JournalRodney Public House
2017:0015PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationLock HousePostcard looking west towards Paper Mill Lock, showing lock house.
2017:0014PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill in the snowPostcard, not dated.
2017:0017PhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesOld RiffhamsPostcard (second example), dated about 1950
2017:0013PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationFisheries and Paper Millpostcard dated 1932. Shows Mill - but described on card as having been taken down.
2017:0012PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationFisheries - wrongly labelled as Little Baddow Lock.
2017:0010PhotoNorth Hill, with signpost blacked out1940 wartime measure in case of invasion
2017:0009PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationWooden footbridgec 1905; near Little Baddow lock;
2017:0007PhotoThe Old RodneyRodney Swing Boats
2018:0001DocPeople and Events of Little BaddowChristmas Card, 1937Printed Christmas card from the Gregory Nicholsons
2017:0001PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationThe Fisheries3 copies of postcard + one photograph of card; card addressed to Miss C Coles and dated 1906
2000:0008Doc2018-2020Death duty index for Maria Ann Raven, died 8th April 1900.Copy of index, laminated and used for exhibition but original not found.
2000:0007Doc2018-2020Register of Electors sample, 1918Exhibition material, ccopied from Archives Online. Shows family names A - F
2000:0006Doc2018-2020Chelmsford Petty Sessions - report of attempted suicide of Edward Chas. Porter (alias Belfore) by drowning.Display material - original location now known.
2000:0005Doc2018-2020Laminated printout of burial records for 1859Funerals conducted by William B Ady. Names: Elizabeth Lewis, Joseph Raven, Edward Pratt, Lydia Wood, Charles D???, Benjamin Horth, Harriet Humphreys, Graham Perry
2000:0004Doc2018-2020Printout of Ancestry listingHare, Saunders, Hordley, Yell, Handley, /valentine, Brugnell,
2000:0003Doc2018-2020Printout of Ancestry recordFellow, Jiggins, Pledger, Joslin, Appleton, Wheeler, Maynott, Argent, Perry
2000:0002PhotoCrime in Little BaddowCloggers farm. Postcard refers to double murder and suicide of Partridge family in 1908Photocopy of postcard. Details of the murder also in 2017.0031 and 2017.0032 reports in local newspapers.
X4fPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowJohn Gibson1953;
X4dPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowMarriage of Peter Sergeant and Jean AgerApril 1946; Mr and Mrs Sergeant; Janet Mott; Bernardd Ager; Peter and Jean Sergeant; Betty Ager; Pat Sergeant; Mr and Mrs Ager;
X10aiiPhotoProperties in Colam LaneColam LaneHouses east of Cockleys; 1990s
X4ePhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowOlive Gibson1953;
X10fPhotoProperties in Colam LaneColam Lane
X4fiPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowBob AlstonAt the planting of his tree at Aldermanburgh; 5th Dec 1992;
X11ciPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesOld RiffhamsLarge photo; c1930s
X10evPhotoProperties in Colam LaneColam LaneEntrance to Rectory on left; 1998
X10giiPhotoProperties in Colam LaneThe Old RectorySpaldings Postcard; Colam Lane; 1914; built in 1859, the architect was Butterfield
X10hiPhotoProperties in Colam LaneIntersection of Holybread Lane and Colam Lane.
X11aiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesGreat Graces
X5cPhotoWoodhouse FamilyTofts House1991;
X5bPhotoWoodhouse FamilyTofts fishpond1991;
X5aPhotoWoodhouse Family2 photos of Tofts fishponds1991;
X10biPhotoProperties in Colam LaneRyefield Houses1990s
X10eivPhotoProperties in Colam LaneColam LaneOld photo marked Coldham Lane
X4i2PhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowWedding of Claire Baker1960; Mel Thompson; Elizabeth Warsop; Mrs Puddephat; William Read; Edith Hunt; members of the choir for the wedding;
X9miiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillBlack and white photograph of the Post Office Stores, North Hill, dated 1998.
X9piiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillBlack and white photograph of post office dated 1953 (original in school scrapbook)
2000:0023PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillB/W photo of Miss Sorrell's shop at the top of North Hill, taken c1900
X9riPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillColam Lane / Spring Elm Lane cross road, top of North Hill taken 1990 showing sign to Danbury and Hatfield Peverell.
X9miPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillColour photo of the Post Office Stores, North Hill, 1990
X9niPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillColour photograph looking towards the Post Office Stores from the corner of High Pasture, dated 19??
X9piiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillColour photo of the Post Office Stores, North Hill, with Liz Sheriff (back left) and assistant ?
X9liPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillThe Rodney Public House dated 1991 - taken from the footpath by The Return
X10aiiiPhotoProperties in Colam LaneTop of Colam Lane1998; Hill Cottage is on the right
X4fiiPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowBob Alston with Margaret MartinAt Aldermanburgh; 5th Dec 1992;
X4nPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowRobert Shortt(drowned himself in the river)
X4lPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowMary GibsonAt Pilgrims Farm; 1950s;
X4bPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowStorm Damage 1987
X3bivPhotoHandbell RingersView of Aldermanburgh farmhouse;
X4jPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowCanon David KingRetirement; october 1979; Memorial Hall;
X5fPhotoWoodhouse FamilyLionel and Mosley WoodhouseFlight Sub-Lt Mosley Gordon Woodhouse, RNAS, killed in action 9th Aug 1917, aged 18; Capt Lionel M Woodhouse, MC DFC, RAF, killed in action 27th Sept 1918, aged 21; also photo of their gravestones in Grevilliers, France
X4hPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowMadonnaSummer 1949; Pilgrims;
X4gPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowGranny Stankovitchsmoking her pipe
X10aivPhotoProperties in Colam LaneEntrance to Colam LaneHill Cottage; 1998
X3aiiPhotoHandbell RingersRowan Tree PlantingAldermanburgh; Feb 23rd 1985; to honour Francis Thorrington (1901-1984) for services to Little Baddow;
X12PhotoJ. Berridge, Heather Hills
X3aiiiPhotoHandbell RingersTree Planting23rd Feb 1985; Aldermanburgh; to honour Francis Thorrington; Sylvia Stout; Barbara Hurniman?; Edwin Shuring; Mr and Mrs Bacon; Simon Johnson;
X3ciiPhotoHandbell RingersAldermanburgh farmVillage lock-up?
X5jPhotoWoodhouse FamilyLionel WoodhouseCapt L Woodhouse RAF MC DFC; killed in action France Sept 27th 1918, aged 21.
X3aiPhotoHandbell RingersRowan Tree PlantingAldermanburgh; Feb 23rd 1985; to honour Francis Thorrington (1901-1984) for services to Little Baddow;
X5hPhotoWoodhouse FamilyOld road by ToftsRoad diverted by General Strutt when he rebuilt the Manor House.
X5iPhotoWoodhouse FamilyMosley WoodhouseFlt sub-Lt Mosley Woodhouse RNAS; killed in action in France 9th Aug 1978, aged 18;
X1v3PhotoCricketCricket Club Centenary 2004
X3civPhotoHandbell Ringers2 small photos of Aldermanburgh Farmone shows the Colam Lane sign
X3ciiiPhotoHandbell RingersAldermanburghmodern view or Aldermanburgh site; 1990
X3ciPhotoHandbell RingersView of AldermanburghOld village lock-up;
X3axviiPhotoHandbell RingersTree Planting23rd Feb 1985; Aldermanburgh; to honour Francis Thorrington;
X3biiiPhotoHandbell RingersView of Aldermanburgh farmhouse
X3biPhotoHandbell RingersView of Aldermanburgh Farm
X1aiPhotoCricket1932 Cricket TeamMrs Warsop; R B Warsop; Marrett; C Vanstone; F Ager; M Scott; Lawrence; W Wilde; T Enefer; M Currie; G Joslyn; S Enefer;
X5gPhotoWoodhouse FamilyWoodhouse family at Tofts, 1916Left to right - Nancy, Pauline, Peter, Barbara, Jack, Mosley, Lionel
X3biiPhotoHandbell RingersView of Aldermanburgh Farm
P84FolderParish Council: General Proceedings, Correspondence 1956Parish Council: General Proceedings, Correspondence 1956
P51FolderHilltop Stores, Miss Sorrell's ShopHilltop Stores, Miss Sorrell's ShopHistory of Post Office 1850-1970; List of Goods supplied to Memorial Hall !955-1956; 1970 newspaper cutting of Miss Sorrell outside shop; 1970 newspaper cutting of Miss Sorrell inside shop on occasion of her retirement; Exhibition script
P50BFolderMemorial Hall FireMemorial Hall Fire
P54Folder100th Birthday and other anniversaries100th Birthday and other anniversaries
X11cvPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesOld RiffhamsOpen Day c 1990s
P1wDocCricketR IraniNewspaper cutting, 2003
2000:0032Doc1955-1966 Parish Council Papers1950-1955 Parish Council correspondence 1950-1955 Parish Council correspondence – W H Bromley (Witch Wood), Christian Berridge, Emily Everett, Mrs Balentine, Mrs Turner, A Tunstill
P82FolderParish Council: General Proceedings, Correspondence 1954Parish Council: General Proceedings, Correspondence 1954Removal of Scout Hut
P102DocLittle Baddow Historical Society: General Proceedings 1996-1997, 5th April 1997 exhibition of items from the Parish Chest.
2000:0140DocLittle Baddow in the PastLittle Baddow in the Past - notes on various housesResearch by Mrs P J Barker and Mrs and Mrs Warsop
P105FolderThe ForgeThe ForgeEverett family records. Forge accounts 1917-1918 take from ERO D/F/7/1; Mss of article on Forge taken from “Little Baddow – a century of village life”; Index from Forge Account Book 1928, 1934 and 1938; Forge Accounts 1956-1958
P109FolderWeather RecordsWeather RecordsRainfall Little Baddow 1972-1997 provided by D Briggs, Hen cottage; Flood Report Essex Chronicle November 10 2000
P98FolderLittle Baddow Historical Society: General Proceedings 1989Little Baddow Historical Society: General Proceedings 1989
P100FolderLittle Baddow Historical SocietyLittle Baddow Historical SocietyHistorical Society 1991 Newsletter – Some Outstanding People of Village – Peter Chamberlen, John William Strutt, Thomas Plume, Cecil Armstrong Gibbs, Eric Eastwood; Historical Society Aug 1992 Newsletter – Chelmer / Blackwater Navigation by Alastair Stewart, The Great Mortality by John Daniels, American Visitors to LB by Pat Herniman; Historical Society Jul 1993 Newsletter – St Mary the Virgin; Historical Society Aug 1994 Newsletter – Comments on The Intelligent Pilgrims Guide to Thomas Hooker’s 1586-1647 by Brenda Hooson, J D Morell, Wall Paintings in St Mary’s Church; Parish Chest Contents c 1994; Historical Society Correspondence 1991-1997; Paper by Arthur Humphrey on Baron Rayleigh – Scientific Genius
2000:0081PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillFred Spalding photo of Sorrell's shop corner top of North Hill, c 1910
P39AFolderSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's Church
2000:0102FolderLittle Baddow Paper MillLittle Baddow Paper MillCopy of 1861 letter from Simon Snow (miller) to Mrs Aylmer re flood damage contribution
P45DocOpen Group
P99FolderLittle Baddow Historical Society: General Proceedings 1990, Minutes 1985-1990Little Baddow Historical Society: General Proceedings 1990, Minutes 1985-1990Essex Chronicle Publication, Essex Archaeology #7 "Roman Villa at Boreham" 21st September 1990
P44DocJ Greaves, Robjohns Field
P1uDocCricketAda PuddephatNewspaper cutting of Ada Puddephat and her support for the Cricket Club over a long period.
P12ADocJesse Berridge Exhibition mounts
X9n4PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillColour photograph of the Post Office, North Hill, dated 1960s or 70s.
P95FolderLittle Baddow Historical Society: General Proceedings: 1986Little Baddow Historical Society: General Proceedings: 1986
P96FolderLittle Baddow Historical Society: General Proceedings: 1987Little Baddow Historical Society: General Proceedings: 1987
P97FolderLittle Baddow Historical Society: General Proceedings: 1988Little Baddow Historical Society: General Proceedings: 1988
X9liiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillThe Rodney Public HouseColoured photograph showing a group outside the public house celebrating the home coming of Dean after the Falklands war. dated 1982
X9liiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillBlack and white photograph dated c 1970s of the Rodney Public Inn.
X9piPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillColour photograph of The Post Office Stores c 1990.
X9rivPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillSpalding photo of Sorrell's shop and corner c.1910
T22Tapeby Joan Barker: Helen Black an appreciation; Betty Opie; Jo Laver wartime experiences of a single mum.
T23TapeAt the Village School (Little Baddow) voices of Beryl Thompson, Nora Shipman, Vera Clark, Dolly Coppin.
T7TapeRoy Warsop, Roy Warsop police
T1Tape1986 Rev A Maclean re D Collingwood; 1975 Miss Black, Joan Barker, E Warsop, Peter Woodhouse; c.1975.
T2Tape1975 Miss Black; 1975 Mrs E Warsop; 1975 Cyril Warsop.
P1gDocLittle Baddow Cricket Ground
P60GFolderLongwood Country Market 1954 in aid of Church Tower FundLongwood Country Market 1954 in aid of Church Tower FundProgrammes, accounts, correspondence.
P1bPhotoCricketCricket Club 1924Photo + names and cutting from newspaper; Alec Nicholson, George Joslin, Sid Enefer, Walter Warsop, Billy Wild, Theo Andrews, Roy Warsop, Frank Ager, Brian Warsop, Les Tonbridge, Harry Shortt, George Joslin
P1fDocCricketWarsop batsAdvert for Warsop, Cricket Bat Makers, 1922
T5Tape1986 Peter Woodhouse
P1iDocCricketPhotos of 1921 Little Baddow cricket teamNewspaper cutting; George Joslin, C Vanstone, A Smith, James Bowles, E Enefer, H Short, T Enefer, T Andrews, W Wilde, Mr Tunbridge, C Davis, F Ager
P1jDocCricketCricket bat makingNotes made by Roy Warsop
P1nDocCricketCricket Club history 1904-1939Letter from C Warsop to Trevor Blayden
P1oDocCricketFirst XI, 1990
P1pDocCricketWarsops and Cricket ClubHistorical notes by Roy Warsop
P1tDocPhoto of John EneferWearing his cricket gear, 1996, his 50th year of club cricket
P110FolderParish Council: Specific Topics - ByelawsParish Council: Specific Topics - ByelawsGeneral principles of making byelaws for recreational grounds; Byelaws for the Heather Hills and their preparation; Byelaws of Great Baddow recreational grounds; Byelaws under Food and Drugs act 1938 (1950); Draft version of byelaws accepted by council on 22/10/96
X11ciiiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesOld RiffhamsSpalding postcard; late 19th cent?
2000:0126MountedProperties in Colam LaneTop of Colam LanePhoto with concise history; view towards Sorrell's; Aldermanburgh on right; c1905
X10eiiPhotoProperties in Colam LaneRiffhams Lane ??Photo originally labelled Colam Lane but more likely to be Riffhams Lane, looking west with Old Riffhams in distance; taken from Spalding original
X10cPhotoProperties in Colam LaneChestnut Cottage1997; Junction of Colam Lane and Holybread Road
X10bivPhotoProperties in Colam LaneColam LaneCoskleys (opposite Ryefield entrance); 1998;
X10biiiPhotoProperties in Colam LaneEntrance to Ryefield
X10biiPhotoProperties in Colam LaneRyefield Houses1990s
X11aivPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesGraces WalkTaken in 1978 by Ian Chalmers
T3Tape1986 Harry Bowles wartime experiences
X11bPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesLittle Graces
X5dPhotoWoodhouse FamilyTofts House1992;
T17TapeHooker lecture by Pastor R T Kendall
T6Tape1989 George Hart; Edith Hunt
T21TapeInterview with Mel Thompson and Jane Rigler on Ess
T9TapeCyril Warsop; Harry Bowles memories of LB
T10TapeNorah Shipman
T11TapeHarry Bowles - leisure, shops, transport, first employment.
T12TapeTalk by Tom Barker on Alistair Hardy: Harry Bowles
T13TapeCyril Warsop March 1933- : Elizabethan songs and
T14TapePeter Woodhouse
X11ciiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesFlower ShowPostcard; 1907; Danbury and Little Baddow flower show at Riffhams
T16TapeBells on Sunday
X4oPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowHarry ShorttWith two others unidentified
T19Tape1988 Marion Gregory reading Helen Black's letters
T20TapeRev Robin Turner Rector 1981 -
T8TapeCyril Warsop both sides
2000:0001PhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowJanet Gibsonat Pilgrims Farm
X4kPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowElizabeth Tubbs1960s; Elizabeth (Tibby) Tubbs; river by Paper Mill Lock; flooding;
X11aiiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesGreat Graces
X11aiiiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesGraces WalkTaken in 1978 by Ian Chalmers
X10diPhotoProperties in Colam LaneCuckoos FarmFrom Chapel Lane
T4Tape1986 Newly restored bells of St Marys (BBC)
T15TapeHarry Bowles
P1vDocCricketCricket Club 75th Anniversary Match Programme1979, including sheet of autographs of Essex CC players.
P63ADocLittle Baddow and Woodham Walter Nursing Association
P60MFolderChelmsford Events and Rodney RoundupChelmsford Events and Rodney RoundupChelmsford Borough Council Leisure Diary 1986; Chelmsford Centenary Celebrations 1988 Launch Material; “100 Not Out” a Centenary of Service” Essex County Council 1889-1989; Rodney Round-Up Receipts 1962; Rodney Round-Up Receipts 1962
P60LFolderCoronation 1953Coronation 1953Little Baddow Parish Council Event Poster; Little Baddow Parish Council Programme of Events – 2 June 1953; Planning papers from Ministry of Local Government and Housing and Ministry of Food – extra rations for event, TV screen in Memorial Hall, Sale for Coronation Fund; Accounts; Listings of commemorative material for purchase; Souvenir Programme; Times newspaper for 2 June 1953 with news on ascent of Everest
P1CnPhotoWarsop Cricket PapersPhoto of badgers feeding and Warsop's store.Photo of badgers feeding with Warsop's store and part of the cricket bat workshop rear left
P66EFolderNewspapers of Interest to EssexNewspapers of Interest to Essex
P59GFolderHistorical Notes on Little BaddowHistorical Notes on Little BaddowReports concerning Ann Campion and the murder of the infant Edward Campion; Notes on the house The Brambles by Mr Ager in 1988; Letter dated 1916 to Rev Berridge from Mr Young at Herongate describing the village chest; History of Congregational Church by E Eldred Marks; Ecclesiastical History of Essex by Harold Smith; Notes from Essex at Work 1700-1815 a book by A F Brown; Transcription of a few entries from the Parish Register by R Warsop; Extracts from Ninety Years of Family Farming 1967 by Sir William Gavin; Reminiscences of Mr Bowles and Mr Mead at Over 60’s Club, 1973; Notes on the Sturgeon Family 1740s unknown author; Notes on Little Baddow from Mrs Pyne aged 92; Notes on Gunbies from Mr H Humphries; Notes on various LB houses from 1671-1870 author unknown; History of Sir John Smythe by R Warsop; Notes on Warren Cottage and the Cranfields; Notes from History of Essex by Muilman 1771; Listing of contents of T/P 85/1-16 ERO Berridge documents; Going Northwards essay by R Warsop; Description of how women worked the land in 1915 at Little Baddow Hall; Letter from Patricia Ryan dated 4 April 1974 about Tanners and Tanning in Woodham Walter; Brief history of the Pledger family in 1870’s; Notes on Terling History; Notes on Tofts from R Warsop; Notes on Bramstons family; Notes on Mowden Hall; Notes on the Clench family of Little Baddow; Letter from Beryl Wilson nee Martin about growing up in Little Baddow in 1940s/50s
P2b17DocLittle Baddow WI 40th Anniversary Dinner Menu, 3 June 1958Lady Rasch, Mrs H Black, Miss M E Huntly, Mrs E Hunt, Mrs J D Sizer
P2b12-16DocWI 70th Anniversary
X7nPhotoVillage PeopleWalters Cottage Garden1980s; Jack Wisdom (lived in Cock Farm); Frank Johnson; Mrs Coop (who lived in Admirals)
X1lPhotoCricketCricket MatchIn progress, 1970s ?
X3aixPhotoHandbell RingersTree Planting23rd Feb 1985; Aldermanburgh; to honour Francis Thorrington;
X3aviiiPhotoHandbell RingersTree Planting23rd Feb 1985; Aldermanburgh; to honour Francis Thorrington;
X3aviiPhotoHandbell RingersTree Planting23rd Feb 1985; Aldermanburgh; to honour Francis Thorrington;
X3aviPhotoHandbell RingersTree Planting23rd Feb 1985; Aldermanburgh; to honour Francis Thorrington;
X3avPhotoHandbell RingersTree Planting23rd Feb 1985; Aldermanburgh; to honour Francis Thorrington;
X3aivPhotoHandbell RingersTree Planting23rd Feb 1985; Aldermanburgh; to honour Francis Thorrington;
X4pPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowBetty and Jean AgerSisters with Janet Mott (cousin) ; Christmas 1935;
X9bviPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillView up North HillFrom point near Rodney public house; 57 Hillside Cottages on the left;
X9bviiPhotoProperties and Residents - North Hill57 Hillside Cottages and The ReturnJun-05
X9ciPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillPledgers CottageNorth Hill; 1997; view from the road; previously called North Hill Cottage (up to 1970s) and known as Millers in very early reports.
X9bviiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillNorth HillView up hill near Rodney; 57 Hillside Cottages and The Return are on left; Entrance to Pledgers (then North Hill Cottage) is on right
X9gviPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillFern CottageFront view, May 2005
X9hiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillWalters Cottagec 1920s or 1930s
X9iPhotoProperties and Residents - North Hill1985 photo of Milk Race on North HillInternational Milk Race; North Hill rear entrance to the Heather Hills, 1985
P111FolderNational Savings Group 1940 - 1941National Savings Group 1940 - 1941Notes on the initial formation of the group in Little Baddow in January 1940 following the suggestion of the WI; 3 Register books for 1940/41
P119DocWalks and Walking
P112FolderParochial Church Council Finances 1940 - 1941Parochial Church Council Finances 1940 - 1941
2000:0062FolderLittle Baddow Parish Magazines May 1940 - May 1944Little Baddow Parish Magazines May 1940 - May 1944
P126FolderParish ReportsParish ReportsReports from Parish correspondent to Essex Chronicle, 2002-2004
2000:0098FolderRobert ShepherdRobert ShepherdBorough Council Election Material 2004
P120DocLittle Baddow Guild of Arts Minutes
P122FolderBazaars in aid of ChurchBazaars in aid of Church
P123FolderBundock and Burchell Family Research NotesBundock and Burchell Family Research NotesHistorical research notes on Burchell family (1520-1886) transcriptions of wills including John Burchell 1710, John Howard 1785, John Burchell 1826, Mary Burchell 1857, Drusilla Burchell 1913; 2004 correspondence between P J Burchell (researcher) and J Rigler re Burchell family, including Richard Burchell 1604; Genealogy of Bundock family in Chelmsford (rootsweb); Bundock Criminals – details of criminal proceedings involving Bundock family in 15th and 16th century (rootsweb); Notes on the Bundock Family of Terling and Little Baddow, Essex in the Nineteenth Century, John Bundock 2016; Extracts from letters of Edith Chaplin regarding the Bundocks, 1903
P124FolderLectures and TalksLectures and Talks“The Parish Chest” by Jane Rigler for Little Baddow Open Group 2004
P114FolderAbstracts of Wills, 16th, 17th 18th centuriesAbstracts of Wills, 16th, 17th 18th centuries
X9rvPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillView towards Colam Lane / Spring Elms Lane crossroads.Looking up North Hill; old Memorial Hall on left
P59HRDocShuring Drawings
P60FolderEventsEvents1990 17th Century Faire, Cuckoos Farm Programme; 1990 17th Century Faire Newspaper cuttings; 1975 Parish Church Fair Newspaper Cutting; Tickets for Council for Protection of Rural Essex and Lt Baddow Conservation Society Garden Party at Walters Cottage; 1954 Little Baddow Fete Programme; 1957 Sportsfield Fete Programme, Accounts Invoices etc.; 1977 Shakespearian Fair Newspaper cutting photo; 1970 Little Baddow Festival of Flowers and the Arts– newspaper cutting, programme, poster; 1986 Festival of Flowers Programme; 1953 Little Baddow Coronation Celebrations – programme of events; 1974 Leaflet Finn – exhibition of sculpture, drawings, paintings, games boards, dolls at Goodday Cottage; 2000-2004 Open Gardens Programmes; 1975 advertisement for “Common Market” (Parish Church Sale); 1935 Celebration of Silver Jubilee – announcement; Coronation of George VI poster; 1922 Pageant of the History of Little Baddow held at Tofts – programme; Copy of 1922 Essex Chronicle article reporting pageant; 1982 Harvest Supper – handwritten plan; 1967 Danbury Autumn Fayre Programme; 1985 Programme for Chelmsford Rally of Boats, Kings Head Meadow, Chelmsford; 1989 Poster for lecture “The Chelmer and Blackwater” Navigation and its History” by Peter Crane; Poster for film show at Memorial Hall – “Essex Cricket Bats” and “Essex Railways”; Essex Strings Concert – cast list, undated
P60EFolderFestival of Britain 1951Festival of Britain 1951Newspaper cuttings for Little Baddow “Essex through the Ages” pageant (June 1951) – East Anglian Daily Times, Essex Newsman-Herald, Essex Weekly News, Essex Chronicle (photo of Alex Merritt playing Henry VIII); Programmes and posters for Little Baddow “Essex through the Ages” pageant; Festival of Britain receipts; Festival of Britain planning, letters etc.; Programme for Little Baddow Festival of Britain Celebrations – draft and final versions; 1951 newspaper advertisement for Festival of Britain Dance, The Long Wood
P60KFolderLongwood Country Market 1958 in aid of Memorial Hall ImprovementsLongwood Country Market 1958 in aid of Memorial Hall ImprovementsLarge posters; Small posters; Essex Weekly News article on market including photo of “Friar Tuck” signing autographs; Planning material; Accounts; Newpaper cuttings
P91FolderParish Council Specific Topics - Playgrounds 1964Parish Council Specific Topics - Playgrounds 1964
2000:0100FolderApprenticeship PapersApprenticeship PapersJames Juniper 1817
P127FolderThe Rodney P.H.The Rodney P.H.Copy of 2004 email re history of pub; Newspaper article describing retirement of Jessie B Munnion 1959; The story of The Rodney Little Baddow by Stan Jarvis 1993; Extract from “Crime and Criminals in Victorian Essex”, Adrian Gray describing a disturbance at the pub in 1839 involving Mr and Mrs Jonathan Perkins (publicans) and Lucking family; Undated newspaper article mentions Rodney Bus Service; Memories of George Buckingham, tenant in 1940s; HMS Rodney Association notes; Photos of naval ephemera from The Rodney PH; Newspaper cutting showing HMS Rodney ship’s bell; List of publicans 1828-1937; Photo of Harry Cooper behind the bar; Photo of SS RE ALF 1931 (later renamed Athelmere); Copy of 1677 map of LB showing area of Wickhay Green; Photo of Rodney pub sign; Photo of HMS Rodney battleship
P61FolderMother's UnionMother's Union1954 / 1955 expenses; Photo of Over 60 Club Christmas Dinner about 1974 -Mrs Pennack, Mrs Chapman, Mrs B Enefer, Mr & Mrs M Bowles, M & Mrs E Basham, Mrs M Barker, Miss Spittle, Mrs W Arnold, Mrs E Digby, Mrs J Reas, Mr & Mrs C Munt, Mrs M Debney, Mrs V Cridland, Mrs L Lewis; List of pre-school age children and parents invited to 1966 Christmas Party (names and addresses); Spring and Summer Programme 1967; Autumn Programme 1966; Photograph of MU members 1978 with names; 1978 Newspaper cutting of 50th anniversary service of thanksgiving
B127BookThomas Hooker Father of American Democracy, D Collingwood, 1995.
P93DocLittle Baddow Historical Society: Membership 1985
B149BookCongregationsl Praise 1950
B141BookLittle Baddow Guild of Arts Minutes Books Sept 1962 - Jan 1968.
B147BookHarare West Farmers Association 1892 - 1992 Memories In Red Dust, by Rilla Kirk.Bayley; Ward; Opie;
B146BookElm Green School May 1986, Brownies
B145ABookLittle Baddow Guild of Arts Minutes Books Oct 1992 - Mar 2000.
B90BookDanbury & LB Horticultural Society, Sports Committee accounts and minutes 1906 - 1924.
B144BookLittle Baddow Guild of Arts Minutes Books Oct 1978
B91BookLittle Baddow Parish Council: Ordinary and Annual Meeting agendas 1951 - 1957.
B142BookLittle Baddow Guild of Arts Minutes Books Feb 1968
B156BookEssex Countryside No 27, July 1979 More developments on the Chelmer p24, J Marriage.
B140BookLittle Baddow Guild of Arts Minutes Books Apr 1957 - July 1962.
B139BookLittle Baddow Guild of Arts Minutes Books Sept 1950 - March 1957.
B138BookLittle Baddow Guild of Arts Minutes Books Dec 1942 - Aug 1950.
B137BookLittle Baddow Guild of Arts Minutes Books Nov 1929 - Oct 1942.
B136BookLittle Baddow Guild of Arts Minutes Books Dec 1919 - Oct 1929.
B134BookRetirement book of signatures; Ada Puddephat from Elm Green School 1961/2.
B143BookLittle Baddow Guild of Arts Minutes Books June 197
B145BookLittle Baddow Guild of Arts Minutes Books May 1985 - Oct 1992.
B95BookLB Parish Clubs Account book 1948 - 1953
B27BookBlackberry Corner, by S Bazell, 1968
B18BookHeraldic Records from the Church of St Mary's, P. B. Rushbrook, 1989.
B22BookNotes on Parish Council Meetings attended by P Stewart, 1971 - 1978.
B21BookSchool Scrapbook - Essays and photographs
B20BookWI Scrapbook 1965
B89BookLittle Baddow Parish Council: Petty Cash Account 1
B28BookEssex. The County Book Series, by H Warren, 1950
B189BookDown the Chelmer & Up the Blackwater by V Clarke
B154BookThe story of The Rodney (PH), Stan Jarvis 1993
B126BookFavourite Nursery Stories 1910 (signed by Harry Bowles, aged 9).
B125BookMaiden Voyage, Denton Welch 1914 reprint 1945
B124BookMiss Pyne, Aunt Mary A C Percival 1975
B98BookRestoration Appeal, 1984, 1991 and fundraising events.
B128BookJinny the Carrier, Israel Langwill, 1919
B96BookBrief Guide to St Marys Church & the URC Church, by Roy Tricker, 1987.7 copies
B97BookA Brief Description of Little Baddow Parish Church3 copies of
B133BookProperty Valuation List 1908?
2000:0138BookLB & Danbury in Bygone days Calendar 1985
B77BookLittle Baddow Parish Council: Treasurer's Receipt book 1910 - 1928.
B169BookThe Mead Family - Three hundred years of History by Daphne Mead (Feb 2002).
B170BookFeet of Fines for Essex, 1923.Published by the Society at the Castle Museum, Colchester, Part XIII
B180Book17th Century Faire - Folder of Correspondence, photographs and banner (S Johnson)
B181BookHolybred Wood - file of papers relating to purchase of Wood for Village 2000
B183BookFeet of Fines for Essex Published 1913 - 1932, 11 volumes
B185BookEssex Journal, 2 copies Spring 98 and Autumn 97
B162BookThe Livermore Bequest Book
B132BookLittle Baddow Parish Council: Treasurer's Receipt and Payments Book 1947 - 1952
B86BookLittle Baddow Parish Council: Treasurer's Receipt and Payments Book 1952 - 1957
BF/Houses/2FolderCottage in the Bushoverlooks Patten Well and Danbury Village; Hedge; Burchell; Balls; Wackrill; Armstrong Gibbs;
B188JournalPeriod Living & Traditional Homes June 2004 - article on Pilgrims Barn conversion.
BF/Houses/3FolderPhillowsalso knows as Filiols; Sir John de Bohun; Cecily Filiol; Richard de Badew; Sir Robert Southwell;
BF/Houses/4FolderPilgrimspainting; phots from 1953; modern photos including Gravy Lane; Pilgrims Bard B&B sheet; drawing of pargeting on Pilgrims; Lowe; Shuring;
BF/Houses/5FolderPoleighsPhoto and 2 paintings; Paulyn; Fort; Roger de Poleye; Fermer;
BF/Houses/6FolderPost Office StoresNorth Hill; 5 photos in folder;
BF/Houses/7FolderOld Rectory
BF/Houses/8FolderRetreat CottageNorth Hill; photos from 1930s a nd 1997;
BF/Houses/9FolderNew Lodgephoto of house; Bremner
BF/Houses/10FolderRodney InnFishing Gazette advert 1892; Smith
BF/Houses/11FolderLittle Baddow MillPhoto with caption (from 'Postcards' book); Johnson; Piggott; Morgan; Smith; King;
B148BookLittle Baddow: A Century of Village Life, 1999, Little Baddow Historical Society.
B30BookJ W Gregory by C J Gregory 1977
B83BookSt Mary's Church Structural report 1984 with photographs and negatives.
B1BookSchool Scrapbook
B88BookLittle Baddow Parish Council: Ledger 1942 - 1955
B187BookParish Council Annual Report & Newsletter 2005
B87BookLittle Baddow Parish Council: Treasurer's Receipt book, 1896 - 1927.
B186BookThe Letters of Edward Thomas to Jesse BerridgeEdited by Anthony Berridge
B85BookLittle Baddow Parish Council: Treasurer's Receipt book, 1947 - 1952.
B84BookLittle Baddow Parish Council: Treasurer's Receipt book, 1943 - 1947.
B67BookDescription of Maintenance Work St Marys 1983
B78BookLittle Baddow Parish Council: Treasurer's Receipt and Payments book, 1928 - 1931.
B165BookMillennium 2000 Photograph Album (1) - given by Doreen Shepherd.
B74BookLittle Baddow Parish Council: Treasurer's Receipt and Payments book, 1927 - 1934.
B87ABookLittle Baddow Parish Council: Treasurer's Receipt and Payments book, 1896 - 1910.
B166BookMillennium 2000 Photograph Album (2) - given by Doreen Shepherd.
B157BookEssex Countryside No 98, March 1965 Notes about Edward Thomas.
B158BookEssex Countryside No 201, Oct 1973 The Fiery Essex Puritan (Thomas Hooker) by Jesse Berridge.
B159BookEssex Countryside No 49, Feb 1961 A Walk around Danbury Hill, R. S. Green.
B160BookEssex Countryside No 273, Oct 1979 Recreational Boating on the Chelmer, by J. Marriage.
B161BookEssex Countryside No 272 Sept 1979 Essex's Elizabethan Church, by P. Ellis.
B150BookPastimes in Times Past - Friends of Chelmsford Museums.
B79BookLittle Baddow Parish Council: Treasurer's Receipt and Payments book, 1931 - 1934.
A2ArtBox of 5 slate pencils used in National School
J1JournalElm Green School
J2JournalDrama Group
J3JournalDisco for South Africa
J5JournalCinema Club
J6JournalC.G.M. Mechanical Services
J7JournalCensus 1891
B44BookA CountryTeacher Bows Out, C Turner, 1977(2 copies + on open shelves)
J9JournalChampagne Tasting
J10JournalFamily History Group
A1ArtCricket bat made by William Warsop 1907 for W Hill
A3ArtSilver Jubilee of King George V - Plaque from Jubilee Oak Bench.
B53BookEssex Countryside Jan 1967 - Congregational Church
B66BookReport on Bells 1983
B38BookEssex Review: July 1911, Jan 1927 , July 1930 , April 1933, July 1933, Jan 1934, Apr 1934, July 1934.
B39BookEssex Archaeological Soc 1920, 1922, 1923, 1928, 1929.
B40BookColchester & Essex Museum Annual Report 1929, 1931.
B41BookThe Story of the Lyon, Part of the Hooker Story
J11JournalHolybred Wood
J12JournalLittle Baddow Hall
J13JournalKen Goodson
J14JournalParish Council
J15JournalOpen Gardens
J16JournalLittle Baddow Fete
J17JournalFarleigh Hospice Fund Raising
J18JournalMemorial Village Hall
J19JournalFamily Drama in River Chelmer
J20JournalLittle Baddow Fete
J21JournalLeisure and Sports Club
J22JournalHorticultural Society
J23JournalKick Boxing
J24JournalWomens Institute
J25JournalHistorical Society
J26JournalConservation Society
J28JournalMillenium Walk
B5BookLB The History of an Essex Village Part III by Sheila Rowley.
B17BookThe Tudor Rose by Jesse Berridge
B16BookGracy's Walk by Jesse Berridge
B15BookBettina by Jesse Berridge
B14BookThe Stronghold by Jesse Berridge
B12BookHistory of Blakes Wood MSS W R Hood
B19BookLB WI compiled by Christine Woolnough
B8BookJust the Ticket, David Thornton (Essex Bus Companies).
B43BookReflections of a Country Teacher, C Turner, 1930 - 1955.
B6BookLB Congregational Church, A Brief History, E Eldred Marks, 1930.
B9BookGeorge Henry Saward 1900 - 1982, Delma R Carne 1982
B4BookLB The History of an Essex Village Part II by Sheila Rowley
B3BookLB The History of an Essex Village Part I by Sheila Rowley.
B13BookThe Chelmer & blackwater Navigation
B26BookGrowing Toward Greatness by D Collingwood
B34BookBible presented to Josiah Smith by Butler Charity, 1 July 1940Printed in 1837, Presented by trustees William Allen, Isacc Pledger, John Piggot
B33BookAgricultural Machinery Catalog 1898 - 1899
B32BookA Corner of Essex
B31BookParish Council Day Book 1932 - 1951 Footpaths in the Parish.
BF/Houses/12FolderPaper Mills BridgePhoto with caption (from Postcards book); Rennie;
B7BookSome Aspects of the History of LB, Sheila Rowley 1
B64BookSchool Information Pack 1990
B46BookElm Green School, Brochure 1985
B47BookLittle Baddow Historical Society Scrapbook 1986
B49BookThe Ringing World 1984, 1986
B50BookEssex Countryside Jan 1983 - S Jarvis on LB
B54BookEssex Countryside Feb 1967 - Congregational Church
B52BookEssex Countryside Sept 1966 Tudor dress
B59BookOver 60s Club Register 1992 - 1996
B36BookLB Branch of the Mother's Union 1927 - 1963
B65BookLB Church Restoration Appeal Jan 1984
B17ABookBrother John by Jesse Berridge
B55BookEssex Countryside July 1968 River at LB
B17BBookLittle Things by Jesse Berridge
B61BookVisitors Book to Over 60s Club 1970 - 1987
B60BookOver 60s Club Minutes of Meetings ?1996
B56BookEssex Countryside - March 1965 Churches about Chelmsford.
B56ABookEssex Countryside 1986 James & Jane Nunn of LB, 1890s photo.
B56BBookEssex Countryside 2000, Century of Village Life review.
B57BookOver 60s Club Register 1959 - 1978
B58BookOver 60s Club Register 1978 - 1991
B51BookEssex Countryside Oct 1965 - LB lock gates
B29BookHistory of St Lawrence Essex, H Brown, 1928
B35BookLittle Baddow Clothing, Coal and Boot Club Payment
P89GFolderBorough Council Planning Applications/Appeals 1993-1994Borough Council Planning Applications/Appeals 1993-1994
M56MapMap of Little Baddow
M58MapSmall map of Chelmsford Borough and RDC population
M45MapMap of Little Baddow, Tofts, Warren House, New Bassetts, Holybred, Paper Mill.Date uncertain.
M66MapColoured map of Essex Parishes 1987.With parish register commencement dates.
P90DocParish Council Specific Topics - Playgrounds 1961
P89CFolderBorough Council Planning Applications 1991Borough Council Planning Applications 1991
P89DFolderBorough Council Planning Applications 1991Borough Council Planning Applications 1991
P89FFolderBorough Council Planning Applications 1993 - 1994Borough Council Planning Applications 1993 - 1994
M53MapColoured map of Essex 1610 showing the Essex Hundreds.
P1xDocCricketWarsops Web SiteNotes on cricket bat manufacture, 2006
P89JFolderBorough Council Planning Applications 1993-1994Borough Council Planning Applications 1993-1994High Pasture
P89FolderParish Council: Planning Problems. High Pastures and others.Parish Council: Planning Problems. High Pastures and others.
X3axviiiPhotoHandbell RingersTree Planting23rd Feb 1985; Aldermanburgh; to honour Francis Thorrington; B Leakey; David Percival; Mrs Brindley-Hnes; Rusty Brindley-Jones; Marion Gregory; Peter Page; Joan Baker; Michael Gough; Bob Alston; Eric Thompson (Chairman PC); Sylvia Stout (daughter); Barbara
P92FolderParish Council: General Proceedings 1918 - 1939Parish Council: General Proceedings 1918 - 1939
P2b11DocWI donation to Lord Mountbatten's FundLetter from Anne Ross to Mrs Tiplady, 14th April, 1956
P2b10DocWI Annual Report, 1985
M75MapOS map of Danbury 1924
P89EFolderBorough Council Planning Applications 1991 - 1992Borough Council Planning Applications 1991 - 1992
M39AMapCopy of 1677 map
BF/Houses/13FolderGunbiesNow Fern Cottage; North Hill; photo dated c1925 with caption; Pledger; Gunby; Everett; Adam Eve; Bob Martin; Gerard Peacock;
M77MapOS map of Little Baddow 1960
M78MapMap of Colam Lane by Berridge
M85MapFramed Map of Essex 1594 J Norden
M89MapMap of Little Baddow 1989 showing positions of the old houses.
M100MapOS maps of LT, Springfield, Woodham Walter 1897/18
M103MapOS Map Chelmsford (East) 1:25000 1984
M104MapOS Map Maldon 1:25000 1984
M43BMapOS map of Little Baddow 1924
M55MapSketch map of Little Baddow
M39MapPhotocopies of 1677 map of Little Baddow with typed key.
M54MapOS Map of Little Baddow, unknown date
M42MapCopy of OS map of Little Baddow in 1870s
M43MapOS map of Little Baddow 1924
M43AMapOS map of Little Baddow 1924, new series edition
M44MapOS Map 1983
M64Mapsmall scale map of Essex 1678
M49MapOS Map of Little Baddow (? 1920s)
M36MapMap of Little Baddow, published Oct 1st 1777 by John /chaman and Peter Andre.
M52MapOS Map Chelmsford & Springfield 1963
M51MapEssex CC map (6'' to 1 mile) of footpaths, public bridleways etc, 1949.
P2b3DocWI history, early days
P1CbDocWarsop Cricket Papers"The Cricket Match" a true story by Brian WarsopCricket pre 1900 - Albert Enefer, Harry Short, Sidney Wager
P1CaDocWarsop Cricket PapersLetter from B Warsop to Ted Grace, 19 July 1990Includes cameo of Frank Ager
P1zDocCricketWarsop StebbingChelmsford Weekly News article September 2005
P1yDocCricketCricket Club newspaper articlesFolder of articles, 2004 – 2007 including 1978 photo of Mid-Essex team with Little Baddow players Trevor Blaydes, Nigel Hinton
P1CfDocWarsop Cricket PapersCricket Board of ControlThe differences between Packer and the Board of Cricket Control
P89HFolderBorough Council Planning Applications/Appeals 1993-1994Borough Council Planning Applications/Appeals 1993-1994
P2B4DocWI history, extracts 1918 - 1930
P1ClDocWarsop Cricket PapersPhotograph Archive of Warsops and StebbingsMax Warsop, Cyril Warsop and Harry Stebbings; stills from the 1957 film 'Cricket Bat Making' - see DVD 6
P2b2DocWI letter about jam makingDaily Telegraph letter about photos of jam making at the Generals Arms in 1940
P2b1DocWI extract from parish magNovember and December 1940
P94FolderLittle Baddow Historical Society: General Proceedings, 1985Little Baddow Historical Society: General Proceedings, 1985
P2b8DocWI lunch menu, Diamond Jubilee, 1978
P88CFolderParish Council: Footpaths 1980 and 1963 mapParish Council: Footpaths 1980 and 1963 map
P86AFolderParish Council: Meetings, Newspaper Accounts,Parish Council: Meetings, Newspaper Accounts,1950-2001
P86BFolderParish Council: General Proceedings, Correspondence, 1970 - 1976.Parish Council: General Proceedings, Correspondence, 1970 - 1976.Tree Planting on verge below Church and Gypies, Proposed routes for Chelmsford A12 Bypass, Low Flying Aircrafts
P87FolderParish Council: Specific TopicsParish Council: Specific TopicsParish Council dealings with - Cricket Club 1948-1955, Hockey Club 1953-1956, Question to Local Electors 1933 re Playing Hockey on Sundays, Best Kept Village Competition 1955-1956, Refuse Collection 1945-1956
P89BFolderBorough council Planning Applications 1984 - 1991Borough council Planning Applications 1984 - 1991
P87BFolderParish Council: Essex Association of Parish Councils, 1956 - 1986.Parish Council: Essex Association of Parish Councils, 1956 - 1986.
P89AFolderParish Council: Planning, Listed Buildings, ReportParish Council: Planning, Listed Buildings, ReportBuildings of Special Historic Interest – Bassett’s Farmhouse, Chelmer Cottage, Church of St Mary’s, Cock Farmhouse, Coleraines, Congregational Chapel, Cuckoos, Forest Lodge, Gibbs, Great Graces, Hammonds Farmhouse, Hollybred Farmhouse, House at Warren Farm, Little Baddow Hall, Little Graces, Mill Cottage, Monks Garden, Old Riffhams, Paper Mill Lock, Phillow’s Farmhouse, Pilgrims, Poleighs, Thatched Cottage, The Manse, The Old Rectory, The Return, The Rodney Inn, Tofts, Walter’s Cottage, Water Hall, Woodlands, Yew Tree Cottage
P87CFolderParish Council: Essex Association of Parish Councils, 1987. 1991Parish Council: Essex Association of Parish Councils, 1987. 1991
P88FolderParish Council: Specific TopicsParish Council: Specific TopicsEastern National Bus Company 1953-1958; Women's Institute; Ministry of Agriculture; Recreational Committee, Anglo-American Association 1947; Telephone in Little Baddow (1923-1949); 1950 correspondence re temporary Post Office
P1CmPhotoWarsop Cricket PapersModel of Cuckoos FarmModel by Max Warsop
P88BFolderParish Council: Footpaths 1951-1958Parish Council: Footpaths 1951-1958
P2b5-7DocEssex Chronicle notes on WIJune 12th 1990, May 4th 1990, 1958-59
P87AFolderParish Council: Essex Association of Parish Councils, 1936 - 1954.Parish Council: Essex Association of Parish Councils, 1936 - 1954.
P1CdDocWarsop Cricket PapersCricket at Little Baddow (circa pre 1900-1914) by Brian Warsop
P2b9DocWI Diamond Jubilee, 1978Cutting from Essex Weekly News
P1CiDocWarsop Cricket PapersPhoto of Bradman's Warsop batUsed to score his first test century in 1929
P1ChDocWarsop Cricket PapersWalter Warsop - an outline history by Brian Warsop
P1CgDocWarsop Cricket PapersLetters re Cricket ClubVarious letters from Brian Warsop to Ted Grace, 1990
M62MapJesse Berridge PapersConjectural sketch map of Little Baddow in the middle ages.Shows parish and manor boundaries
P88AFolderParish Council: Footpaths 1925-1950Parish Council: Footpaths 1925-1950
BF/Houses/14FolderThe RectoryRectors of the parish owned Parsonage Farm; Ady; Butterfield; Tayler; Berridge;
BF/Houses/15FolderSt Mary's ChurchPhoto with caption (from 'Postcards' book); Mildmay; Berridge; Rayleigh;
BF/Houses/16FolderThe Forgeoriginally known as Heards; Gowlett; Riley; Willers; Everett; Prior;
BF/Houses/17FolderUnited Reformed Churchphoto also shows the Manse; Barrington; Leavensley; Parry; Morell; Hollies; Stanley; Burgess; Learmont;
BF/Houses/18FolderHolybreds Laneshows Chestnut Cottage (formerly Langores then Cuckoos Cottage) and Cuckoos; Scotchman; Hooker; Eliot; Newton; Gibling; Smith; Enefer; Baker; Addison; Wilde;
BF/Houses/19FolderBowling Alley House2 photographs
P1CkDocWarsop Cricket PapersMax Warsop and bat makingThe Investor magazine article
M86MountedPhotograph of Sunday School at the Old Rodney 1904
M1MountedMounted Sport Photos
M90MountedSt Mary the Virgin Baptismal Roll 1951 - 1958
M68MountedLarge copy of Old Rodney adverts and house
M72MountedPrint of Engraving by S E Brown of Boston of Court Square, Boston, Mass.
M80MountedPicture of Walter Warsop bowling 1907
M81MountedPicture of Mr & Mrs Jim Bowles
M81AMountedPicture of Mrs Jim Bowles
M82MountedLists of Littie Baddow Listed Buildings, Categories BII and III.
M83MountedPhotograph of awards won by S Macdonald of LB Hall
M60MapLarge scale photocopy of map of fields adjoining The unknown.
BF/Houses/20FolderOld RiffhamsSpencer Philipps; Smoothy; Woolley; Paterson;
BF/Houses/21FolderColrainesPhoto with caption (from 'Postcards' book): Colraine; Barrington; Hodges; Johnson; Dennis; Snow; Conbrough; Peacock;
BF/Houses/22FolderHuskards Mill (Paper Mills)Photo with caption (from 'Postcards' book); Hodges; Livermore; Snow; Cantrell; Byford;
BF/Houses/23FolderLock CottagePhoto with caption (from 'Postcards' book): Marven family
2000:0154PhotoThe Old Rodney c1905Photo with caption (from 'Postcards' book); previously the site of Warren House; Cock and Warren public house; Jordan; Pullen; Mecklenburg; Boreham; Clark;
BF/Houses/24FolderWedlock Greenalso known as Loves Green and then Whitlock Green; shows Sunnybank; ref to Loves Lane, renamed York Street; Woodward; Came; Hopwood; Thorrington;
BF/Houses/39DocColam Lane (notes)Aldermanburgh; Jipps; Gattons; Anns Cottage; Cockleys; Hill House; Butler's Charity Cottages; Cranley;Saward; Strutt; Jaggs; Bundock; Campion; Shipman; Fleet; Clark; Everett; Gipps; Bentley; White; Clench; Prior; Pledger; Moss; Barnard; Barnes; Sanson; Lu
BF/Houses/25FolderOld Riffhams2 paintings and caption; Richer de Refham; Richard de Capernore;
BF/Houses/26FolderColam LaneSpalding postcard reproduced with details; shows Ann's Cottage; Aldermanburgh Farm (also knows as Andanburies Farm); Pledger; Smith; Shipman;
BF/Houses/27FolderNorth HillPhoto with caption; Gibson; Ager; Humphries; Howard; Dowsett; Langford; Marsh; Short; Peacock;
BF/Houses/28FolderThe Dairyon the New Riffhams Estate; now known as The White House; Spencer Philipps; Hinton; Richardson;
BF/Houses/29FolderLittle Gracesmay originally have been called Dales; known as 'the Wood Yard' before 1910; Mildmay; Hayward; Fletcher; Burchall; Bridges; Simmons; Mason; Oliver; Saunders;
BF/Houses/30FolderThatched Cottagealso known as Fern Cottage in the 1890s; Dancer; Bains; Binder; Puddephatt; Arnold;
BF/Houses/31FolderWoodlandsMeggy; Livermore;Boldero; Ady; Luard;
BF/Houses/32FolderColam LaneMap showing lane in the 1920s
BF/Houses/33FolderPaper MillPhoto across pool to mill
BF/Houses/34FolderGreat GracesLe Gras; D'Arcy; Mildmay; Bridges; Simmons; Yell;
BF/Houses/35FolderSorrell's shopSorrell; Campion; Aylett; Puddephatt; Marven; Rasch;
BF/Houses/36FolderLittle Baddow Hallphoto and caption; Tweed; MacDonald;
BF/Houses/37FolderMill Cottage (and Mill)Postcard and caption; Rotherham; Richardson; Craneis; Ager; Smith; Lucking; Hilton; Warsop; Holton;
BF/Houses/38FolderPattenteesName derived from Patten Well on Lingwood Common; originally called Hammonds; Docwra; Ratcliffe; Enefer;
M47MountedLarge scroll of the list of Little Baddow men serving 'with the colours'.
M65MountedPlan of St Mary's Church Belfry
M34Mountedlarge Album of Photos of the Pageant ''Essex Through the Ages".
M37MountedCopy of 1970 Aerial photo of Little Baddow centred on New Bassetts.
M84MountedOil sketch of St Mary's Church Aug 16 1960 by J P Michael.
M46MountedSouthend Water, Sections & plans of Little Baddow
M76MountedOS map of Woodham Walter & Maldon 1920/1938
M69MapJ Berridge Map. County Services OS maps (1897), surveyed 1874, revised 1895.Scale: 1:2500.
M69AMapPhotocopies of parts of the 1897 map taken from photographs.
M63MapSmall scale map of Chelmsford and surrounding parishes.
M70MapMap of River Chelmer from Chelmsford to Maldon 1765.
M71MapReprint of the 1st edition of the OS Map including LB, 1863.
M73MapOS map of Chelmsford Borough 1:2500 Traffic Calming.
M87Mounted2 engravings by William Byrne of the NE view of the City of Durham, 1799.
M88MapLayout on tracing paper of Aldermanburgh site 1977
M48MapPlan of Warren Farm
M92MapMap of Chelmsford c 1940
M94MountedBoard listing police in Little Baddow 1885 - 1924
M95MountedFramed photo of LB URC Sunday School 1977
A96ArtBrass plaque presented to B Langford 1883 - 1905
M98DocWallpaper samples
M99MountedOld Rodney Roundup poster
A67ArtWatercolour of the Black Bridge 1 Aug 1950
M106MapPlan of Hammonds farm 1851
X18sPhotoSchool PhotographsLittle Baddow School Class photo c1927Back Row: Leslie Joslin, Ron Wiggins, Run Puddephatt, Roger Joslin, Charlie Parmenter, Monty Peacock, George Kemp, Peter Sargeant; SecondRow: Phoebe Everett, Norah Shipman, Stella Woodhouse, Frances Wright, Nancy Wilson, Peggy Ramsey, Doris Knight, Gwen Rolfe, Jean Ager, Cathy Stubbings, Miss Thrift; Third Row: Ken Wright, Joan Wright, Vera Coker, Gladys Spooner, ? Patrick, Margaret Parmenter, Isobel Hedges, Dorothy Wright, Hilda Brown, Lily Westwood, Irene Wright, Phyllis Lightfoot, Beryl Vanstone, Emily Lock; Front Row: Tom Lock, John Webb, Don Sargeant, John Brown, Billy Wright, Lenny Wright, Basil Ramsey, Ken Winger
X17g8PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallFamily at The HoppetFrom Hoppet Collection
X17f2PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallLittle Baddow Hall Fruit FarmDisplay board at entrance
X17f3PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallLittle Baddow Hall Fruit farmPick your own strawberries
X17f4PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallLittle Baddow Hall Fruit FarmFruit Trees - end of 20th century
X17g1PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallHoppet, Chapel LaneFrom the Hoppet Collection
X17g2PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallThe Hoppet, Chapel LanePhoto plus photocopy; 1930s
X17g3PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallThe Hoppet, Chapel Lane
X11fviiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesThe RidgeFrom near 'Jocks Lodge', looking south towards Danbury
X17a7PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallThe Hoppet, 1920s
X24aPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWalters CottagePatricia Stewart
X17g7PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallFamily photo at The HoppetFrom the Hoppet Collection
X28a15PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill Bridge1977;
2020:0126PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationLittle Baddow MillAlso known as Kings Mill; early 1890s; burnt down in the 1890s and partly rebuilt;
X28b2PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationLittle Baddow MillAlso known as Kings Mill; view from Boreham side of canal, just below lock;
X28b3PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationSandon BrookChurch Road; just before the brook joins the Chelmer; Children playing in stream, cows in field, caravan park in background;
X28b4PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationSunken bargenear Little Baddow Lock; 1970s?;
X28b5PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationKings MillPhoto from Boreham bank; date unknown;
X19aPhotoScouts, Hockey and SportsfieldScout HutIn Edward VIII Scout Pack, Little Baddow; Essex Countryside, Winter 1952/3
X52k13-19PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubThe Happiest Days of your Life, April 2000; Mo Bright, Sally Lowe, Barbara, Lindsay Lloyd, Jane O'Keeffe, Ken Rolfe, Allison Woolard, Tom,
X11fixPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesThe RidgeLooking towards the crossroads and Colam Lane; 1999
2000:0021PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallThe Old ForgeApr-05
X11fiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesThatched CottageThe Ridge; c 1990
X9xiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillJarvis Field1998;
X11giiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesRiffhams Chase1950s
X9uiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillRose Cottage from Walter's CottagePhoto taken by Patricia Stewart, winter 1954-5;
2020:0139PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillRose Cottage from Walter's CottageTaken by Patricia Stewart; Winter 1954; Shows Bowling Alley House to the right of Rose Cottage;
X9vPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillWarren Farm1991;
X19hPhotoScouts, Hockey and SportsfieldGuides' Camp SiteOpposite Old Riffhams
X24bPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWalters CottageChildren's garden party; Patricia Stewart and Margaret Martin;
X20b1PhotoLittle Baddow InnsRodney InnSaloon bar, 1999
X21a2PhotoProperties Spring Elms LanePheasant House FarmMrs Gladys Knight (and Doris Long) demonstrating water carrying before the advent of piped water; photo 1990
X21a1PhotoProperties Spring Elms LanePheasant House FarmGladys Knight demonstrating water carrying; photo c. 1990
X23nPhotoAlfred Willett, POWPOW group at Stalag VIII-BAlfred Willett's memorabilia; Willett is ringed on photo
X23pPhotoAlfred Willett, POWPOW group at Stalag VIII-BAlfred Willett arrived
X24oPhoto1977 Silver JubileeChildren's Jubilee partyWalters Cottage; 6th June 1977;
X9viiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillWarren FarmLarge picture; c1950s
X17e1PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallChelmer Cottage
X28c2PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper MillDate on reverse is 1910; problematic - when was it burnt down?;
X18mPhotoSchool PhotographsSchool Class photoUndated - 1940s ?
X18qPhotoSchool PhotographsSchool class photo1910/ 1912; Back row: far left is Alec Smith; 2nd row: 6th left Una Bickmore (married Beckworth); Bottom Row 2nd right, Hilda Smith, 1st right May Smith
X12tPhotoJ Berridgephoto taken in 1918, out shooting
X17c6PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallLittle Baddow Halltaken from the orchard, 1989; 2 copies
X23l2PhotoAlfred Willett, POWFuneral at Stalag VIII-BFrom Alfred Willett's memorabilia
X17c9PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallLittle Baddow Hall2002
X18kPhotoSchool PhotographsSchool group photoGroup B ?; date uncertain - 1930s ?
X17d1PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallHall CottageChurch Road; 1991
X18jPhotoSchool PhotographsSchoolPhoto of school and side entrance; 1940s or 50s ?
X17e2PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallChelmer Cottage
X17e3PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallChelmer Cottage
X17c5PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallLittle Baddow Hall2 copies of photo, c. 1980s
X16axPhotoThe Old RodneyOld RodneyCopy of postcard; taken before enxtension; labelled 'Rodney House, Baddow Rodney'
X15oPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsNew BassettsPostcard of Bassetts, c 1920s; Bassetts was one of the 5 manors of medieval Little Baddow; New Bassetts was built in the late 16th century by the Blake family, the Lords of the Manor
X15pPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsBassettsOak room panelling, late 16th century
X17c10PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallLittle Baddow Hall2005
X12kPhotoJesse Berridge Papers1960 opening of new Memorial HallRev Berridge; Mrs Hood; Mr R Hovenden (Chairman of Parish Council)
X11f6PhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesGenerals ArmsTaken in the 1960s or 70s (I think this is later - by the look of the cars - Mel)
X17g4PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallJoyce Thornton (nee Briscoe) at the HoppetFrom the Hoppet Collection
X24fPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWalters CottageChilden's garden party; September 3rd 1988
X24gPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWalters CottageChildren's garden party; September 3rd 1988
X24hPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWalters CottageChildren's garden party; September 3rd 1988
X24iPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWalters CottageChildren's garden party; September 3rd 1988; ? John Gibson? ?
X24jPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWalters CottageChildren's garden party; September 3rd 1988; Rector (Robin Turner); Ted Grace; Sheila Turner; John Lowe
X24kPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWalters CottageChildren's garden party; September 3rd 1988; Ted Grace; John Lowe
X18lPhotoSchool PhotographsEvacuees from Tottenham1939; outside the Congregational Chapel
X24nPhoto1977 Silver JubileeChildren's Jubilee party6thJune 1977; Walters Cottage; Dennis Gill (Chairman Parish Council); Norman Claxton (Parish Councillor); Patricia Stewart (Parish Councillor)
X25cPhotoWorld War TwoRoll of HonourIn the Memorial Hall
X12lPhotoJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks, Heather HillsMounted map by Jesse Berridge (from the Essex Review, 1923); this is the reference map for photos X12g1 - g4; 1997
X12mPhotoJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks, Heather Hillsphoto of the two ramparts separated by the ditch; 1997
X12nPhotoJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks, Heather Hillsview near Hill fort; 1997
X12oPhotoJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks, Heather Hillsview near the Hill fort; 1997
X12pPhotoJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks, Heather Hillsnear Hill fort; 1997
X12qPhotoJesse Berridge PapersHeather HillsOld track, known as York Street; 1997
X12rPhotoJ Berridgephoto showing him as a young man, c 1894
X23mPhotoAlfred Willett, POWPOW group at Stalag VIII-BFrom Alfred Willett's memorabilia; Willett is ringed on photo
X18iPhotoSchool PhotographsSchool class photoUndated - 1890s ?; OR 1910/12 + Class I (see X18q and provenance which is verified as 1910/12. Male teacher is the same.)
X12fPhotoJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks, Heather HillsOuter rampart; 1997
X15fPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsOld Baddow Mill, EssexOld postcard of painting, previously listed as 'unknown landscape', but top left it says 'Old Baddow Mill, Essex'
X16civPhotoThe Old RodneyThe Old RodneyView from the garden; copy of postcard labelled 'The Rodney, Nr Maldon'
X15aPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsDuke Street, ChelmsofrdPostcard, c1910 - 20
X15bPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsTindal Square, ChelmsfordPhoto c 1910-20
X15cPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsMoulsham Street, ChelmsfordPostcard c 1900; looking towards the Stone Bridge
X11fviiiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesThatched CottageRiffhams Chase; gated entrance; Spalding Postcard
X15ePhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsPhoto of 2 menMid/late 19th century; men are unidentified
X52g3PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubPaul Cornel, Julian Riddle, Pam Towell, Pam Seear
X15gPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsBus outside GriffinPhotocopy of Spalding photo of Great Eastern Railway bus outside the Griffin Inn, Danbury, c1908, with concise history
X15hPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsDanbury PalacePhotocopy of painting of Danbury Palace c1860, with concise history
X15jPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsMain Road, DanburyPhotocopy of Spalding photo, c 1905, with concise history
X15kPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsDanbury ChurchPhotocopy of old photo with concise history, c1905
X15lPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsDanbury CommonPhotocopy of old photo, c1905, with concise history
X15mPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsMain Road, DanburyPhotocopy of 1925 original, with concise history
X15nPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsAdams Cottages, Eve's Corner, Danbury
X18gPhotoSchool PhotographsSchool Class photoOutside the National School; undated
X15dPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsEve's Corner, DanburyPostcard; 1952
X52d2PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubSeparate Tables, November 1961, Act 2; John Robertson, Rosemary Harwood, Van Dupuy, Mrs Andrews, Juliet Eley, Eva Faulkner, Wilfred Garrod, M.E.G., Mary Martin
X4qPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowJoyce Lightfoot
X52mPhotoDrama ClubDrama Club - When we are MarriedNovember 2002; 15 photographs; Allison Wollard, Brian Greatix, Sally Lowe, Barbara Newton
X60/1PhotoEvents17th Century FairCuckoos Fields; June 1990;
X60/2aPhotoEventsFlower Festival1986; St Mary's Church; arrangement depicts the Annunciation
X60/3a-bPhotoEventsDuck RaceAt Waterhall Ford, 2nd September 1989
X52ePhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubUnder the Sycamore Tree - Beth Grigsby, November 1963 - 4 photos
X52b2PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubLove from a Stranger, April 1958
X52f1PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubThe Caretaker, October 1977; Warner, Hunt
X52d1PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubSeparate Tables, November 1961, Act 1; Mrs Andrews, John Robinson, Rosemary Harwood, Eva Faulkner, Wilfred Garrod, Mary Martin
X52j1-3PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubBlack Coffee,1999; John Richardson, Patsy Page, Patricia, Anne Chambers, Peter McManus, Jac O'Keeffe
X52h1-5PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubCharlie's Aunt, December 1983
X52g1PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubWaltz of the Toreadors, March 1983
X52g2PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubWaltz of the Toreadors, March 1983
X11hiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesMill Cottage
X5pPhotoWoodhouse FamilyTofts Chase looking West1996; Betty Ashford;
X11k2PhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesDanbury and Lingwood CommonNational Trust sign
X9giPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillFern CottageView from North Hill, December 1997;
X9siiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillSorrell's Corner1998;
X9s4PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillSorrell's crossroadsWinter scene; no date;
X9s5PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillSt Andrews HallPossibly still a school (1960s?); shows the School House; North Hill;
X9s6PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillNorth HillLooking north from near entrance to Spring Close; shows Vica Cottages and Shouldersticks;
X9s7PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillJohn Vale's butchers shopNorth Hill; 1960s or 70s ?;
X9fiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillOld track by Pledgers CottageOld track leading from North Hill to the Rodney PH; 1997;
X9civPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillPledgers CottageFront view, 1998
X5k2PhotoWoodhouse FamilyFoot and Mouth signTofts Chase; 2001;
X9fiiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillOld track by PilgrimsLooking down from Pilgrims (on right) towards North Hill; Hen Cottage and Cock Farm are on right further down; lane known locally as Gravy Lane; December 1997;
X5qPhotoWoodhouse FamilyEntrance to Warren FarmFrom Tofts Chase; 1996;
X11divPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesNew Riffhams
2000:0069PhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesNew Lodgec 1900; shows members of the Speakman family outside the front door.
X11eiiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesNew Lodgec 1970s - 2 copies
2000:0079PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillFir Tree CottageNorth Hill; January 1st 1923 or 1925; Shows Poleighs in background;
X11fiiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesThatched CottagePostcard - no date
X11fivPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesThatched CottageEntrance to Riffhams Chase; gate at entrance; c1920s ?
X11fvPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesThatched CottageThe Ridge; roof detail; new thatch; 1990
X11fviPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesGenerals Arms1998
X9aivPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillColerainesOpen gardens; c 1990; side view of house;
X18cPhotoSchool PhotographsSchool class photoUndated
X16aiiPhotoThe Old RodneyOld RodneyCopy of Spalding's photo of Rodney with concise history, 1905
X11hiiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesMill LaneJun-05
X11hiiiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesMill Cottage, Mill Lane1905-1909
2000:0053PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallAlbert Everett and farm cart
X17b3PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallHolybred Wood1999
X17c2PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallLittle Baddow Hall1989; shows north wall with proposed fireplace / oven ?
X17c3PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallLittle Baddow Hall (Aerial view)Taken from top of Church tower. 1950s (but after 1952, since the field top left was a meadow until then)
X9fvPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillPilgrimsView of back of house, c 1970s;
X18bPhotoSchool PhotographsSchool class photoWith teacher; postcard undated;
X11givPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesRiffhams Chase in winter
X17b2PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallHolybread and Colam LaneLooking westwards towards Cuckoos Farm and Chestnut Cottage. 2 copies; original Spalding Postcard
2000:0128PhotoThe Old RodneyTennis Courts at the Old RodneyPostcard. c1930s
X16diiPhotoThe Old RodneyHeather HillsAdults and children; postcard labelled 'The Old Rodney'; probably taken from behind the school looking eastwards
X16diiiPhotoThe Old RodneyThe Heather HillsPostcard labelled 'The Old Rodney';
X9fiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillOld Track from North HillLeading towards Hen Cottage and beyond to Pilgrims (formerly Wickays); known locally as Gravy Lane (on account of the amount of cow muck washed down it); December 1997
X9diPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillView down North HillTofts Chase entrance on right; Jarvis field entrance on left further down; 1997;
X17c4PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallLittle Baddow HallSketch of Hall as an Arts Centre, c. 1975
X22a4PhotoWildlife, Nature ReservesEssex Wildlife Trust reserveProbably between Woodham Walter Common and the Ridge; one of the Danbury Ridge reserves; photo c 1998
X23dPhotoAlfred Willett, POWSports day at Stalag VIII-BFrom Alfred Willett memorabilia; Alfred Willett is ringed
X23gPhotoAlfred Willett, POWCanadian War MemorialVimy Ridge
X23hPhotoAlfred Willett, POWFuneral of Soldier at Stalag VIII-BFrom Alfred Willett memorabilia
X23iPhotoAlfred Willett, POWFuneral at Stalag VIII-BFrom Alfred Willett memorabilia
X23jPhotoAlfred Willett, POWFuneral at Stalag VIII-BFrom Alfred Willett memorabilia
X23kPhotoAlfred Willett, POWFuneral at Stalag VIII-BFrom Alfred Willett memorabilia
X17g6PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallS Cope and her FatherAt The Hoppet
X12sPhotoRev Jesse BerridgePhoto showing him as an old man c1945
X15qPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsBassettsPostcard view, c 1920s
X22a2PhotoWildlife, Nature ReservesEssex Wildlife Trust reserveVolunteer strimming bracken
X24wPhoto1977 Silver JubileeSilver Jubilee PartyWalters Cottage; 6th June 1977; Alastair Stewart;
X22a3PhotoWildlife, Nature ReservesThe Heather HillsManaged by the Essex Wildlife Trust; photo c 1998; used in "Little Baddow: a century of village life"
X21d1PhotoProperties Spring Elms LaneRodney GateCorner of Mill Road and Spring Elms Lane
X12g3PhotoJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks, Heather HillsOuter rampart; Possibly B on map; 1997
X24ePhoto1977 Silver JubileeWalters Cottage Garden PartySeptember 3rd 1988
X28a14PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationOld Wooden BridgeWith pedestrians; 1905; Old Black Bridge for pedestrians; near Little Baddow lock; modern footbridge has replaced this; footpath goes to Boreham
X24cPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWalters CottageChildren's Garden Party; 3rd September 1988
X12g4PhotoJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks, Heather HillsFacing south; outer rampart; Possibly D on map; 1997
X25bPhotoWorld War TwoHarry Shortt and Peter SergeantHarry Shortt was killed in the war
X24mPhoto1977 Silver JubileeSilver jubilee garden party6th June 1977; for children; tea in the garage at Walters Cottage
X25dPhotoWorld War TwoCharles ThompsonPhotocopy of photo: served with the 5th battalion, Essex Reg, 8th Army in North Africa, Sicily and Italy, 1940-46
X24dPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWalters CottageChildren's garden party; September 3rd 1988
X24pPhoto1977 Silver JubileeJubilee Children's PartyWalters Cottage; 6th June 1977;
X24qPhoto1977 Silver JubileeJubilee Children's PartyWalters Cottage; 6th June 1977
X24rPhoto1977 Silver JubileeJubilee Children's PartyWalters Cottage; 6th June 1977
X24sPhoto1977 Silver JubileeJubilee Children's PartyWalters Cottage; 6th June 1977
X24tPhoto1977 Silver JubileeSilver Jubilee Children's PartyWalters Cottage; 6th June 1977
X24uPhoto1977 Silver JubileeSilver Jubilee PartyWalters Cottage; 6th June 1977
X24vPhoto1977 Silver JubileeSilver Jubilee PartyWalters Cottage; 6th June 1977
M31MountedWeldon’s “Regiment of Foote”Training / Display at LB Hall Fruit Farm, 13th and 14th May 1989; 9 mounted photos
X22a1PhotoWildlife, Nature ReservesEssex Wildlife TrustVolunteers in one of the Trust's reserves; Geoff Pyman on right;
M26MountedCopies of four William Washington wood block engravingsLittle Baddow Hall 1953, Old Wooden Bridge between Rushes and Paper Mill Locks, Eve's Corner pond c1950, St Mary's Church
M19MountedAldermanburgh11 mounted photos from 1930s to present, includes Shipman family and farmyard
M69dMounted1897 OS map photosTofts Chase and Bassetts Lane
M69eMounted1897 OS map photosColam Lane and Holybread Lane
M69iMounted1897 OS map photosChapel Lane, Graces Lane
M69jMounted1897 OS map photosRiffhams Lane
M69kMounted1897 OS map photosPhillows Farm
M69lMounted1897 OS mapPheasant House
M69aMounted1897 map photosRidge and part of Colam Lane (6 photos)
M69bMounted1897 OS map photosNorth Hill
M22MountedViews of Little Baddow16 mounted photos;Holybread Farm(1986), Pilgrims (1964), Lees - next to Walter's Cottage (1985), Bowling Alley House ((1973), West View (Rose and Crown) (1985), Cock Farm (1985), Copeland Cottages (1985), Little Meadow (1933) 2 views + now as (cont...)
M69hMounted1897 OS mapHolybread Lane, Church Road
M69gMounted1897 OS map photosHusketts Mill (Paper Mill)
M69fMounted1897 OS map photosRiver, Little Baddow Mill, part of Church Road, part of Hammonds Road
M27Mounted1934 print of 'The Cricket Bat Maker' by William WashingtonWalter Warsop
M28MountedP Woodhouse3 mounted photos; conservatory at Tofts; P Woodhouse c1940-50; P Woodhouse c1914, Conservatory 1930.
M30MountedEssex History FairAt Tilbury, 1988, 14 mounted photos
M69mMounted1897 OS map photosNew Lodge Farm
2017:0002PhotoWI Outing(?? Rodney showing drive, before extension. Copy of Spalding) Miss Everett (in centre)
2017:0004PhotoBirthday cardBirthday card dated 1908, 'from Little Baddow', sent to Mrs Royce of Danbury
2017:0006PhotoWI OutingNo date or names
M69cMounted1897 OS mapSpring Elms; 3 photos
X16aviiiPhotoThe Old RodneyOld RodneyHouse with pony and trap - appears to be a copy of X16avi
X18p4PhotoSchool Photographs1931-32 Little Baddow School Country DancingEmmie Lock, Phyl Lightfoot, Jean Ager, Nita Humphries, Beryl Vanstone, Kathy Stubbings, Lily Westwood
X17c7PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallLittle Baddow Hallc. 1950s
2000:0151PhotoThe Old RodneyHeather Hills, looking westwardsc 1918
X16biiiPhotoThe Old RodneyHeather HillsPostcard, labelled 'The Celebrated Beauty Spot of Essex... Little Baddow' and 'The Olde Rodney'
X16bivPhotoThe Old RodneyThe Old RodneyRodney showing drive, before extension. Copy of Spalding
X16bPhotoThe Old RodneyThe Old RodneyView from the heather hille; copy of postcard, labelled 'Baddow Rodney'
X16ciPhotoThe Old RodneyOld RodneyPostcard labelled 'A corner of the Tea Garden, The Olde Rodney'
X16biPhotoThe Old RodneyEntrance to Heather HillsPhoto dates 1970 - 1980s
X16aviiPhotoThe Old RodneyOld RodneyPostcard of Rodney after the extension had been built; from original pen and ink drawing
M25MountedCock FarmHarry 'Bodger' Davies seen at gate, died in 1907, buried 13th Nov aged 58 years. Ex policeman, stepfather to Edith Langford.
X12g2PhotoJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks, Heather HillsFrom inner rampart; Possibly B on map; 1997
M20MountedRemoving St Mary's BellsJanuary 1986; 9 mounted colour photos
2000:0118MountedLB Post OfficePainting by M W Merritt of the post office, North Hill, c1950s
M5MountedDrawings by H Paterson10 mounted copies, all drawings are late 19th /early 20th cent, also a mounted copy of LB Meeting House (URC) by G Hall, 1889.
M17MountedL B Cricket Club 1950s11 mounted black and white photos of celebration dinner in Memorial Hall with presentation to George English, Dr Brazier (highest batting average) and J Bowles (taking 105 wickets)
M18MountedWater HallOne photo of the hall and 9 of the timber structure models, by Mrs P Ryan
M21MountedRemoval of St Mary's bellsJanuary 1986, 11 mounted photos + 9 mounted photos (filed under 21a) + 14 mounted photos (filed under 21b) + 11 mounted photos (filed under 21c) + 21d
M32MountedHistory Fair at Colchester11th June 1989, 6 mounted photos
M23MountedAldermanburgh14 mounted photos of tree planting ceremony to honour Francis Thorrington, March 30th, 1985
M24MountedCasting St Mary's BellsCasting at Whitechapel Bell Foundry, 3 new bells, Feb 1986, 10 mounted photos
X16avPhotoThe Old RodneyOld RodneyLarge photo of Rodney before extension
X16eivPhotoThe Old RodneyRodney House from Heather HillsPostcard 1904
X9dvPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillEntrance to Tofts ChaseView from the Chase, looking towards North Hill; after felling of trees, October 1999;
X28c3PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper MillCopy of a sketch; no date or further details;
X17a10PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallThe Old Forge2005
X17b1PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallHolybread LaneLooking east, with Holybred wood on the left; december 1997
2017:0008PhotoThe Old RodneyHeather HillsPath used for sledging 'Don Martin's sledging Hill'
X16dviiiPhotoThe Old RodneyMill LaneShows sign to 'The Old Rodney'
X11giPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesRiffhams ChaseBlack and white postcard; uncertain of exact position, possibly Riffhams Lane?
X28a2PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationThe NavigationSpalding postcard of 1907; barge near bridge;
X16eiiPhotoRodney House, Baddow RodneyPostcard 28th April 1904
X16fiPhotoThe Old RodneyRodney HouseB/W postcard
X16fkPhotoThe Old RodneyRodney - Heather hillsPostcard
X9fivPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillPilgrimsLooking from Holybread Lane; December 1997
X11giiiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesMill Lane
X9diiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillEntrance to Tofts ChaseTaken from North Hill, after the felling of oak trees, October 1999;
X18p6PhotoSchool Photographs1931-32 Little Baddow Stool-Ball TeamPhyl Lightfoot, Joan Wright, Norah Shipman, Lily Westwood, Margaret Parmenter, Nita Humphries, Emmi Lock, Kathy Stubbings, Florence Waite, Jean Ager
X16eiiiPhotoThe Old RodneyThe Old RodneyColoured photograph; postcard sent in 1906
X11liPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesPulcherines
X52k1-12PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubThe Happiest Days of your Life, April 2000; Rita Ronn, Jane O'Keeffe, Lindsay Lloyd, John Peregrine, Paul Randall, Ken Rolfe, Trevor, Jill Peregrine, Mike Phillips, Annabel Lloyd, Andrew, Kenton Church, Patsy Page, Sharon Ridley, Dick Higby
X16aviPhotoThe Old RodneyOld Rodney1918; photo of house with pony and trap
X16aixPhotoThe Old RodneyOld RodneyBefore the extension; copy of Spalding original
X15rPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsBassettsPostcard, 1920s
X11hivPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesMill MeadShows drive from Mill Lane to Mill Mead. To the left is where Oaklea now stands.
X11hvPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesMeadows, Mill lane
X11jiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesPatenteesTaken after 1920
X17a8PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallThe Hoppet1920s
X16cvPhotoThe Old RodneyHeather Hills
X9eiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillCock Farm1997;home of Tracy and Peter Nichol until 1998; home of Jack and Olive Wisdom until 1994;
X11miPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesBack of the Luard's house, The Ridge
X11niPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesCottage in the Bushc 1900; A concise history is given below the photo - Humfry Hedge, Daniel Cornewall, John Burchell, Mr Wackrill, Dr C Armstrong Gibbs
X12bPhotoJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks, Heather HillsTaken from just east of the earthworks; 1997
X12cPhotoJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks, Heather HillsDitch between inner and outer ramparts
X12dPhotoJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks, Heather Hillsfrom inner rampart looking at ditch; 1997
X12ePhotoJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks, Heather HillsTaken from ditch (and showing Simon Johnson in it), and showing inner rampart running in front of seat; 1997
X11jiiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesPatenteesJun-05
X17b4PhotoHolybread Wood1999
X16ciiiPhotoThe Old RodneyOld RodneyDogs in old Rodney, 1930; rear is marked 'Pat and Jock' also 'Tea Veranda and shop ??
2000:0071PhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesWoodlands, The Ridge
X19dPhotoScouts at Osea Island, 1935Names are given on original mount; August 1935, with visitors.
X9divPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillEntrance to Tofts ChaseAfter felling of oaks, October 1999;
2020:0127PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillBowling Alley HouseDemolished in 1972;
X9zaPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillColoured postcard of North HillLooking up hill from the Rodney bend;
X11civPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesOld Riffhams
X11cviPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesRiffhamsFrom Spalding postcard
X11cviiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesOld RiffhamsH M Paterson sketch
X9tiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillFir Tree CottagePossibly same image as X9ti; this is dated 1921 ??;
X9wivPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillHill CottageNorth Hill; illuminated view of front after dark;
X20a1PhotoLittle Baddow InnsGenerals Arms garden1999
X9xiiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillSpring Close1998;
X19cPhotoScouts, Hockey and SportsfieldScouts with Jesse Berridge (Scoutmaster), 1915-1919? Sargeant, Lew Peacodle, Percy Enefer, R B Warsop, Anthony Allen, Fred Durham, Jessie Berridge, Bill Stubbings George King, Sid Enefer, Ernie Smith
X19ePhotoScouts, Hockey and SportsfieldHockey team 1950sBack row l to r: Peter Thomason, Nigel Burch, Norman Pinder, Tubby Webb, John Fowler, Roy Hallowell, Mike Parker; front row: ?, Noel Taylor, John Munro; Bob Upson
X19fPhotoScouts, Hockey and SportsfieldHockey Teamearly 1950s ?. some names listed
X19gPhotoScouts, Hockey and SportsfieldGuides' playing fieldsFrom Riffhams Chase entrance by Ann Poulard
X17f1PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallLittle Baddow Hall Fruit FarmGrubbed out fruit trees
2023:0056PhotoScouts, Hockey and SportsfieldBrownie Pack c1953
X17g9PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallDog at the HoppetFrom Hoppet collection
X17h1PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallRose CottageHolybread Lane; 1999
X18aPhotoSchool PhotographsSchool class photoAt side of Village School (St Andrews); postcard undated
X15sPhotoDanbury postcards, BassettsOld BassettsJun-05
X9bivPhotoProperties and Residents - North Hill57 Hillside Cottages and The ReturnBlurred photo, from some years earlier than X9biii; note smaller size of the tree to the right side of The Return.
X8aiPhotoSunday School outing to Walton-on-the-NazeJesse Berridge, rector; Miss Greening, Sunday School Teacher; children are: Beryl Vanstone, Nita Humphreys, Isabel Enefer, Connie Luman, Joan ?, Emily Everett, Better Ager, Phyllis Lightfoot, Jean Ager, Phoebe Everett, Olive Targrass
X9aiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillColerainesChristmas card
X9diiPhotoProperties and Residents - North Hill57 Hillside Cottages and The ReturnFred Spalding postcard of 1905
2020:0165PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillColerainesPostcard, dated 1904
X9tiiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillFir Tree CottageEarly 1920s; cottage bought by grandmother of Janet Shave (nee Stracey) in 1920;
X9avPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillColerainesBack view of house; Open Gardens; c1990
X9aviPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillColerainesSpalding photo; c 1910
X9yPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillHill Cottages
X9biiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North Hill57 Hillside Cottages and The ReturnHillside Cottage was formerly Miss Langford's shop; photo dated 1991;
X9bvPhotoProperties and Residents - North Hill57 Hillside Cottages and The ReturnLarge mounted copy of an original Fred Spalding postcard of 1905 with concise history; road unmade;
X9ciiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillPledgers CottageSide view from road
X9ciiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillPledgers CottageBack view, taken in 1993,
X9aiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillColerainesPolaroid photo, c 1970s
X11fiiiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesThatched CottageThe Ridge; detail of chimneys and thatch
X11cxiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesRiffhams ChaseView of Long Wood from the Chase
X11diPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesWater Hall
X11diiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesWater Hallc 1990
X11diiiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesRiffhams Chase and Longwood
X9xiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillLower part of North Hill1998; taken near entrance to Spring Close; shows Vica Cottages and Shouldersticks
X9biPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillMiss LangfordAt the door of her shop; North Hill; pre 1950s;
X30tPhotoWater Hall Model + National School personnel c.1836-1921Model of timber structure of Water Hall
X28d6PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill lock areaTaken from below lock; 1998;
X29bPhotoRiver Chelmer PhotographsRiver Chelmer at Paper Mill weirLarge photo
X25fPhotoWorld War TwoDukes OrchardSpring Elms Lane; after V1 attack; September 1944
X25gPhotoWorld War TwoDukes OrchardSpring Elms Lane; after V1 attack; September 1944
X26PhotoWW2 Memorabilia17th Century Faire and History ExhibitionSet of photos with no details attached; 2002?;
X5kPhotoWoodhouse FamilyEntry to Tofts Chase from North HillAlso Pauline Woodhouse in 1992 at home, with photo of Mosley and Lionel on wall;
2000:0057PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationYe Olde Rustic BridgeBehind the original Paper Mill, just to the left of the far side of the present road bridge;
X10aiPhotoProperties in Colam LaneCockleys, Colam LaneTaken from entrance to Ryefield; 1990s
2000:0061PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill Bridgebarge carrying timber
X28d5PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill lock areaUndated; taken at same time as X28d4?;
X28a8PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill Bridgec early 1930s;
X29hPhotoRiver Chelmer PhotographsThe FisheriesPostcard dated 1911, north side of pool below Paper Mill Lock
X29iPhotoRiver Chelmer PhotographsBarge on navigationSpalding postcard, looking east from Paper Mill Bridge
X30mPhotoWater Hall Model + National School personnel c.1836-1921Model of timber structure of Water Hall
X30nPhotoWater Hall Model + National School personnel c.1836-1921Model of timber structure of Water Hall
X30pPhotoWater Hall Model + National School personnel c.1836-1921Model of timber structure of Water Hall
X30qPhotoWater Hall Model + National School personnel c.1836-1921Model of timber structure of Water Hall
X28g1PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationWeir at Rushes Lock
X30sPhotoWater Hall Model + National School personnel c.1836-1921Model of timber structure of Water Hall
X28a4PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill Bridgewith children
X52l1-5PhotoDrama ClubPageantEssex Through the Ages, 1951; Sylvia Thorrington, Lucy Payne, John Burgess,
X30wPhotoWater Hall Model + National School personnel c.1836-1921Model of wooden structure of Water Hall
X30xPhotoWater Hall Model + National School personnel c.1836-1921Model of timber structure of Water Hall
X30yPhotoWater Hall Model + National School personnel c.1836-1921Model of timber structure of Water Hall
X31PhotoKathy Paterson's wedding1927, LHS scouts Alf Parmenter and Willy Martin, RHS scout Reg Lightfoot, choir women: (left to right) Mrs Wright, Edie Hunt, Mrs Puddiphat, Mrs A Ager Miss Shipman
X16flPhotoThe Old RodneyThe RodneySpalding postcard No 68; possibly Edwardian
X16fmPhotoThe Old RodneyThe RodneySepia postcard; Gowers Ltd of Maldon, No 282; misprint says 'Baddon Rodney'; postally used 1919
X38b23PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsArrival of new beams. June 1992
X38b1PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsCrack repairs, NW corner of nave
X28a10PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationBridge at Paper Mill Lock, showing barge carrying timber and bargeesWith concise history
X38b13PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsScaffolding in nave. June 1992
X38b16PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsLion on roof. October 1992
X38b17PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsRoof. July 1992
X38b18PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsRoof. June 1992
X38b19PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsNew roof, south-west corner. October 1992.
X38b20PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsNew roof. North West corner. October 1992
X16fnPhotoThe Old RodneyThe Old RodneyPostcard; shows family with dog sitting on grass
X32kPhotoURC window west side1987
X30vPhotoWater Hall Model + National School personnel c.1836-1921Model of timber structure of Water Hall
X102a13PhotoHistory Exhibition 5th April 1997Margaret Martin, John Lowe
X102a4PhotoHistory Exhibition 5th April 1997St Andrew's, coffee and tea area in background
X102a5PhotoHistory Exhibition 5th April 1997Margaret Martin, Alan Ashford
X49c2PhotoPast and PresentNorth HillView down the hill from near Warren Cottage, showing Hillside Cottage
X102a7PhotoHistory Exhibition 5th April 1997Doris Dancer
X102a8PhotoHistory Exhibition 5th April 1997John Lowe, Alastair Stewart,
X102a9PhotoHistory Exhibition 5th April 1997held in St Andrew's
X102a10PhotoHistory Exhibition 5th April 1997Shows board displaing 1677 and 1777 maps; Doris Dancer
X102a2PhotoHistory Exhibits 5th April 1997Beryl Thompson, Nita Sizer
X102a12PhotoHistory Exhibition 5th April 1997Geoff Pyman, John Lowe, Alistair Stewart
X102a1PhotoHistory Exhibits 5th April 1997In St Andrew's; Beryl Thompson
X102a6PhotoHistory Exhibition 5th April 1997Sally Lowe
X49v1PhotoPast and PresentColam Lanelooking towards Sorrells corner; taken c1905
X40a7PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchAlter.
X49q2PhotoPast and PresentNorth HillLooking up the hill from by The Rodney PH; taken in 1997
X49r1PhotoPast and PresentSorrells Cornershows top of North Hill; taken c 1905
X49k2PhotoPast and PresentOld RodneyTaken in 1997
X49e2PhotoPast and PresentCongregational ChapelURC. Taken in 1997
X49l2PhotoPast and PresentOld RodneyTaken in 1997, showing same view as X49l1
X102a11PhotoHistory Exhibition 5th April 1997Elizabeth Bourne, Doris Dancer
X38b10PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsPorch and adjacent wall, stage 1 of repairs, June 1992
X28k4PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationFloodsView from below the Church across Sandon Brook (along line of elms) towards King's Mill, March 1947
X28g2PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationFlooding and weirAt Paper Mill lock
X28j2PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationSandon Brook and Chelmermelting ice, point at which Sandon Brook enters the navigation
X46t2PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker and EliotRev Maclean's Hooker birth 400th Anniversary Annual Lecture 1986 Memorial Hall
X40a8PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchOrgan and pews.
X44ePhotoRobjohnsHouse with apple tree Pinus Malus with pig sties in the background
X44fPhotoRobjohnsStable with pony and jersey cow
X102a3PhotoHistorical Exhibition 5th April1997Alan Ashford, John Daniels
X44hPhotoRobjohnsAerial photo of house and garden
X30uPhotoWater Hall Model + National School personnel c.1836-1921Model of timber structure of Water Hall
X46t1PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker and EliotRev Maclean's Hooker birth 400th Anniversary Annual Lecture 1986 Memorial Hall
X46t3PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker and EliotRev Maclean's Hooker birth 400th Anniversary Annual Lecture 1986 Memorial Hall
X46t4PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker and EliotRev Maclean's Hooker birth 400th Anniversary Annual Lecture 1986 Memorial Hall
X50PhotoMemorial Hall after the fireEnvelope of various slides and photos of the morning after the fire and also of the model for the new hall and some of the new hall.
X49a1PhotoPast and Present57 Hillside, North Hill and The ReturnTaken in the 1930s, Bill Marsh is shown outside The Return, where he lived. Shows weatherboarding.
X49a2PhotoPast and Present57 Hillside, North Hill and The ReturnTaken in 1997 (cp X49a1)
X70aPhotoParish Council Financial Statements 1944-1952Coloured postcardTwo girls picking wild flowers; two copies; caption 'At Little Baddow near Chelmsford
X3axPhotoHandbell RingersTree Planting23rd Feb 1985; Aldermanburgh; to honour Francis Thorrington;
X1eiiPhotoCricketCricket Team year unknownC Vanstone; J Bowles; G Enefer; Warsop;
X1eiPhotoCricketCricket Team year unknownK Harrod; P Linnett; J Bowles; J Enefer?; M Warsop; T Ketley; W Linnett; W Green; G English; T Enefer?; B Hornsby
X3axviPhotoHandbell RingersTree Planting23rd Feb 1985; Aldermanburgh; to honour Francis Thorrington;
X3axvPhotoHandbell RingersTree Planting23rd Feb 1985; Aldermanburgh; to honour Francis Thorrington;
X3axivPhotoHandbell RingersTree Planting23rd Feb 1985; Aldermanburgh; to honour Francis Thorrington;
X3axiiiPhotoHandbell RingersTree Planting23rd Feb 1985; Aldermanburgh; to honour Francis Thorrington;
X33aPhotoAerial PhotographsRiver near Paper MillAerial view taken Aug 13th 1989, shows North Hill to left and Hatfield Peverell Road to right
X3axiPhotoHandbell RingersTree Planting23rd Feb 1985; Aldermanburgh; to honour Francis Thorrington;
X1kiPhotoCricketCricket MatchMatch in progress, 1980's
X9hiiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillWalters Cottage1920s or 1930s, showing the 4 Miss Cookes,
X7hPhotoVillage PeopleMr and Mrs DancerCedric and Doris Dancer with children Reggie and Rosalind, outside their cottage on North Hill, backing onto the Heather Hills
X9hvPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillWalters CottageOpen Gardens, 1999
X7gPhotoVillage PeopleDinner groupIn old Memorial Hall; names, but not in order, are: Mrs Enefer, Mr and Mrs Bowles, G Enefer, Roy and Elizabeth Warsop, T H M Baker, C Joslin, G Joslin
X9jPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillPoleighsView from North Hill, 1970s
2000:0049PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillPoleighsView from North Hill
X9jiiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillWillow CottageNorth Hill, Willian Calcraft (hangman) lived here in the 19th century
X9jivPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillPoleighsMedieval window; oak mullions
2020:0170PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillPoleighsPhoto dated 1927, taken by Mr A H Trigge or sent same year from Canada to Mr Stracey, then occupying the house;
X3axiiPhotoHandbell RingersTree Planting23rd Feb 1985; Aldermanburgh; to honour Francis Thorrington;
X2PhotoWomen's Institute1985; Anniversary Lunch; Nita Sizer (President); Miss Everett (organist at Church); Dorothy Thompson (left lower corner);
X1v4PhotoCricketCricket Club Centenary 2004At Cricket Field
X1v2PhotoCricketCricket Team July 2004Glen Jarvis (centre) captain;
X1v1PhotoCricketCricket Centenary July 2004Simon Johnson; Margaret Johnson;
X1uPhotoCricketCricket Club Dinner; 5 photographs1950s; Old Memorial Hall; Rex (Hovenden?); Mrs Ph?; Ager; Mrs Enefer; T H M Baker; G Joslin;
X1eiiiPhotoCricketCricket Team year unknownE Arnold; R Warsop; B Warsoop; Lew Peacock; Joselyn Senior; G Enefer; G Joselyn; M Wilde; Mordant Currie; Eldred Marks (United Reform Minister)
X1pPhotoCricket1940s Cricket Club MembersMrs Petit; E Knight; D Brazier; Mrs Dancer; Mrs Stebbings; Mrs Coppin; Mrs Hurd; Mrs Bowles; Mrs Barker; Mrs Willett; Mrs Enefer;
X1diPhotoCricketCricket Team 1957
X1cPhotoCricketCricket Team 1934E Arnold; Mrs Warsop; B Vezey; M Collins; F Ager; A Duff; Fortune; Sid Enefer; C Vanstone; Lawrence; L Andrews; G Joselyn; M Currie; M Wilde;
X1biiPhotoCricketCricket Team 1924F Ager; H Shortt; G Joselyn; W Wilde; T Enefer; Sid Enefer; B Warsop;
X4aPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowVillage PeopleBernard Ager in the garden; Well House; June 1936;
X1v5PhotoCricketCricket Team at Audley End2004;
X1kiiPhotoCricketCricket Match1990's ?
X1tPhotoCricketCricketJohn Enefer in 1996; his 56th year of playing for the Little Baddow Cricket Club
X38b15PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsRoof details, July 1992
X9kPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillRodney PH and Warren CottageAn old Christmas card showing the Rodney, coloured with Pastels. Note building in the position of Pledgers Cottage garage.
X4zivPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowPhoto of Wedlock Green
X4zvPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowSpalding photo of Little BaddowThe Ridge looking north; Woodlands (home of Mr and Mrs Luard) is on the right;
X5rPhotoWoodhouse FamilyMosley WoodhouseHis original cross, which has a plaque in Lionel's memory; Little Baddow Churchyard;
X38b2PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsNorth west buttress crack. June 1992.
X38b3PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsBeam to be replaced. June 1992
X38b4PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsBeam replacement. June 1992
X38b5PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairs.North west buttress repair completed. June 1992.
X38b6PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairs.North side beams and flooring. July 1992
X4ziiPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowPostcard view of Little Baddow4 views - St Mary's Church, Cows on Rodney, etc. c 1935
X28c4PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill LockPen and ink sketch; 1999;
X32Ad1-9PhotoWedding of Rev Margaret Thomas and Norman Ashby12/7/1997, (also pic of Jennifer Mead); Alan Ashford, Bet Grace, Elizabeth Bourn, John Gibson, Heather and Margaret Coppell, Hazel Rowland, Shirley Gibson, Pat Herniman, Bet Ashford, Brenda Hoosen,
X32lPhotoURC inside view of west window
X32mPhotoURC north wallInside view
X32nPhotoURC west windowsInside view
2020:0141PhotoURC painting by Rev S MorellPainted in 1815, showing front of the Manse and chapel, Morell family on lawn. Boys waiting to go home for the holidays from Manse School
X32tPhotoManse and URC chapelSpalding postcard, late 19th century; note picket fence around churchyard
X32zPhotoUnited Reformed ChapelURC interior15 photos taken in 2000
X32Aa-cPhotoUnited Reformed ChapelURC ceremony to honour Miss Marven3 photos of the ceremony; Miss Marven, Mark Rowland, Lynn Coppell, Laura Ashford, Andy Coppell, Mrs Opie, Revd Collingwood, Peter Wiggs,
X38b7PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairs.Beam. June 1992.
X49n1PhotoPast and PresentThe Rodney PH1930s; licensees were the Goldlays; often took fishermen
X9rviiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillNorth Hill showing School Roomsc 1920s;
X9rixPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillSorrell's Corner Crossroads1913 postcard send to Mr P Shipman from Mother and Father; 1913;
X9rxPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillSorrell's ShopEarly 1900s; 3 women in picture - Edwardian dress;
X9rxiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillNorth HillView north towards St Andrew's Hall; formerly School; 1998;
X9siPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillJohn Vale's butchers shop1990; North Hill;
X9hivPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillNorth HillLooking up the hill from the remnants of Wickhay Green outside Cock Farm; 1990s;
X4ziPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowShopping expedition to SouthendMr Everett's village outing; national bus; 1920s
X9rviPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillSorrell's Corner1990; shop now a private house
X4sPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowDavis OpieWells Next the Sea c. 1959-60
X4tPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowWedding Group at Congregational ChapelN Sizer; Mrs Johnson; Mrs Turner; Mr Turner
X4viPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowStracey's first bus 1922Ford A type; 1 ton 14 seater Hackney Carriage with left hand drive; Maldon High Street; (details given by Mr Stracey)
X4viiiPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowStracey's busIn Maldon High Street, 1920s;
X4wPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowAlbert MayAt Holybred Farm; 1915; photo taken by a land girl
X7iPhotoVillage PeopleMrs Cranfield (?)At Warren Cottage (?) - present Mrs Cranfield says that this is not her mother, nor is it Warren Cottage, so ???
X40b2PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchFlower festival
X28j3PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationNavigationEarly postcard
X28m2PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationHouse on north bank of navigationTo the east of Paper Mill Lock, 2000
X28j5PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationFloods near Paper Mill
X28j6PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationFlooded field near Paper Mill Lock
X28k1PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPermanently flooded area by Paper Mill LockNorth side of navigation, 1998
X28k2PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPermanently flooded area near Paper Mill LockNorth side of navigation, 1998
X28k3PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationNear Paper Mill Lock with boatLooking north over the navigation, 1998
X49b1PhotoPast and PresentColerainesCard says 1910, but what we have here is a copy made in 1990 of a colour photograph - so original cannot be that old.
X49b2PhotoPast and PresentColerainesTaken in 1997
2000:0027PhotoPast and PresentNorth Hillshows Warren Cottage; taken c 1904; postcard dated August 19th 1911, from someone who had been staying at Coleraines
X28h3PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationBoy fishing
X46k1PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryHist Soc/URC Little Baddow/American visitors to Little Baddow for the celebration; July 1986
X40a10PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchView of on-going service.
X40a11PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchBack of Church
X40a12PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchRoll of honour. 1914-1918. Photo 1999
X40a13PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchTomb of Sir Henry Mildmay in Chancel
X40a14PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchPhotos of notes on the old Register Chest.
X40a15PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchOld Register Chest
X44dPhotoRobjohnsHouse 10 July 1955
X40b1PhotoSt Mary's ChurchURCFlower festival
X32iPhotoURC west side window1987
X28c6PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill LockWatercolour by Rod Brown; postcard;
X28c7PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill Lock and VictoriaWatercolour by Rod Brown; postcard; shows the barge 'Victoria' in foreground
2000:0073PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill Lock houseEarly years of 20th century;
X28d2PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill Lock house?Shows Marven family; reverse corrects location to Sandford Mill lock house ??;
X28d3PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill lock area1998;
X28d4PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill lock areaUndated; shows the Victoria and slipway;
X28a7PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill BridgeBarge carrying timber
X32a-dPhotoURCGale damage, 1987, roof east side, exposed roof timbers,
X32e-fPhotoURC demolition of chimneyMarch 1988, south-west view of church, X32f has view before demolition
X28m3PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationHouse on north bank of navigationEast of Paper Mill Lock, 1996
X32hPhotoURCView of west roof, November 1987
X28j1PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationWeirs at Paper MillNo date given
X30rPhotoWater Hall Model + National School personnel c.1836-1921Model of timber structure of Water Hall
X28j4PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationWeir at King's MillSepia print, no date, 'R Chelmer Back Water Weir King's Mill'
X29dPhotoRiver Chelmer PhotographsPaper Mill lock gatesLarge photo
X29ePhotoRiver Chelmer PhotographsRiver Chelmer near Paper Mill BridgeLarge photo
X29fPhotoRiver Chelmer PhotographsChelmerPostcard posted 23rd June 1911; shows river immediately below Little Baddow lock house
X28h1PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationStracy, Mr and MrsPaper Mill Bridge, 1928
X40b4PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchFlower festival
X32gPhotoURC roof repairsEarly 1988
X49f1PhotoPast and PresentMill LaneLooking towards Old Rodney. Taken c 1910
X49q1PhotoPast and PresentNorth HillLooking up the hill from by the Rodney PH; taken c 1910
X49p2PhotoPast and PresentSpring Elms Lanelooking towards top of North Hill; taken in 1997; shows Well House on right
X49u1PhotoPast and PresentThe ForgeTaken in 1923; Albert Prior; Miss Everett; Archie Everett
X49l1PhotoPast and PresentOld RodneyTaken c 1905; shows pony and trap; labelled as Rodney Common
X40a9PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchWall paintings
X49g1PhotoPast and PresentNorth HillNear Coleraines; shows Kitty delivering milk; taken c 1910
X49g2PhotoPast and PresentNorth Hilltaken near Coleraines; 1997
X49h1PhotoPast and PresentColam Lanetop end of lane; looking towards Sorrell's Corner; shows Aldermanburgh on right; taken c1910
X49h2PhotoPast and PresentColam Lanelooking towards Sorrell's corner; taken in 1997
X52c2PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubEdwina Black, April 1955
X49j2PhotoPast and PresentNorth HillTaken from near the Rodney in 1997
X52c1PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubEdwina Black, April 1955
X49d1PhotoPast and PresentChurch RoadBetween the Church and LB Hall
X49d2PhotoPast and PresentChurch Roadbetween Church and LB Hall. Taken in 1997.
X49e1PhotoPast and PresentCongregational ChapelURC. Takn c 1910
X60/2PhotoEventsRodney Round Up, 19624 copies of a photograph
X49j1PhotoPast and PresentNorth Hilltaken from near the Rodney (not shown) c 1905
2020:0138PhotoPast and PresentMiss Langford, outside her shop at 57 Hillside Cottage.
X28a13PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill Lockwith Navigation Company office boarded up; 1970s?; Note no pleasure boats; modern slipway not yet in place; compare with X28d4
X40b5PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchFlower festival
X40b6PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchFlower festival
X40b7PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchFlower festival
X40b8PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchFestival, Christmas 1989. Robin Turner.
X40c1-2PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchPicture of note signed by Jesse Berridge 1924 concerning list of rectors and vicars
X41/1PhotoMemoriesJohn Vale’s butcher shopButchers Shop, North Hill 1950s and 1970s
X40a16PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchView of altar, taken by B Martin about 1955
X49r2PhotoPast and PresentSorrells CornerShows top of North Hill; taken in 1997
X40b3PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchFlower festival
X49s2PhotoPast and Present57 Hillside CottageOn North Hill; taken in 1997
X49t1PhotoPast and PresentThe ForgeCopy; c 1920s; Holybread Lane
X49t2PhotoPast and PresentThe ForgeHolybread Lane; taken in1997
X52d4PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubSeparate Tables, November 1961
X49u2PhotoPast and PresentThe ForgeTaken in 1997; same view as X49u1
X52d3PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubSeparate Tables, November 1961, view of set
X49v2PhotoPast and PresentColam LaneLooking towards Sorrells corner; same view as X49v1; taken in 1997
X52aPhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubThe Poltergeist, 1956
X52b1PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubLove from a Stranger, April 1958
X7dPhotoVillage PeopleRevd HonniballIn a Gilbert and Sullivan play.
X38b14PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsRoof details, June 1992
X65PhotoPoliceEssex Police 150th Anniversary Walk(pics a to g) outside St Mary's; (pic h) outside Church Cottage; (pic i) crossing field; (pics v and w) by Generals Arms; (pic x) old police uniforms on display at General's Arms; September 7th 1990
X40a5PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchNave and chapel
X60mPhotoEventsLunch at St Andrews, Open Gardens1999; Michael and Anne Gough, John Mudd
X5sPhotoWoodhouse FamilyTofts from Tofts Chase
X6aPhotoOver 60s Club Christmas Dinner 1974Over 60s Club Christmas Dinner 1974left side front to back: Miss Spittle, Mrs W Arnold, Mrs E Digby, Mrs Joy Read, Mr and Mrs C Hunt, Mrs H Dibney, Mrs V Cridland, Mrs L Lewis; right side from front: Mrs Pennack, Mrs Chapman, Mrs S Enefer, Mr and Mrs H Bowles, Mr
2020:0142PhotoVillage PeopleJohn Matravers 21st Birthday PartyMemorial Hall; 1938;
2020:0217PhotoShadrach Unwin and Arthur SmithPhoto taken in 1944; Shadrach Unwin, Arthur Smith,
X7cPhotoVillage PeopleGirl GuidesSteps of old Memorial Hall; front l to r: Valerie Reeve, Valerie Mead, Jill Mead, Dorothy Enefer, Violet Enefer, Margaret Mead, Margaret Tyler; back l to r: Sylvia Bowles, Diana Mason, Synvia Russell, Denise Cooper
X55PhotoObituaries and Memorial ServicesDanbury CarnivalCarnival c 1950, 6 pics a-g, a. Viking float, b. Wolf Cubs float, c. Sea Cadets marching band, d. Maldon Carvinal Queen, e. Marching pipe band, f. Horticultural Society float, g. coloured postcard of the Griffin
X7ePhotoVillage PeopleRevd Honniball with Robin WarsopAt the Old Rectory
X7fPhotoVillage PeopleGroup outside St Mary'sHarry Shortt is on the far right;
X4xPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowJ Knight working with horsesIn field behind Gibbs; 1938?;
X38b9PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsCrack repairs in porch. June 1992
X28c5PhotoChelmer and Blackwater Navigation2002 Paper Mill Lock SignPhoto of plan showing islands;
2000:0042PhotoChildren's Nativity Play, December 72
X34PhotoClubs and GroupsToddler Group - unknown date
X49n2PhotoPast and PresentThe Rodney PHTaken in 1997
X49p1PhotoPast and PresentSpring Elms LaneLooking towards top of North Hill; Well House on right; taken c 1910
X49k1PhotoPast and PresentOld RodneyPhoto c 1905
X60KaPhotoLongwood Country Market 1958 in aid of Memorial Hall ImprovementsLongwood Country Market28th June 1958; held in aid of the Memorial Hall Improvement Fund; 15 photos; pic 15 shows Alexander Gauge (TV Friar Tuck) signing photographs after opening; (pic 4) Macdonald, Leakey, Moody, Hovenden, Stamford; (pic 9) as pic 4 + Mrs Puddephat; (pic 10)
X49f2PhotoPast and PresentMill LaneLooking towards Old Rodney. Taken in 1997
X46k11PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryLunch at Little Baddow Hall July 1986
X61aPhotoMother's UnionMother's Union, 50th Anniversary1978; Mrs Targrass (original member 1928), Mrs D Wells(sec), Jean Bothwell (Vic Pres), Grace Henry (Vice Pres), Ann Newman, Elizabeth Warsop, Evelyn Neely.
X54aPhoto100th Birthday and other anniversariesFuneral of Frank JohnsonCortege on old parish bier, led by Rev Geyer, August 29th 2000, 6 photographs; Frank Johnson, Rev Geyer,
X28e1PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationThe FisheriesBy Paper Mill lock; on north bank; postcard is undated;
X40a6PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Christopher wall paintingPostcard.
X40a1-4PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's Church, 1984View of inside south door, view of nave after collapsed floor repaired, view of nave and chancel, view of St Christopher mural
X45PhotoWorld War OneC&G Co 8 Northamptonshire Regiment Little Baddow Camp
X39b1PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's Church, South ViewSmaller version of X39a1
X38b12PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsOrgan being protected, June 1992; Ted Grace
X38b11PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsScaffolding to ceiling of nave, June 1992.
X39d2PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchView from road.
2000:0059PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationFloodsPaper Mill Bridge;
X39d1PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchSouth East view of Church.
X28a5PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationFloodsNear Paper Mill Bridge
X28e5PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill Bridgec 1920s;
X28e6PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill BridgePrinted photo; c 1950s ?:
X28f1PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationBarges near Paper Mill weirIdentical to X28e4 (Waterfall)
X28f2PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationRowing boat on ChelmerBetween 4th and 5th lock (ie. between Rushes and Paper Mill locks), c 1914-1918;
X28f3PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill lock area1998
X28f14PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationNavigation OfficeAt Paper Mill Lock; 1998;
X49m2PhotoPast and PresentWarren CottageView down North Hill, showing Warren Cottage; taken in 1997
X28a12PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill Bridge in backgroundMrs Mary Martin; taken in the 1960s
X38b8PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsReplacement oak beam. June 1992
X33b-fPhotoAerial PhotographsNorth Hill aerial viewTaken Aug 13th 1989
X37PhotoSale notices and newspaper cuttingsGrace's Walk3 postcards, two of them coloured, dated 1904
X38a1-11PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureSt Mary's wall painting conservation 1994Set of 11 photos of conservation
X39d3PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's Church1970's coloured picture.
X25ePhotoWorld War TwoKenneth WingerCopy of a photo of Kenneth Winger (R.E. in uniform) and another unnamed man
X38c1-12PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairs
X39a6PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchPostcard, south east view.
X39a7PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchPostcard, view from road
X39a5PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchView from road.
X39a8PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchWall detail
X38b22PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairs2 beams to be replaced. July 1992
X39b2PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchPorch view
X38b21PhotoSt Mary's Church ArchitectureChurch repairsNew beams in roof. July 1992
X39c1PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's Church, view of porchB Martin, c 1955, Smaller version of X39a2
X32aaPhotoURCMounted copy of a sketch of the Congregational chapel by Godfrey Hall, 1889
2020:0128PhotoSt Mary's Church, view eastwards from the road
2020:0129PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallSt Mary's Church and Little Baddow Hall before 1915
2020:0130PhotoAldermanburgh Farm from The Ridge.
2020:0131PhotoAldermanburgh Farm from the crossroads.
2020:0132PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationBridge at Paper Mill Lock, showing barge carrying timber and bargees
2020:0133PhotoWilliam Calcraft - line drawing as public hangman.
2020:0134PhotoSorrell's Corner - Edwardian?
2020:0135PhotoLooking from crossroads towards North Hill and Colam Lane, 2005.
2020:0136PhotoVillage Green, Millennium sign and Colam Lane, 2005.
2020:0137PhotoHistory Centre, 2012.Taken by Pauline Gilhooley.
2020:0140PhotoTop of Mill Lane, from The Ridge.Poor quality image, date unknown.
2020:0143PhotoView looking down lower part of North Hill.Copy of a Spalding postcard.
2020:0144PhotoOld Riffhams
2020:0145PhotoView down hill to Cuckoos.Copy of Spalding postcard; Edwardian.
2020:0146PhotoThatched Cottage, top of Riffhams Chase.Notice gate at top of Chase.
2020:0147PhotoExhibition in the History Centre, June 2016.
2020:0148PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallThe Forge, showing Everett and othersPhotocopy of photo used on front cover of 1999 Village book
2020:0149PhotoGirl on Rodney Common.Edwardian.
2020:0150PhotoHeather Hills; postcard 'Celebrated Beauty Spot'Edwardian.
2020:0151Doc1908, Kellys directory listing
2020:0152Photo1914, Kellys directory listing
2020:0153FolderBBC Essex visit; March 2015
2020:0154FolderBerridge Evening scripts; 24th April 2015
2020:0155FolderBig draw photos, 2018
2020:0156FolderBook covers; 7 images
2020:0157FolderChurchyard Exhibition and photos
2020:0158FolderConservation Society AGM poster 2017
2020:0159FolderConservation Society Documents
2020:0161FolderFamily History Exhibition, 9 photos
2020:0162FolderGuild of Arts documents and photos
2020:0163PhotoThe Old Rectory
2020:0164PhotoSir Eric Eastwood, CBE, FRS
2020:0166PhotoThe Thatched Cottage, Riffhams Chase
2020:0167PhotoThe Forge, photo showing girl with stool, plus car.
2020:0168PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallThe Hoppett
2020:0169PhotoPattentees, Danbuy Road, in the 1920s
2020:0171PhotoCol J D Richardson OBEfrom Guild of Arts collection
2020:0172PhotoArmstrong Gibbs, composer
2020:0173PhotoAlfred Bennett BamfordOld Riffhams 1909; painting by Alfred Bennett Bamford
2020:0174PhotoCottage in the Bush; paintingUsed for exhibition.
2020:0175PhotoGiles Tuker, Thorn Farm, 1936 (from Guild of Arts collection)
2020:0176PhotoGibbs, Spring Elms LaneExhibition sheet.
2020:0177PhotoGladys and Douglas Richardson and familyAt Perry Field; Guild of Arts collection.
2020:0178PhotoCottage in the Bush, about 1900.Reproduction of book page.
2020:0179PhotoHerbert and Catherine PatersonLived at Barber's Orchard. d.1954; Guild of Arts collection
2020:0180PhotoJ W GregoryGuild of Arts collection
2020:0181PhotoLittle Graces; painting
2020:0182PhotoRevd David King, 1974
2020:0183PhotoBeryl Thompson, Ted and Betty Grace, Doris DancerIn costume. Memorial Hall? Date? Occasion?
2020:0184PhotoBeryl Thompson, Betty Grace, Doris Dancer.In costume. Memorial Hall? Date? Occasion?
2020:0185PhotoBeryl Thompson, Doris Dancer + two othersIn costume. Memorial Hall? Date? Occasion?
2020:0186PhotoGroup photo; marked 'Emmie and Geoff'Nita Sizer, Beryl Thompson, John Murrell +
2020:0187PhotoSally Botcherby, walking with frame in her garden.Date?
2020:0188PhotoChoir in procession at St Mary's. Late 1950sMel Thompson (carrying the cross); Mr Puddephat; Elizabeth Warsop, Edith Hunt; Alban Webb; William Reeve; Roy Warsop.
2020:0189PhotoSid (Arthur) Enefer and Dick Bickmore unknown
2020:0190PhotoSidney Enefer and [?] Adolphus Eneferdate unknown
2020:0191PhotoGroup, including Brother Robin Warsop, Beryl ThompsonOccasion? Date?
2020:0192PhotoChurchyard working party at St Mary'sDate?
2020:0193PhotoRoyal Visit (Essex County Show?; Warsop bats?)2 photographs; 1st shows Queen and Prince Philip; 2nd a demonstration of bat-making.
2020:0194PhotoLocal person with axe.No details with this photo.
2020:0195PhotoMarriage at St Mary's of Beryl and Charles Thompson.7th September 1940; Eva and Charles Vanstone (parents of bride)
2020:0196DocNote on the Unwin family in Little Baddow.Compiled by Mel Thompson, September 2020
2020:0197Doc2018-2020Lost Barns of ToftsStudy of farmyard and agricultural buildings by John Drury, 2019
2020:0198DocLittle Baddow Historical SocietyHistorical Society Newsletter, July 1993, article by Alan AshfordTalbor's 'specific' remedy for malaria
2020:0199DocLittle Baddow Historical SocietyHistorical Society, committee minutes and accounts, July 1994
2020:0200DocLittle Baddow Historical SocietyConservation Society newsletter, 1972Records 'The Danbury Ridge' approved by County Council as conservation area.
2020:0201DocLittle Baddow Historical SocietyHistorical Society Newsletter, August 1988Article or Sir John Smythe-Tofts (1534 - 1601) by Pat and Michael Herniman
2020:0202DocLittle Baddow Historical SocietyHistorical Society notes by Cecile RodgerHistorical Society notes by Cecile RodgerHenry Mildmay; The Pennings; The Barringtons; 17th century 'cures'; 17th century in the village
2020:0203DocHistorical Society AGM letter 1996, with wartime memories
2020:0204Doc2018-2020Roman treasure found on farmland; newspaper article13th March 1992, Essex Chronicle, re Woodham Mortimer find.
2020:0205DocLittle Baddow Historical SocietyWartime memoriesHistorical Society 1996 Newsletter – Wartime Memories by R J Carter, Adventures in Arabia by Mark Rowland, Wartime Memories from Scotland by Barbara Angus, My VE Day by by David Dagwell, War Service of George Hart, Alfred Willett, Geoffrey Pyman
2020:0206Doc2018-2020Jesse Berridge, by Olive Berridge
2020:0207Doc2018-2020The Rodney PH, booklet and menu
2020:0208PhotoArmistice Day poster, 2018
2020:0209PhotoBygone Baddow poster, 2018
2020:0210PhotoBygone Baddow poster, 2017
2020:0211PhotoChristmas Lunch poster, 2015
2020:0212PhotoCream Teas poster, 2018
2020:0213PhotoCascade and field of poppies, Memorial Hall, 2018
2020:0214PhotoMarks Hall poster, 2019Little Baddow Society visit
2020:0215PhotoOur Farming Community, exhibition poster
2020:0216PhotoPeople and Places Remembered, exhibition poster
2020:0218PhotoBattle of the Somme, exhibition poster, 2016
2020:0219PhotoHistorical Society posters and brochures
2020:0220PhotoHistory Centre exhibitions and eventsGeneral folder
2020:0221PhotoWinn Buckler, Marjorie Fowler and Mrs Green in Memorial HallSunday Christmas Lunch, 2002.
2020:0222BookArticle on History Centre by Alison HarkerThe Essex Family Historian, August 2020
2020:0223BookUnder Moonlight' by Silas Clifford-SmithJoan Clifford-Smith; Little Baddow Hall; Art Centre
2020:0224Art2 Elm Green School capsGiven by David and Nigel Bennett, twin sons of Olwen Bennett
2020:0225PhotoRita Puddifat (left) and Anne ?, by gate of Sorrels (Anne's home)
2020:0226PhotoRita Puddifat (right) and Anne ? In garden.
2020:0227PhotoSimon Johnson on tractor with ? And ?Clear-up at the Ford, 2004
2020:0228PhotoSimon Johnson and Suzy Opie at Little Baddow Fruit FarmPrior to the barn dance, June 2012.
2020:0229PhotoDoreen Shepherd (back left), Margaret Johnson, Bob Shepherd (front left) and Peter WillingtonPrior to the barn dance, June 2012
2020:0230PhotoLittle Baddow Post Office, North Hill, October 2003
2020:0231PhotoLiz Sheriff in Little Baddow Post Office, May 2002
2020:0232PhotoJohn Sheriff in Little Baddow Post Office, May 2002
2020:0233PhotoDoris Stebbings, Richard Godden, ? , Kenneth StebbingsOutside the Memorial Hall, Election Day, 15th March 2003
2020:0234PhotoWalk. Going down Graces Walk, April 1st 2002Right back (red coat) Jean Sergeant; front right Elizabeth Bourne, with daughter Gabriel to her right.
2020:0235PhotoCoffee Morning at Walters Cottage, 12th Dec 2020, showing Covid masks.From left: Madeleine Robertson, Suzy Opie, Sarah Streatfield, Elizabeth Willington, Rev Jacqui Jones, Duncan Robertson.
2020:0236PhotoCoffee morning, 2020, run by Michelle Rogers (wearing visor)Elizabeth Willington (left) and Suzy Opie (centre)
2021:0001FolderWoodhouse family at ToftsNotes and photos.
2021:0002Photo2021-2023Choir ladies at West Door of St Mary's (photocopy)Eva Mason (2nd from left); Ada Puddephat (5th from left);Edy Hunt (2nd from right) pre 1953.
2021:0003PhotoNorman Wilson and John Murrel, 'The Museum' chez Glen OpieNorman Wilson - 'Fly flying boats in the Pacific. Bombed Japanese tankers, just before the surrender. John Murrel, H.M.S. Anson. Tea or wine with sandwiches Suzy asked  John. Wine please!
2021:0004PhotoKatherine and Steward McDonald, 1940.
2021:0005PhotoSheila Ogden, at home.
2021:0006FolderGroups and Clubs G - ZGirl Guides; Little Baddow Cricket Club; Little Baddow Family History Group; Little Baddow Guild of Arts; Little Baddow Historical society; Little Baddow Horticutural Society; Mothers Union; Little Baddow Open Group; Little Baddow Playgroup; Ridge Runner; Boy Scout Movement in Little Baddow; The day of the Great Escape; Sunday Lunch Club; Little Baddow Sunday School; Little Baddow Tennis Club; Little Baddow Sports Field/Club; Little Baddow Women,s Institute.
2021:0007FolderEventsCrash Landing of Captain Taylor Penfold in from balloon in Graves Walk Little Baddow; Laminated notice from Essex Standard regarding employees from Messrs S Courtauld & Co outing on July 3 1891 to the Rodney Little Baddow which at the time was occupied by Mr Mrs E A Hulme ; Invitation to Celebrate 400 of Village History Sunday 6th July 2014; King George III Jubilee Celebration Danbury 1810; The Coronation of King Edward VII Danbury and Little Baddow 1902; Coronation Celebrations 1837 in Danbury and Little Baddow; George VI Coronation 12th May 1937; King George V Coronation 1911; Celebrating Empire Day in Little Baddow; Queen’s Silver Jubilee plus quiz from local parish magazine; Copy of poster for Diamond Jubilee Treasure Hunt 2012; Coronation Memoirs – folder of ; Country Market – photo of people at Longwood 28th June 1958 ; Julia Cook and Madeline Long photograph receiving cup Sept 1958 from Major Hitchcock; Copies of newspaper pictures (including: Janet Mayer and Shirley Millstead of Little Baddow Nov 1978, Rose Marvin and Rene Williams at church bazaar (no date), Maxine Swan, Priya Sathy, Nadika Sathy, Caroline Hoosom, Andrew Swan (no date), Alec Merritt playing Henry VIII Friday June 15th 1951, Fund raiser at house of Mr Mrs D Gray of High Pastures Lt Baddow (no date)); Copy of Side Shows Willowcroft Runsell Lane Little Baddow 31st Oct 1965 detailing stall and gross receipts; Details of Rodney Round-Up on Saturday in aid of Alms Houses Improvement Fund no date given – from text pre decimal currency as revenue given in shillings; Old Rodney Round-Up 4th August 1962 Receipts and Payments Account; The Rodney Round Up (with a western theme) April 2005 Recollections and plan by Simon Johnson; Two pictures showing Mrs Peg Hovendon and Mrs Mary Martin (one set with a date of 1962 the other no date); Photos from Children’s Garden Party Walter’s Cottage 1988; The Duck Race Sandon Brook in aid of St Mary’s Roof (no date) 1; Black and white picture of Macphenson’s stall – no details of event or date; Newspaper cut out entitled Try Your Luck showing Sheila Howa and Alison Howard (no date); Newspaper cut out entitled Friar Tuck went to Little Baddow at Long Wood (no date) ; Village Roundup from the Newsman Herald Oct 1973 detailing Lt Baddow detailing villages; Copy of poster for 17th Century Faire at Cuckoos Farm on Saturday 9th June (no date); Millennium 2000 Family fun day photo of tug of war and barn dance; Little Baddow 17th Century Faire 8th June 2002 photo of Simon Johnson, John Gibson and unidentified others.; Cover of The Village Emporium magazine Nov/Dec 2012 with unidentified 6 people; Photo of Rowan Tree being planted ceremony at Aldermanbury in memory of Francis Thorrington for his services to Little Baddow showing Sylvia Stunt (?) Herniman, Edwin Shuring, Mr Mrs Bacon, Simon Johnson; Photo of unidentified people at the bookstall for the World Biggest Coffee Morning held at Walters Cottage October 1997; Photos of the official opening of the Playing Fields Spring Close with no date showing Peter Miles slide.; Photo of the Village Fete in the gardens of the Old Rectory no date given; Two photos taken at Sally Botcherby 100 birthday event 2009 – no names given; The Pig Race An extract from the memories of Joyce Thornton, The Hoppet Chapel Lane ; Press cutting from Weekly News May 18 1989 regarding Colonel Ralph Welson’s Regiment re-enactment at Little Baddow Hall Farm ; Promotional material for the Little Baddow Fete Sunday 6th July 2008 held Chapel Field Church Road with many photos ; Macmillan Coffee Morning 2015 many photos of event – no names on the photographs; Laminated notices of various events from previous exhibitions.
2021:0008DocPost Office Directory 1845 (transcript)Butcher: Thomas Dennis; Publican and Beer retailer: Mary Pullen, Charles Smith; Boot and Shoe Maker: James Edwards; Baker: Samuel Hardy, Charles Smith; Carpenter: Thomas Jaggs, John Murrell; Farmer: Henry Josling , Jeremiah Pledgers snr. and jnr., William Ratcliff, George Taylor, John Simmons, Little Graces; Miller: Edward Benjamin Livermore; Thatcher:Piggot and Son.
2021:0009DocPost Office Directory 1862 (transcript)Farmer: Charles Lucas Esq., Hollybreads, Jeremiah Pledger, Hammonds, Henry Ager, Farm bailiff to C.B. M’Lachlan Esq.,, Joseph Brown, Middlemead, Charles Forster, George French, George Grave, Warren, William Hunt, Riffhams, Hy. Joslen, Phillows Farml Thomas Joslen, , Jeremiah Pledger, farmer and landowner, Hammonds, John Raven, Middle mead, John Simmons, New Lodge, William Simmons, Rumbolds, Simon Snow, farmer, Middle Mead, James Tweed, Little Baddow Hall, Joseph Yell ; Boot and Shoe Maker: Thos. Brown, Middlemead, Philip Hills; Butcher: Mrs. Sarah Ann Dennis, Middlemead; Publican and beer retailer: James Gibson, Thomas Jaggs, The Generals Arms (also Carpenter), William Thake; Carpenter: John Harris, Middlemead, Thomas Jaggs; Miller and oil cake merchants: Piggot and son, Little Baddow mill; Well borer: Sammuel Purkis; Wheelwright: John Riley; Breeder and dealer of gold and silver pheasants: John Riley; Bricklayer: Richard Saward; Baker: Charles Smith; Shopkeeper: Stephen Sorrell; Post Office: Mrs. Susan Horth; Carrier: Bundock (from Little Baddow to Chelmsford, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Friday, returning same days.
2021:0010DocPost Office Directory 1894 (transcript)Thomas Brown; Charles Fleet; Lois Smith; Herbert Smith; George Smith; James Mulley; John Bearman; George Enefer;
2021:0011FolderGroups and Clubs A - FCarpet Bowls Club; Danbury & Little Baddow Horticultural Society; Edward Bear Club; Games Between Boreham and Little Baddow; Little Baddow Brownies; Little Baddow Cricket Club; Little Baddow Drama Club; Little Baddow Family History Group; Little Baddow over 60’s Club; Little Baddow Tennis Club; Little Baddow Women’s Cricket Team; Scout Camp; Archery; Brownies and Guides; Carpet Bowles; Cricket; Drama Clubs; Essex Field Club; Family History Group.
2021:0012FolderEssex and LondonGeneric Essex place names and their meanings; Maps of Essex; Gt. and Lt. Baddow parishes; History of Beeleigh Abbey; Bicknacre and Priory/manors; Billericay train station and drawing; Boreham; Brentwood/coaching inns; Eastern Counties’ railway pictures; East Hanningfield war hero article; Hatfield Peverel; Ingatestone; Maldon; Sandon; Woodham Walter; Generic London place names and their meanings; Maps of London; Areas of London; Pictures of London stations.
2021:0013FolderBlue Folder Surname ListingsApprenticeships; Hearth Tax 1571; Kelly’s Directory 1914; Kelly’s Directory 1917; Kelly’s Directory 1906; Kelly’s Directory 1908; Kelly’s Directory 1910; Kelly's Directory 1926 (transcription); Kelly’s Directory 1947; Key to names on 1677 map; Key to the Award; Map for Parish of Little Baddow; Listed in Kelly’s - date after 1861l; Militia in Little Baddow January 1826; More Troublesome Parishioners in the 1600’s; Notes on the Early Population ; Post Office Directory 1845; Post Office Directory 1848; Post Office Directory 1862; Post Office Directory 1867; Post Office Directory 1874; Post Office Directory 1882; Post Office Directory 1886; Post Office Directory 1894; Registers of Electors Polling District of Danbury and Parish of Little Baddow; Session Rolls Epiphany 1642 & 1665; Settlement and Removal Papers; The 1681 Protestation List; Unruly Villagers 1607; 1881 Census Little Baddow Surname Index; 1881 Census Residents of Chelmsford Union Workhouse; 1891 Census Listings.
2021:0014FolderHC Events and Exhibitions, 2021 - 2021Visit England 2011; Our Farming Community (no year date); Fragmentation to Reconciliation 1662 – 2012 November 2012; Read all about us – stories from local and national press about local people, events & places. March 2013; Summer Lunch 2012; Our Village in the 20th Century; The Audio Project 2014; Rev. Jesse Berridge- Little Baddow in Fact & Fiction (no year date); Trades & Occupations (no year date); The Battle of the Somme 1916 (no year date of exhibition); Highways & Byways (no year date of exhibition); Midsummer Cream Teas, 2019.
2021:0015FolderHC Events and Exhibitions, 2010 - 2011The Spirit of Christmas 2011; Discovery Day 2011; Warsop Film Night October 2011; The Parish Chest 2011; Our Countryside – in and about Little Baddow Photo Competition; Strawberry Tea 2nd July 2011; First newsletter: Friends of the History Centre; Victorian Christmas Extravaganza (no year date) but photographs; Little Baddow Discovery Day October 2010 Marconi Companies and their people – a talk by Peter Turrell 2010; Archive achievements celebrating the contributions of local resident in Science, Arts, Technology and Society, 2010; Strawberry Tea July 2010
2021:0016FolderOld RiffhamsMaterial on families + extracts from John Bundock's book + history of house
2021:0017FolderGreat GracesJohn Simmons family; Assault trial 1842; Joseh Yell; Henry Mildmay;
2021:0018FolderSurnames A - BAbrey, Ady, Aldous, Algar/Alger, Allen, Andrews, Armstong Gibbs (see also Gibbs), Auger, Aylett, Almer, Bacon, Baker, Balls, Bamford, Barker, Barard, Baron, Barrington, Bartle, Bassingthwaighte, Bateman, Beckwith, Bernand, Bickmore, Blake, Blanks, Bond, Bone, Boreham, Boutwood, Bowles, Brazier, Brewer, Brooks, Bull (also see Hicks), Bullen, Bundock, Buntockes, Burnand, Burrell, Bush, Byford (for Berridge, see separate folder).
2021:0019FolderSurnames C - ECalcraft, Came, Campion, Carter, Chaplin, Churchill, Clark, Clarkson, Clench, Clifford-Smith (also see Glass), Cockley, Cockerell, Compton, Cook, Cooper, Cope, Cranies, Cross, Curtis, Courtman, (Collingwood - see separate folder), Day, Davies, Dennyey/Denny, Dennis, Desaguliers, Dice/Disse/Dysse, Digby, Duffield, Eastwood, Eckersley, Eddis, Elliot, Emery, (or Emerie), Enefer, Everett.
2021:0020FolderSurnames F - GFelton, Flaxman/Flexman, Fleet, Foley, Foster, Fothergill, Francis, Freeman, French, Gamble Gardiner, Geyer, Gibbs (see also Armstrong-Gibbs), Gibson, Gilderson, Gilson, Gipsies, Gladwin, Glass (also see Clifford-Smith), Goodson, Gompertz, Gough, Grace, Grainge, Greaves, Gregory, Grimstone.
2021:0021FolderSurnames H - JHardy, Harrington, Hart, Harvey, Havis, Hedges, Hicks (also see Bull), Hillary, Hilliard, Hills, Hinton, Hole, Hollingham, Hollingsworth, Holmstead, Hood, Hooker, Hooson, Horsnell, Horth, Houghton, Hudgell, Humphreys, Humphries, Hunt, Jarvis, Johnson, Jones, Hoslen/ Joslin.
2021:0022FolderMemorial HallPlans for the Memorial Hall; Opening of The Memorial Hall Rex Hovenden, Mrs ME Hood and Canon Jesse Berridge; The History of the Village Hall; Butler Charity School; The British School or Lancastrian School; John Orton The Village Constable; The Memorial Hall; Information on duties of Mr Nunn (memorial Hall caretaker?); Letter from Divisional Education Office to the Parish Clerk, Miss EM Everett re: Little Baddow Voluntry School – school canteen. Dated August 1949.; The Old Memorial Hall; Letter from James Elliott & Sons to Mr Vanstone regarding chairs for the old Memorial Hall; Photograph of children attending school (village hall? ) undated; Various photographs of the original hall after the fire – burned down April 1959; Description of the old hall by Greta Pettitt (undated); Photograph of a cake to celebrate The 1st anniversary of the Carpet Bowls Club (undated).
2021:0023FolderOur Natural HistoryLittle Baddow Hall Fruit Farms 2015 -History and Wildlife Sightings; Wildlife sightings list 2016-2019; Wildlife Observations 2019 Selected Highlights; Flora and Fauna ID cards; Little Baddow wildlife survey 2009; Miscellaneous Wildlife Information.
2021:0024FolderDomesday EssexEntries for Little Baddow, Boreham, Danbury, Hatfield Peverell and Woodham Walter.
2021:0025FolderLandscape and VillageMaps with field names and boundaries; Key to 1677 map including Ridge-and-Furrow at Little Baddow; 1919 photocopy of map for Little Baddow; 1932 Map ; Ariel view of north of the village taken in 1989 by Ian Chalmers; Ariel view of Little Baddow and the Chelmer 1970; Ariel view of Little Baddow 1971; Little Baddow Archaeology; Four photos of Hill Fort, Heather Hills; Chelmer Cottage and North Hill June 2000 from air by Ian Chalmers; Iron Age Settlement 1066 and 1086; The Domesday Survey; Copies of pictures of Heather Hills, The Olde Rodney, Rodney Common; Photo of view of the junction in Little Baddow showing the sign post to Woodham Walter and Boreham; Photo of Spring Elm Lane; Photo of North Hill; Copy of North Hill showing people including Agers, Harry Martin, Roy Warsop; Photocopy of The Rodney; Photocopy of Junction of North Hill and Gravy Lane; Copy of painting of Blakes Wood artist unidentified ; Photo of Twitty Fee street sign with explanation of origin of name; Copy of 1926 Bye Laws of Little Baddow; Copies of postcards of Little Baddow; Map of Colam Lane in 1920’s with notes on history from Jesse Berridge including notes various houses.
2021:0026FolderThe Napoleonic PeriodLittle Baddow at the time of Waterloo article by Joanne Phillips dated June 2015; Militia in Little Baddow Ref Essex Record Office L/Dcr 10 L.B. Hist centre N59Fe; Photocopy of John Hales of Little Baddow and Jacob Warwickor (?) of Boreham requirement to serve in the militia 17th May 1782 ref Essex Record Office D/P 35/17; Photocopy of the Observations and enumeration abstract, 1811 sourced from; Transcription of the Baptism, Marriage and Burial Registrar for 1815; Text of the church memorial to Rev Arthur Johnson; Map and description of Part of North Hill houses 1813 by Sheila Rowley; Details of Three Napoleonic War Heroes; Notices to Constables in Little Baddow including:- details of instruction to constables re Invasion ; Plans re the threat of a French Invasion; Paragraph about the 1801 Census taken by William Mihill 10th March 1801; Paragraph about Burying the Dead during the Napoleonic Wars; Paragraph about Financial Hardship during the Napoleonic Wars; Extract from the publication The French are Coming! The Invasion Scare 1803-05 by Peter A Lloyd 1991.
2021:0027FolderParish register transcriptsThe Parish Register of Little Baddow 1559 -1785 transcribed by Rev Jessie Berridge including alphabetical index 1559-1788; Transcription of Little Baddow Parish Church Register 1789-1819 including baptisms, marriages and burials.; Transcription of Baptisms 1813-1983; Transcription of Marriages 1837-1983; Transcription of Burials 1813-1935 (This is a photocopy and badly copied as last entry on every page is missing – could the original be somewhere else); Also Sept 1935-Dec 1986; Church Electoral Roll 2001, 2002,2004.
2021:0028FolderSchools - National (Vol 1)Summary of LB’s Educational History; Pictures of the Village School; Village School at Christmas (school log book 1863-1954); Notes on Edmund Butler and the Butler’s Charity; Paragraph of Harvest Holiday in LB; List of The National School - Managers and Teachers including pictures: Archdeacon Ady, Admiral Johnson, Mr Tweed, Rev Taylor, Rev R H Witherby, Mr and Mrs Boldero, Mr Woodhouse, Rev J Burgess, Rev Jesse Berridge; Notes on The Horth Family at the National School; Copies of a Sample of pages from the National School logbook held at Essex Record Office; Details on The National School Pupil Teacher Mr Frederick W Clench, Clara Raven; Details of Anne Bertha Clench Paid Monitor 1879 aged 14; Copy of Teachers Certificate for Mary Jane Buckley dated December 1880 with details of inspections of her teaching from 1882-1890; Laminated article on Difficult Children 1875, 1876, 1878; Notes on Magic Lantern Shows held at the school; A Year in the Life of the school 1874; Extracts from the School Log Book 1876 including the following names, researched by Alan Ashford: Arthur Dace, G Perkins, A Bright, Rose Jenkins, William Mulley aged 12, Charles Clark aged 12, William Tyler aged 13, Arthur Dace aged 11, George Perkins aged 10, Hugh Clench aged 9, Emma Smith, Eliza Smith, Frederick Niven, Fred Perkins, Charles Watts, Emma Harding, Elizabeth Miles, James Gibson, Thomas Perkins, Jason Loveday, Joseph Nunn, Jason Kimm, Walter Minett, Jason Box, Lavinia Byford, Dorah Perkins, Alice Lewsey, Clara Lewsey, Alice Freeman, Edith Nunn, Albert Dace, two boys from Woodham Walter-Linge admitted; Extracts from 1877; Jane Hughes, Grace Swallow and a Miles, Walter Felgate and Edgar Linge, Alice Linsell, Fred Oliver, James Gibson, Fred Oliver, Alfred Unwin, two Bennetts, Ellen White, George Coe, Joseph Loveday; Extracts from 1879: G Brignall, Maria Miles, Alice Linsell, Bertha Clench, Charlotte Loveday, John Shykles, Ellen Lindsell, Emma Smith, George Linsell, Charles Wood, and Charles Nunn; Extracts from 1880: Emma Brown, John Shykles, F Wood, Eliza Smith, Ellen Brown; Extracts from 1881: Rose Huges and Ada Huges, George Bignall and Eileen Lindsell, Florence Shipman, Emily Mynett, Edward Denny, Ellen Lindsell, Ellen Brown, C Davis, Sartah Loveday, Alice Foster, Mary Watts; Extracts 1882: Alfred Burton, Minnie Burton and Ernest White, Charles Davis, Ellen Linsell, James Foster, Harry Baker, Elizabeth Mecklenburgh, Ellen and Alice Perkins, Emily Mynett: Extracts 1883: Newman boys, Ellen Brown,Anne Byford, Elizabeth Shipman, William Gozzett, Frank Buck, Six Smoothys including Ada, Florence, Frank, Fred, Maria Miles, Gertrude Peacock: Extracts from 1884: Alice Foster, James Foster, Alfred Mason, Frederick Shipman, Albert Everett, Thomas Coker; Extracts 1885: George Newman, James Woodward, Ethel Woodward and Percy Goldsmith, Lydia Starling, Edward Tweed, Ellen Linsell, Samuel Lucking, Alice and James Foster, Agnes Linsell; Extracts 1887: Ada Unwin, A Everett, W Wood; New Admissions; Pictures of School; School Memories by Mr H Miles 1959 sourced by ERO T/Z 25/168; School picture 1928; Details of The School Building and upkeep; Details on subjects taught; Attendance details ; Weather; Salaries at two schools for teachers; Treats and entertainments; Clothing; Recreations; Memories of Mrs Vanstone dated 1974; List of the National School caretakers; Memories of Bill Miles; The School in WW1; Various pictures of school photos; Extracts from Little Baddow Archdeaconry Chapel Schools notes by Sheila Rowley Essex Record Office ref T/P 254/2.
2021:0029FolderThe Forge 19664 photographs; showing forge after death of Miss Everett.
2021:0030FolderSurnames K - MKerr, Knight, Langden, Lamb, Lambert, Larcher, Lawton, Laydon, Lazell, Lightfoot, Lince, Lindsell/Linsel, Ling, Livermore, Lodge, Loveday, Lowther, Luard, Luckin, Lucking, Lyall, MacDonald, McMillan, Mabbs, Maddocks, Maltravers/Matravers, Marks, Marsh, Martin, Marven/Marvin, Mason, Mead (see also Pettit), Mechlenburgh, Mildmay, Miles, Miller, Mills, Moody, Moss, Mulley, Murrell, Kerridge, Lagden, Loveday, Middleboe, Morell, Murrill,
2021:0031FolderSurnames N - ONewell, Newman, Nicholson, Nunn, Ogden, Olmsted, Opie, Orton
2021:0032FolderSurnames P - RPackman, Palmer, Parmenter, Parry, Partington, Partridge, Pasfield (see also Perkins), Pattterson, Payne, Peacock, Pease, Penfold, Penning, Percival, Phillips, Pitman, Pledger, Poole, Popham, Pratt, Pryor, Purkins, Purkiss, Pyman, Pyne, Quill (see WWI folder), Raikes (see WWI folder), Ramsay (see Shortt), Rand, Raven (see also Nunn), Ray-Jones, Rayleigh (see also Strutt), Richardson, Rigley, Roberts, Rolfe, Routledge, Rowland, Rowley, Royce, Rumsey, Spencer Philips.
2021:0033FolderSurnames S - SmSames, Sargeant, Savill, Saward, Shean, Shaw-Kennedy, Shipman, Shortt, Siggers, Simmons, Sizer, Skinner, Smith, Smoothy, Smythe
2021:0034FolderCommonwealth War Graves Commission Commemorative CertificatesWWI: Private Alfred Barker, Second Lieutenant S T Baron, Private George Brazier, Private Joseph Brewer, Lance Corporal George Destas Clark, Gunner L Day, Private F Enefer, Private J C Gamble, Private W J Hedges, Private W G Hole, Sergeant Percival Robert Humphreys, Captain Gordon Henry James, Private H W King, Private A E Lodge, Second Lieutenant Pilot George Ernest Martin, Second Lieutenant William Harrod Martin, Frederick Hedley Marven, Sydney Marven, Harry and Charles Parmenter, Gunner G B Peacock, Private John James Porter, Private William James Rose, William Albert Sargeant, William Shipman, Airman Arthur Evan Thomas, Private R Wiggins, Private R Wood, Captain Lionel Mostyn Woodhouse, Flight Lieutenant Mosley Gordon Woodhouse, Rifleman Herbert Martin Woolley, Geoffrey Harold Wooley.
2021:0035FolderSurnames Sn - SzSnow/Snowe, Sorrell, Speakman, Stankovic, Stebbings, Stewart, Stokes, Stoneham, Strutt (see also Rayleigh), Sturt, Sutton, Swallow.
2021:0036FolderSurnames T - ZTaylor, Thompson, Thorogood/Thorowgood, Thorpe, Tubbs, Tuker, Turner, Turnidge (see also Harris and Purkis), Tweed, Unwin, Vale, Vesey, Videler, Wade, Walker, Warden, Warren(?), Warsop, Washington, Webb, Westmacott, Wildman, Wilks, Willet, Wilson, Wire, Wood, Woodhouse, Woolley, Wright, Yell.
2021:0037FolderSchools (Vol 3)First schools (Cuckoos, 1630), other schools to 1837. Woodlands School (Postman's Lane), Elm Green School, article by John Mudd.
2021:0038FolderSchools, National (Vol 2)Diary entry of the War Years for WW1 , Photos of Little Baddow Church of England School, A school photo 1910-1920 X18b , School Photo c 1927 Little Baddow Church School, School Stool-Ball Team 1931-32 ref X18p6, Sports Trophy 1930s ref BZ1iii, children outside Little Baddow School 1920s? 1930s?, Folk Dancing 1935, Little Baddow School and School House 1930s, Listing of Events at the school from 1930s -1938 including August 21st 1930 prize giving with list of recipients , teaching staff 1931 ref B21 vii, Little Baddow School Country Dancing Team 1931/32 , Little Baddow County Dancing group 1933 (?), boys cricket team 1935 B21 viii with a few , Statement regarding Maldon District Sports Day 1936 , Flower Fairies of Spring 1938 , children with Sports Trophy in 1930s Ref BZ1 iii , Country Dance girls team 1930s ref X18p4 , Little Baddow School Winning Sports Team Essex 1937 with a few names, Image of Miss Peggy Kersey educated at Little Baddow Church School who qualified as a nurse dated 1940s, Picture of School Pupils 1940s no names, Between the Wars information, Little Baddow School Sports Team 1936, Little Baddow School Late 1920s/early 1930’s, Little Baddow School either 1920s/1930s or 1930s/1940s ref BZ1 ix , Picture of 1936 School Play , Reception form for Fred Woodridge and John Babbs to be billeted with Mrs Clark at the Rodney 1st September 1939, Details of the Village School during WW2, Photo of Village School evacuee children from Tottenham queuing on steps of the canteen., Tottenham Evacuees outside the Chapel Vestry , message to school boys and girls by George Victory re WW2, pupils Little Baddow School 1940 , Headmistress’s Report CL Turner 21st Sept 1945, photo BZ1 xii5 with note Margaret Reid on back, Mrs Turner’s Anniversary Party July 1955, Paragraph about School Attendance 1940-1960, Laminated School Report dated 1955 for Stella Smith, The Last Students and Teachers of Little Baddow School 1960, Little Baddow School Class Play1956, Pictures of the School, Essays by Jean Herbert aged 9, R.McGeouch aged 10, B Martin aged 9, Jean Brayier aged 8, Michael Hope aged 8, Jean Scott aged 8 years, Greta Pettitt aged 10, Margret Heard 10 years old, Hillary Redhead aged 9, Mrs Constance Turner Headmistress 1930-1960 , Data on closure of the school.
2021:0038:aMountedSchool PhotographsSchool photo c 1927(Back Row) Leslie Joslin, Ron Wiggins, Ron Puddlesphatt, Roger Joslin, Charlie Parmenter, Monty Peacock, George Kemp, Peter Sargeant, (Second Row) Phoebe Everett, Norah Shipman, Stella Woodhouse, Frances Wright, Nancy Wilson, Peggy Ramsey, Doris Knight, Gwen Rolfe, Jean Ager, Cathy Stubbings, Miss Thrift, (Third Row) Ken Wright, Joan Wright, Vera Coker, Gladys Spooner, ? Patrick, Margaret Parmenter, Isobel Hedges, Dorothy Wright, Hilda Brown, Lily Westwood, Irene Wright, Phyllis Lightfoot, Beryl Vanstone, Emily Lock, (Front Row) Tom Lock, John Webb, Don Sargeant, John Brown, Billy Wright, Lenny Wright, Basil Ramsey, Ken Winger
2021:0038:bPhotoLB School Country Dancing team 1931/2Dorothy Wright, George Kemp, Jean Ager (Sargeant) Tom Lock, Ron Hunt, Beryl Vanstone (Thompson) Nita Humphreys (Sizer) Ken Winger, Den Peacock, Phyllis Lightfoot, Lily Westwood, Monty Peacock
2021:0038:cPhotoLB School country Dancing group 1933Peggy Kersey, Doris Webb, Joyce Miles, Peggy Smith, Pearl Peacock, Peggy Banes, (Mrs Miles) Pat Sargeant (Mrs Thornton) Joyce Jordon, Edith Rolfe, Margery Knight, Glenis Scrivener (Mrs Hughes) Betty Joslin, Polly Whait, Peggy Peacock (?)
2021:0038:dPhotoBoys cricket team 1935Names identified - John Webb, George Brazier, Don Sargeant, George Kemp, Kenny Winger, Peter Sargeant, John Pheby.
2021:0038:ePhotoSchool PhotographsFlower fairies of Spring 1938Including Glenys Scrivener, Pat Willett, Joyce Lightfoot, Peggy Baines (Miles) Olive Enefer (Hughes) Wendy Taylor Peggy Smith Edie Rolfe Geoffrey French.
2021:0038:fPhotoLittle Baddow School Sports Team 1936(Back Row) Polly Whait, Henry Whait, Ken Peacock, John Murrell, Ronald Joslin, Albert Webb, Cecil Wiggins, Vera Clark. (Middle Row) Marjorie Knight, Dorothy Burton, Phillis Parmenter, Brenda Passfield, Olive Targrass, Joyce Lightfoot (Front row) Gordon Sargeant, Sidney Ford, Bernard Peacock, Pat Sargeant, Pat Willett, Joyce Jordon, Cedric Joslin, Dennis Ford.
2021:0038:gPhotoLittle Baddow School, late 1920s/early 30s(Back row) Mrs Turner Peter Cranfield Henry Whait, Cecil Wiggins, Gordon Sargeant, Miss Fox (Middle Row) Joan Westwood, Margery Turner, Isabel Enefer, Pearl Peacock (Front row) Doris Webb, Joyce Jordan, Edith Rolfe, Amelia Stankovitch
2021:0038:hPhotoLast students and teachers of LB School 1960Mrs Turner, Marion Williams, Pat Knight, Carol Poulton, Hazel Mcgeoch, Kevin Subbings, Gareth Williams, Joyce Vicary, Elisabeth Clarke, Martin Bradley, Sally Bell, Julie Cook, Pamela Last, Mrs Cooke, Kittye Clarke, Alan Mason, Clive Taylor, Alan Poulton, Nevill Cook, Helen Bell, Pauline Wells, Janet Pheby, Janet Taylor, Trevor Mason
2021:0039FolderWWI Great War Heroes G - NGamble J C, Gibson R J, Hammond F C, Hart G, Hedges W J, Hicks A M (Mrs A Bull), Hilton B, Hilton P, Hole W G, Hollingsworth G, Humphreys H 'Harvey', Humphreys P R (Punch), Humphreys W H, James G H, Joslin G, King H W, Learmount N R, Levell J W, Lightfoot W L, Lindsell F, Lodge A E, Martin G E, Martin H E, Martin W H, Marven E, Marven F H, Marven J, Marven S, Mason H L, May P D.
2021:0040FolderWWI Great War Heroes N-SLNash T, Noakes A J, Nunn B, Nunn F G, Parmenter C, Parmenter H, Parmenter S J, Peacock G B, Peacock N L, Peacock P C, Perry P, Porter J J, Pryor A G, Pryor B S, Rose W J, Russell G, Sargeant E C, Sargeant W A, Saunders T, Scott I J S, Seels V E, Shipman A H, Shipman E G, Shipman P, Shortt H N H, Sleet A (? not included in Little Baddow Heroes list)
2021:0041FolderWWI Great War Heroes Sm - ZSmith B, Smith S, Speakman E G, Speakman R P, Speakman J C, Stevens C W, Stubbings W (Bill), Thomas A E, Thomas L G, Warsop C W, Warsop E, Westwood A A, White H V, Wiggins R (Charles Rodney), Winger B E, Wood H, Wood R, Woodhouse J (Jack) H, Woodhouse L M, Woodhouse M G, Woolley C L, Woolley G H, Woolley B, WoolleyH M, Wren H.
2021:0042DocConveyance document; Little Baddow Hall and land; 19221922; Lord Rayleigh to John Ketley
2021:0043DocConveyance document; Little Baddow Hall 1928John Ketley to Stuart Macdonald
2021:0044DocConveyance document; Land adjoining Little Baddow Hall 1951.John Ketley to Charles Speakman
2021:0045FolderShopsMiss Sorrel's, Post and Telegraph Office, Hill Top Stores, Post Office, Essex Chronicle, Butter Token Scheme, Post Office and Stores, Little Baddow Delicatessen and Post Office, John Vale (butcher), death of Miss Sorrell, Little Baddow Post Office, Post masters / mistresses, Miss Langford's shop, Dennis Bell, Ambleside grocery shop, Bracken Hill Tea Rooms, French's Stores, Burgess (Chemist), Butchers 1845-1957, The Old Slaughter House, Butchers of Belle Vue, J C Vale (butcher).
2021:0046FolderSevere WeatherEarthquake, Tornado, Floods, Hurricane 1987, Snow and Frost.
2021:0047FolderPublic HousesAlehouses and Victuallers (Sheila Rowley), Alehouse recognizances 1769-1828, Census Sharles Smith TheRodney 1841-1901, Census The Old Rodney 1841/51/71, Trade Directoriy Entries, Census Generals Arms 1871-1901, Census Queen's Head 1841-1971, Census Beershop Chapel Lane 1871- 1881.
2021:0049FolderColerainesGeneral folder on house and events.
2021:0050FolderHooker and ElliotBackground details on them and the religious situation in 17th century.
2021:0051FolderGroups and Clubs
2021:0052FolderNatural HistoryLB Hall Fruit Farms 2015 History and Wildlife sitings; Wildlife sitings 2016-19; Wildlife observations 2019; Flora and Fauna ID cards; Miscellaneous Wildlife information.
2021:0053FolderDiamond Jubilee Event 2012Collection of photographs of the event.
2021:0054FolderFarms and FarmingHistory of Farming; details of labourers; statistics of village population related to farming; Dairy farming records; Aldermanburgh; Cock Farm; Apsfield Farm; Cuckoos Farm; Gilbson's poultry farm; Hammonds Farm; Holybred Farm; Little Baddow Hall; New Lodge Farm; Parsonage Farm; Pheasant House farm; Pilgrims; Tofts Farm; Warren Farm.
2021:0055FolderDanburyVillage news; roads and road signs; Businesses; schools; Danbury Palace and Park; Carnivals; Houses; Wildlife and countryside; Maps; wartime heroes; artists; inventors.
2021:0056FolderChapel China
2021:0057FolderTrades and OccupationsAgricultural community; Apprentices; Bakers; Blacksmiths; Bus service; Carpenters; Wheelwrights; Cricket bat industry; Doctors; Milling; Oil / paraffin; roadmen; shoemakers; tailors; shops; social scale; thatchers.
P57FolderCrime in Little BaddowCrime in Little BaddowArticle from the Daily Telegraph dated 1989 re beheaded body of Bernard Burns found in wood, Paragraph from Weekly News January 3rd 1919 re jewellery stolen from Tofts, Quarter Sessions 1556-1621; Detail of Floods 28 June 1573; Details of Alehouses 1572-1650; Quarter Sessions 1624-1697; Details of Assizes 1569-1689; Quarter Sessions Rolls 1777; Quarter Sessions 3 Aug 1818; Highways Act 1815; Petty Sessions 1802-1833; Details of Process Books 1682-1819; Details of Poor Law Session Papers 1729 and 1775; Details of Conviction Books; Extracts from County Order Books 1730-1746; Details of William Calcraft.
2021:0058PhotoHolybreads Farm, 1945.Harry Brook (right back); Ellis (Tommy) Brook (his father, centre); Horace Brook (his brother, right); Sidney Brook (left front, his brother), Ron Robinson (his cousin).
2022:0001FolderWorld War OneWW1 memories; Parish Magazine; Batallions of the Glousester Regiment Army Corps; Roy Warsom memories.
2022:0002FolderLittle Baddow Hall Arts CentreLittle Baddow Hall Arts CentreClifford-Smith, T Barker, Summer Exhibition 1977, 1971 Festival Magazine, Bruce Ogston, Barbro Jansson, Julian Byzantine, Jack Winerock, John Doubleday, Jonathan Clifford.
2022:0003Doc2021-2023The medieval wooden tomb effigies at Little Baddow (Essex)Article by Nigel Saul, in Church Monuments, Vol XXXII (2017)
2022:0004DocChelmer Valley Historya report prepared by Nagel Brown
P59B1FolderHistorical Notes on Little Baddow - Electoral ListsPeople Entitled to Vote in the South East 1832 Election in Little Baddow, People Entitled to Vote in the Danbury Polling District in Little Baddow in 1889, People Entitled to Vote in the Danbury Polling District in Little Baddow in 1900, Parish of Little Baddow Occupation Electors (other than Lodgers) 1914
P59B2FolderHistorical Notes on Little Baddow - Electoral ListsRegister of Electors in Force Feb 1977 –Feb 1978 for Little Baddow, Register of Electors in Force Feb 1991-Feb 1992 for Little Baddow and Danbury, Register of Electors in Force Feb 1992-Feb 1993 for Little Baddow, Register of Electors in Force Feb 1994-Feb 1995 for Little Baddow.
BF/World War 1FolderWorld War 1Memories of WW1, Lt. Baddow parish magazine, The Battalions of the Gloucester Regiment Army Corps, Roy Warsop WW1 memories, Misc.
2000:0158DocWilliam KnightbridgeRector of St Mary's in 1536.
P59AFolderHistorical Notes on Little BaddowHistorical Notes on Little BaddowLetter ‘The Post Office before 1914’, writer refers to their father a cricket bat manufacturer; paragraph about history of the Post Office; photo of Katherine Mcdonald Little Baddow Fruit Farm no date; Sheet music of The Ballard of Semmerwater words William Watson and Armstrong Gibbs; paragraphs about the bus service by Leonie Golding; Description of Little Baddow houses including Riffhams, Pattentees, Holybread Farm, etc by unknown author; List of vicars and patrons – assume from St Mary’s from 1300’s until 1966; Tour of Village 1979 by R Warsop; Letter regarding the history of John and Olive Gibson from author (no name) address from Puddock’s Tail Little Baddow no date; Family Tree of Horth Family ; Description from Patricia Stewart dated 10th Sept 2005 of Fern Cottage and Bowling Alley House; Details of Little Baddow Hall Manor from Domesday onwards – no author or date; Details of Little Baddow Notables – no author or date; Handwritten wills relating to Little Baddow including Lawrence Broome of Little Baddow, Nicholas Warren of Little Baddow, Sir John Smith or Smythe, John Brette of Broomfield, Richard Blake of Little Baddow, Thomas Blake of Little Baddow and list of miscellaneous name and burials at the back.; Notes on the history of Alfred Boyd Memorial Sanatorium Bowling Alley House – no author no date; Notes on Little Baddow Commons of Middlemead; Various notes re 1910 from Pat Herniman on the village life re 1910; Various notes extracted from different volumes of Archidiaconal Records regarding Little Baddow; Letter from vicar at Margaretting dated 1926 re the extracts regarding Little Baddow from Archdeanery records ; List of people and where they lived looks like 1905 possible by Cyril Warsop; Dates of buildings or first mention of some older houses ; List of people and houses dated 1976/1977 by Roy Warsop; The Boy Scout Movement – history off from 1917 until 1927 no author; A list of Little Baddow Boy Scouts Reports for 1928; Description of John Blake going to USA; ‘Going Back to Little Baddow’ by Mrs Peacock with covering letter by Mel re her memories of life in Little Baddow; List of villagers 1905/6 and where they lived ; Description of Little Baddow Poultry Farm 1925-1965 by John Gibson; Little Baddow Newsletter dated March 2011; Cigarette card details of Geoff H Wooley VC.
P59DFolderHistorical Notes on Little BaddowHistorical Notes on Little BaddowSurvey of United Reform Chapel Inscriptions 1995, 118 Inscriptions compiled by The Essex Society for Family History; History of Independent Chapel including Indenture details of 1707; Details of Charities including the Pledger Foundation Ref Essex Record Office ref D/P 35/25/22, Butler’s Charity.’; Details of the School Managers Minute Book 1903-1948 Essex Record Office ref D/P 35/28/3; Mistress of Edmund Butler of Little Baddow – with a note thought to be by Derek Collingwood.; Archdeaconry Records from Browne’s transcripts 1589-1584; Court Rolls and various other documents transcribed from Latin; Details Manors.
P59CFolderCensus and Population ListingsCensus and Population ListingsCensus 1801 with surnames and details; 1801 Housekeeper surnames and details; Kingship Links in Little Baddow -details of families and locations as in 1989; Census 1831 with surnames and details; Census 1821 with surnames and details; Details of Land Tax Assessment 1830; Witches of Little Baddow; Copies of names from Overseers of the Poor 1751; Rent Roll of Baddow Hall Manor 1677; The Lay Subsidary for 1327; Transcript from Parliamentary Gazetteer for Lt Baddow 1843-44; Calendar State papers Domestic 1595-97; Knights of the Realm incuding Sir John Smythe; Population Middlemead in Henry 8th time; Copy of Civil War Proclaimation; Additional Information about Witches.
P5FolderWoodhouse FamilyWoodhouse Family
P6FolderOver 60s Club Christmas Dinner 1974Over 60s Club Christmas Dinner 1974
P59FFolderHistorical Notes on Little BaddowHistorical Notes on Little BaddowSurveyors Accounts 1814; Details of Militia, January 1826 with names; Settlement Examinations 1814-1842; Details of the Poor in 1802 with names of paupers; Details of Vagrants; Bastardy Agreements; Enclosure Act details Little Baddow 1810; Procedure for holding a manor court; Common Land; Almshouses ; Parish Council Ist meeting 4th December 1894; Apprenticeship Records 1625-1817; Vestry Minutes Extracts 1759-1806; Place Names mentioned by the author Reaney; Visitation details extracts of 1826; Extracts from William White Directory of 1863 giving names; Court of Francis Barrington Oct 1696 and subsequent years; Boundary of Little Baddow May 8th 1777 from Essex Review (no edition given); Whites’s Directory of 1863 of Boreham; Extracts from thesis at Essex Record Office by Elizabeth G Farrell 1969 giving quotations regarding Little Baddow; Misc Papers referring to Little Baddow 1720 -1835.
P59FolderHistorical Notes on Little BaddowHistorical Notes on Little BaddowReports on Ann Campion and the murder of the infant Edward Campion; Notes on the house The Brambles by Mr Ager in 1988; Letter dated 1916 to Rev Berridge from a Mr Young at Herongate describing the village chest; Notes from Essex at Work 1700-1815 a book by AF Brown; Transcription of the Parish Register by R Walsop – a few entries; Extracts from Ninety Years of Family Farming 1967 by Sir William Gavin; Reminiscences of Mr Bowles and Mr Mead at Over 60’s Club 1973; Notes on the Sturgeon Family 1740s unknown author; Notes on Little Baddow from Mrs Pyne aged 92; Notes on Gunbies from Mr H Humphries; Notes on various LB house from 1671-1870 author unknown; History of Sir John Smythe by R Warsop; Notes on Warren Cottage and the Cranfields; Notes from History of Essex by Muilman 1771; Contents of T/P 85/1-16 Essex Record Office Berridge documents; History of Congregational Church 1930 by E Eldred Maiks; Extracts from Ecclesiastical History of Essex by Harold Smith; Going Northwards essay by R Warsop ; Description of how woman worked the land in 1915 at Little Baddow Hall; Letter from Patricia Ryan dated 4 April 1974 about Tanners and Tanning in Woodham Walter; Brief history of Pledger family in 1870’s; Notes on Terling history; Notes on Tofts from Ray Warsop; Notes on Bramstons family; Notes on Howden Hall ; Notes on the Clench family of Little Baddow; Letter from Beryl Wilson nee Martin about growing up in Little Baddow.
2022:0005FolderNewspapers Showing Royal and National EventsNewspapers Showing Royal and National Eventsa-d) Daily Sketch, 1936, George V; f) Evening Standard, 1936, George V; f-g) Daily Sketch, 1936, Abdication and George VI; h-k) 1937, George VI; l) Hitler's demands, 1938; m-s) peace plan, 1938; t) Germans to leave UK, 1939; u) 1973, Wedding of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips; v) 1953, Ascent of Everest; w-ab) 1953 coronation of Queen.
P14FolderMillennium LunchMillennium LunchMillenium Barn Dance Ticket; Millenium Party Invitation; Notes on Millenium Lunch of 1st January 2000 at Memorial Hall – Vicky Briggs, Mrs Betty Ashford, Doris Davies, Anne Deboise, Sheila Turner, Betty Doreen Shepherd; Special Edition of Essex County Chronicle “Millenium Essex”; Essex Millenium Festival 2000 Leaflet; 1998 Little Baddow Activities and Information Leaflet; Millenium Project Initiatives e.g. Rural Transport, Village Millenium Green, Heather Hills excavation; Minutes of Millenium Group Meeting of 6th October 1998 – Simon Johnson, Pat Breeze, Vicky Briggs, Mike Heard, Sian Hurrell, Bob Shepherd, Maurice Staines.; Millenium Committee correspondence.
P59E1FolderHistorical Notes on Little BaddowExtract re L B in the History of Essex 1848 by William White; Extract re L B in the History of Essex 1863 by William White; Extract re L B from Kelly’s Directory of Essex 1886; Extract re L B from Pigot & Co Directory 1832; Extract re L B from Kelly’s Director of Essex 1845; Extracts entitled Little Baddow Did You Know taken from various Kelly’s directories; Hand written notes by A Ashford from various Kelly’s Directories ; Photocopies of the pages from directories 1929,1933, 1937; Article by Peter Came regarding Upson’s shop in Danbury regarding ownership by the Hollingsworth family; Details of the New Poor Law re Board of Guardians first meeting on 15th August 1835; List of names regarding the Hearth Tax of 1672; Notes from the Parish Registers ; Typed notes on Little Baddow house names no author; Details of Wills from 1505-1811; Extract from Valuation List with a note could be about 1908 showing inhabitants of various properties; Extracts from Church Wardens Account 1742 – 1813; Extracts from Overseers Accounts 1722-1793, INCOMPLETE; Rates Assessment for 1766; Extracts from Overseers Accounts 1790; Rate Assessment 1797, 1800, 1807, 1811, 1816, 1821; Article about older men who have returned to the land re Lord Rayleigh’s estates May 12 1944 from The Farmers Weekly mentions Shadrach Unwin, Ted Bickmore, Bill Bickmore, Arthur Smith; Details of documents about Little Baddow available at The National Archives.
2022:0008Doc2021-2023Guild of Arts - meetings 843 and 844(843) 'A Woman's Life in the Army' by Lucy Lewis; 'All Steamed Up' by Rowan Francis.
2022:0009Doc2021-2023Listening BenchDetails of bench, plus tracks available.
B283BookGreat War Heroes of Little BaddowAlan Ridgeway and Joanne Phillips
2022:0010MapRAC Touring Map (Linen Backed), Sheet 15 (Chelmsford area)Date between 1907-1913 because the Tollesbury Pier Line is present (opened 1907) but the Thaxted branch is absent (opened 1913). Shows village called Chatley that no longer exists.
2022:0011Doc2021-2023Little Baddow Platinum Jubilee PicnicItem in 'The Focus'
2022:0012Doc2021-2023Dawkins FamilyPhotocopy of pages from D Gilmour 'The British in India' re their retirement to Little Baddow.
2022:0014Doc2021-2023Tragedy of the Partridge family, 1908 (see also surnames folder under Partridge)Researched by Pauline Gilhooley
2022:0015Doc2021-2023Nomination certificateSHARE Volunteer Award nomination in 2015.
2022:0016DocEmily Mulley (part of family tree)Emily Mulley produced the 'sampler' on display, at the age of 14. Grandmother of Nora Shipman.
2022:0017DocJohn HarkerBilletted in Little Baddow n 1914
2022:0018ArtGravy Lane and Pilgrims by Mr GilbertCopy of watercolour c1924
2022:0019DocClara Gibson and Mr and Mrs GilbertDetails attachd to painting (2022.0018); Pilgrims; Hen Farm; Clara Gibson (nee March); Walters Lodge.
2022:0020Doc2021-2023Guild of Arts, 800th meeting, 2012Brochure with brief history of the Guild.
2022:0029FolderWoodways (AKA Lordlands)Woodways (AKA Lordlands)1910-1965 conveyancing deeds – Miss Elizabeth Perry, Miss Mabel Foster-Melliar, Mr J K Foster-Melliar, Geo Wright, Mrs B F Wild, Philip Vyvyan, Dr R R Bomford,
P36B3FolderButler Trust Rules1938-1962 Butler Educational Foundation correspondence
P36B4FolderButler Trust Rules1935 -1941 Butler Educational Foundation accounts
P36B5FolderButler Trust Rules1942-1946 Butler Educational Foundation accounts
P36B6FolderButler Trust Rules1947-1965 Butler Educational Foundation accounts
P52FolderDrama ClubDrama ClubChelmsford weekly news article from Thursday April 7, 2011 about a play set in Highlands; Essex Chronicle article from 7th December 1934 on a play at Little Baddow (George and his Dragon) – Miss Margaret Paterson, Mrs Brodeur, Miss Mollie Luard, Mr W Balch, Mr H J Nicholson, Mr Mordaunt Currie, Mrs Gregory Nicholson, Miss Helen Black, Mrs Kenneth Paterson, Mr Paul Brodeur, Mr Walter Hood; Cast list from the Fairy Queen’s Workshop (by Mr and Mrs Nicholson) from October 1927- July 1928 – Mrs Nicholson, Mr Nicholson, Mr Thomas, Mrs Thomas, Norah Shortt, Mollie Westwood, Eva Partick, Lily Westwood, Jean Ager, Gwen Rolf, Esther Enefer, Ivy Mason; Script for the play The Guiding Star by Jesse Berridge (performed in the years 1923 and 1924) – Jesse Berridge, Little Baddow Parish Church; Cast list for Oliver Cromwell (by John Drinkwater) from Thursday 29th March 1928 – John Drinkwater, Mrs Stracty, Mrs Puddlephat, Miss Paterson, F.W. Robinson, F. Nunn, H. Shortt, W.H. Stubbings, L.D. Dorkin, F.F. Thorrington, E. Arnold, J. A. Kemp, Rev. J. Berridge, W.F. Phoebe, Roy Warsop, B. Warsop, K C. Rolfe; The Essex Weekly News article from May 18th 1951 about a pageant to restart Little Baddow theatre – Joseph Billio, Mrs Gregory Nicholson, Hugh Cramer-Byng, S. L. Bensusan, Mr. Gerald Barry, Mrs. Janet Ross, William Read, Cecil Reader, Sarah Melrose, Mrs. Mary Martin, Mrs Eckersley, Mrs. Sheila Luard, Mr Bernard H. S. Martin, Mrs. Bernard H. S. Martin, Catherine Chisnell, Mr. Opie, Mrs. Norah Taylor; Essex Through the Ages Pageant programme from Saturday 9th, Tuesday the 12th and Saturday the 16th of June 1951 – Janet Ross, S. N. Willet, A. S. Willet, E. A. Roast, Sydney Wooder, H. B. Gibson, Sylvia Thorrington, Ann Martin, Judith Wintle, Carol Targrass, Betty Knight, Robin Knight, Jane Wiggins, Susan Wiggins, Jonathan Payne, Paul Adams, John Bell, Gerald Pettitt, Greta Breedyk, Joanna Chisnell, Susan Kerr, Elizabeth Beehag, Anita Kerr, John Burgess, Grace Russel, Jane Wheatley, Brigid Raikes, Wendy Taylor, Vera Wintle, Ronald Holcradt, Sydney Wooder, Christopher Hince, Aline Wright, Eric Wrathall, Michael Kerr, Charles Vanstone, Edith Hunt, Beryl Thompson, E. M. Humphreys, Betty Wheatley, Elsie Howe, Joan Harwood, Ada Puddlephat, Peg Hovendon, Beryl Quincey, S.E. Harwood, Norah Taylor, J. Melrose, R. Puddlephat, S. G. Tubbs, G. Green, R. Cannon, Louis Yffer, Eva Giddy, Michael Gough, Enid Murat, Messrs. Alfred Lengrick & Co., Messrs. Cramer & Co., Messrs. Boosey & Co., Sheila Luard, Mr B. H. S. Martin, Mrs B. H. S. Martin, John Gibbons, Sarah Melrose, Gordon Quincey, C. Reader, Maud Nunn, William Reed, Norah Shipman, Peter Andrews, Diana Wrathall, M. Cuthbert, Olive Williams, Eileen elis, Gwen Wade, Phyllis Wright, Nita Sizer, Fred Tyler, Violet Cockrell, Catherine Chisnell, James Opie, Alec Merritt, Rex Gibbons, Sarah Melrose, William Reed, Rupert Saines, Lucy Payne, B. Wheatley, P. Caseley, D Gellett, H. C. Stebbing, M. Gough, Sylvia Russel, Sylvia Bowles, Diana Mason, Dorothy Enefer, violet Enefer, Janet Coppen, Denise Cooper, Jean Sargeant, B. Soloman, I. Taylor, C. A. Thompson, J. Willet, O. Williams, E. Ellis, D. Wrathall, N. Shipman, M. Tubbs, H. Sutton, E. Mason, M. Phippen, M. Baker, J. Jameson, A. M Saines, G, Quantrill, C. Matthews, C. Brand, K. Edwards, R. Tugwell, S. Cuthbert, Mary Martin, Eva Digby, Doris Thorrington, Gladys Targrass, Judith Wintle, Rosaline Soloman, J. A. Smith, James Everett, Taylor Walker, B. E. Wood, W. J. Woolner, A. E. Simmons; Leaflet for a drama called “The Late Edwina Black” from 13th – 16th April 1955 – Samuel French LTD., William Dinner, William Moram, Alec Merritt, Miss Hart, Miss Pitteway, A. E. Simmons LTD.; Programme for a performance of waiting for Gillian from November 20th – 23rd 1957 performed by the Little Baddow play reading and dramatic club- Ronald Miller, Nigel Bachin, Samuel French LTD., Leslie Jelly, Pat Sanger-Stevens, Peter Floyd, Godfrey West, Leslie Davis, Nora Bate, Sam Harwood, Beth Grigsby, Peter Baker, Phyllis Wasel, Kathleen Andrews, Frank Page, Rex Hovendon, Alec Merritt, Mrs Pitteway, Mr B. H. S. Martin, Mrs B. H. S. Martin, Miss Gloria Ford, F. J. Buggey, J. C. Vale, G. Adams, R. Adams, E. A. Roast, Dorothy E. Main, Taylor Walker, Mrs J. B. Munnion, S. N. Willet, A.S. Willet, W. F. Woolner, Geo. L. Baxter LTD., A. E. Simmons LTD.; Leaflet for a drama called “The Poltergeist” by Frank Harvey from the 26th to the 28th of April 1956 performed by the Little Baddow Play Reading and Dramatic Club – H. F.W. Deane & Sons LTD., Miles Pitts Tucker, Norah Taylor, Mrs Pitteway, The Paragon Stores, Eatern National Omnibus, Memorial Hall, A. E. Simmons Ltd.; Leaflet for a thriller “Love from a stranger” by Frank Vosper fro the 22nd to the 26th April 1958 performed by the Little Baddow Dramatic Club – Memorial Hall, Mrs Pitteway, The Post Office, Miss hart, The Paragon Stores, A. E Simmons Ltd.; A Programme for a play “The Poltergeist” (25th – 28th April 1956) by the Little Baddow Play Reading and Dramatic Club – H. F. W. Deane & sons Ltd., Memorial Hall, Pat Sanger-Stevens, Jill Moore, Rosaleen Soloman, Gloria Ford, Miles Pitts-Tucker, Jerry Archer, Leslie Jelly, Frank Page, Tommy Wrathall, Alec Merrit, Charles Pearce, Kathleen Andrews, Mary Merrit, Roy Fox, Rex Hovendon, Messrs. F. Redman & Sons, Miles Pitts-Tucker, Norah Taylor, Mrs Pitteway, The Paragon Stores, Mr Martin, Mrs Martin, Miss Iona Woodhams, F. J. Buggey, G. & R. Adams, The Dainties Café, S. N. & A. S. Willet, Upson’s Garage, Carter’s Provisions and Greengrocery, E. A. Roast & Sons, Sydney Wooder, W. F. Woolner, Geo. L. Baxter Ltd., A. E. Simmons Ltd.; A Poster for “Love from a Stranger” by Frank Vosper from 22nd to the 26th of April 1958 – Memorial Hall, Mrs Pitteway, Post Office, Miss Hart, Paragon Stores, A. E. Simmons Ltd.; A Programme for a play called “Ladies in Retirement” by Edward Percy and Reginald Denham from 7th – 11th of April 1959 – Alec Merrit, Memorial Hall, Beth Grigsby, Mary Martin, Kathleen Andrews, Peter Andrews, Norah Bate, Clara Bate, Iona Woodhams, Peter Baker, Peter Floyd, Mary Merrit, Hugh Wassel, Sydney Heward, Norah Taylor, Rex Hovendon, Mrs Pitteway, Little Baddow Post Office Stores, Paragon Stores, Stonecroft Galleries, F. J. Buggey, The Cottage (café), G. & R. Adams, E. A. Roast & Sons, J. & Dorothy E. Main, Geo. L Baxter Ltd., S. N. &A. S. Willet, W. J. Bell, G. K. Upson, J. Chaplin, Tofts Country Club, A. E. Simmons Ltd.; Poster for the play “Separate Tables” by Terence Rattigan performed by Little Baddow Dramatic Club on the 21st – 25th November 1961 – Paragon Stores, Post Office Stores, Memorial Hall; A Leaflet for a “Saturday Supper Show” performed by the Little Baddow Play-Reading & Dramatic Club including a revue “Our Villiage” by Murray McLaren at the Villiage Hall on 26th November (year unknown) – Peter Andrews, Eva Eckersley; A programme for three plays called “One and One and One” by Harold Pinter (The Dumb Waiter), Christopher Fry (A Phoenix too Frequent) and John Mortimer (I Spy) performed by Little Baddow Play Reading and Dramatic Club on the 20th – 24th November 1962 at The Memorial Hall – Kathleen Andrews, Chrisopher Bromley, Peter Andrews, Norah Taylor, Kathleen Andrews, Peter Floyd, Leslie Davis, Joan Barker, Clara Bate, Probyn Miers, Van Dupuy, Wilfred Garrod, Peter Baker, Rex HovendonBernard Martin, John Martin, David James, Mary Martin, Dennis Gill, George Partington, Woodham Walter Bell, The Rodney Inn, The King’s Head, Stonecroft Galleries, Mr Charles Freeman, Paragon stores, Mr Armstrong, Mrs Armstrong, Gloria Ford, F. J. Buggey, G. & R. Adams, J. & Dorothy E. Main, Geo. L Baxter Ltd., S. N. &A. S. Willet, J. Chaplin, A. E. Simmons Ltd, Barlow & Harris, G. K. Upson, C. G. Prior & Son, A. W. Hance, ; A Programme for a play called “Under The Sycamore Tree” by Samuel Spewack from 26th – 30th of November 1963 performed by Little Baddow Play Reading and Dramatic Club – Kathleen Andrews, The Memorial Hall, Norah Taylor, Christopher Gregory, Peter Andrews, Van Dupuy, John Robertson, Gloria Ford, Peter Floyd, Peter Dancer, Jane Baxter, Beth Grigsby, Peter baker, Mary Martin, Rex Hovendon, Bernard Martin, Dennis Gill, John Beken, John MacIntosh and Co. Ltd., Nestle Ltd., Mr P. E. Satchell, Civil Defence Corps, Mr and Mrs Armstrong, Post office Stores, Paragon Stores, Poulton Portable Ltd., F. J. Buggey, J. & Dorothy E. Main, G. & R. Adams, Barlow & Harris, G. K. Upson, D. A. Sleap, S. N. & A. S. Willet, J. Chaplin, A. W. Hance, Geo. L. Baxter Ltd., J. C. Vale, The Rodney Inn, A. E. Simmons Ltd.; A Leaflet for “The Supper Show”, performed by the Little Baddow Playreading & Dramatic Club on the 25th November 1966 at the Memorial Hall – Kathleen Andrews, Peter Andrews, Alan Bacon, Clara Bate, Nora Bate, John Beken, Maureen Bright, Tom Brookes, Tom Buckingham, Anne Carroll, John Cowan, Wilfrid Carrod, Dawn Gill, Christopher Gregory, Marion Gregory, Beth Grigsby, Roger Kojan, Murray McLaren, Yvonne Protheroe, Suzanne Stripp, Eva Eckersley, Dennis Gill, Rex Hovendon, John Felton, David Campton, David Climie, Herbert Farjeon, Michael Flanders, John Mortimer, Donald Swann; Prolgue for “Our Villiage” dated to 26th November 1967 – Rex Hovendon, U.D.I., R.D.C, E.C.C. , Danbury, W. I., Mrs Sargeant, “The Weedy”, “The Chronic”, Lord Thomson of Fleet, Eastern electricity, Harold Hill, Playreading &Dramatic club, Benjamin Britten; Photograph of Drama production – Jean Sargent, Ivy Clark, Archie Cameron, Mrs Gregory Nicholson, Eva Mason, Mrs Pheley, Miss North, Miss Puddlephat Monk.
2022:0021Doc2021-2023Thomas Hooker at ChelmsfordPhotocopy of article by Robert Anderson; Essex Journal, 2016
2022:0022DocOur Village a century ago or thereabouts - notes compiled by Joan Barker from Parish Newsletters, 1966/7, together with later notes by Roy WarsopTwitty Fee (H Hockley, William Twitye), Clarkes Farm (S Bryant), Cottage in the Bush (W R Wackrill), Pattentees (G Ager), Awkward Square (George Burr), Cherry Tree Bungalow (J Foster), Woodlands (P Boldero), Fern Cottage (W Knight, W Martin), Old Riffhams (J R Spencer Phillips, Leonard W Woolleys), Little Graces, Great Graces (Darcy, Henry Mildmay), New Lodge Cottages (Daniel Spradbarrow), Belmers now Water Hall, Harwoods, Mill House, The Vicarage, Rose and Crown, Little Baddow Hall, Lindsell’s Cottage (William Lindsell), Heards now The Forge (John Hierde, Everett), Cuckoos (Hooker and Eliott, John Puttoe, Richard Rand), Langores alias Joppes (Josiah Smith), Holybred Farm (Pledger, Mr Edwin Green), Generals Arms (Thomas Jaggs, A Clarke, William Goodaye Strutt), Parsonage Farm, Aldermanburgh (Charles Shipman), Old Post Office (Eliza Sorrell, Julia Sorrell, Julia Campion), Boarded Cottage aka Pitt Cottage(Arthur Clarke, William Hart), Old Bassetts, New Bassetts (Giles Blake) Cloggers (George Enefer, Mrs Maymott), Gibbs (Stephen Gibbe, Saward, Misses Pyne and Culver), Gibbs Cottages (A Clark, R Heard), Wedlock Cottage (J Woodward), Ashcroft (Ernie Baker, J Simpson), Sunnymead aka Ashcroft’s Bungalow (E Hopward, Richard Hopwood, Nelly Clark), Old House Wedlock Green (Mrs Pyne), Pheasant House Cottages (William Bundock, H Bundock), Duke's Orchard (Nicholson), Loves Green (John Lof), Mill Lane, Ridgehurst (Walter Warsop), Rodney Gate (W Boreham, Charles Orris), Hockham Hills also called Heather Hills, Warren, Rodney, The Rodney, Well House/Cottage (Richard Saward, George Ager), Monks Garden (Charlie Lucas, Hockley), Bellevue Cottages (Major Mulley, George Aylett), Cockleys (Agnes Ager, Harry Pryor), Hood's Old Cottage (Horne), Ann'e Cottage (George White), The Rectory (Rev Taylor), The Bungalow (Rev Weatherby), Hill Cottage (Mrs Louise Bearmain), Policeman's House (PC Hagger), The Memorial Hall, Almshouses (Jimmy Good, Mrs Wood, Mrs French, Mrs Parmenter, Mrs Andrews, Thomas Saward), The National School (William Thomas), Cranleigh (Miss Clench), Shoulder Stick Hall (Joseph White), Brick Cottages (W Clement, Jacob Bundcock), Littlecotes (Mr French), Hillside (Mr Peate), Ambleside (Mrs Boreham), Boarded Cottages (Mr Enefer, F and G Barker, Miss Saville), Holly Cottage (James Eaton), Warren Farm (Mr Spokes), Warren Cottage (Mr Bearman, Mrs Cranfield), Pair of Cottages (Buck Humphreys, Mr Green), Three Boarded Cottages (Dowsett, Mrs Short, Mrs Marsh), Two cottages just above the Rodney Inn George Peacock, Mr Harris), The Rodney Inn (Mr S W Wager), North Hill Cottage (George Peacock), North Hill Road – originally called Robjohn's Hill, Cock Farm (Richard Sea, Peter Forster), Hen Cottage, Old Rectory (John Wood, Rev Ady), Walters Cottage / The Lodge originally called Watts (John Oakes, Rev Ady), Lees Cottage, Post Box, Wickhay Green, Bowling Alley House, Wickhays later named Pilgrims (John de Wickhey), Spring Close also known as Wick Hay or Vica cottages, Coleraines (Simon Snow), Poleighs, Firtree Cottage, The Willows, Papermill.
P49FolderPast and PresentPast and PresentPhotos: Miss Sorrel and shop: Chapel and Ministers House 1708-1794; Coleraines 1910 ?; Colam Lane – Looking towards Miss Sorrell; Well House; North Hill; Old Rodney 1905; Miss Langford and shop; Two houses North Hill 1905; Colam Lane 1905; Delivering milk to Coleraines; The Forge; Road between LB Manor and Church
2022:0023BookEight Centuries of History in Essex RecordsPublished by the ERO, 1951
2022:0024BookEssex Churches 600 - 1800Published by ECC, 1966
P19iFolderScouts, Hockey and SportsfieldTennis Club Correspondence 1949-1974Minutes of committee meetings; Minutes of AGMs; Other correspondence
P46FolderCuckoos, Thomas HookerCuckoos, Thomas HookerExtract from letter from Pat Herniman to Roxbury Latin School about John Eliot and his contemporaries;1935 article from The Cheshire Chronicle, “Thomas Hooker – The Predecessor of Thomas Jefferson In Democracy” by C S Thompson;Typewritten notes on Thomas Hooker, John Eliot, Thomas Shepherd;“Cambridge - The Nursery of New England” by Prof Frank Thistlethwaite about Puritanism at Cambridge in the 15th/16th century;“Lydia Gaymer, the Wife of Humphrey Turner of Scituate” by Vernon Dow Turner, New England Historical and Genealogical Register Vol 151 July 1997;Excerpt from Dictionary of National Biography Vol IX Page 1189 for Thomas Hooker;Notes on Little Baddow United Reformed Church;Excerpt from Dictionary of National Biography Vol VI Page 79 for John Eliot;Copy of “Blakes of Bassetts” handwritten notes by Ray Warsop 1985 about William Blake’s influence on John Eliot;“Some Little Baddow Anniversaries in 1989” from 1589 to 1939;1986 letter from Rev Deryck Collingwood to Dr George Redmonds re Hooker and Eliot (mentions installation of blue plaques in Chelmsford and Little Baddow in 1986);Material (notices, newspaper cuttings, photos, orders of service etc) from 400th Hooker and Eliot anniversary in 1986;1989 letter from William A O’Neill, Governor of Connecticut about Hooker’s contribution to creation of American democracy;1986 newsletter of Roxbury Latin School, Massachusetts reporting 400th anniversary events in Chelmsford and Little Baddow;Card from Alice Kettlehack – whose ancestors built new Bassetts and left England in 1630;
P47FolderNewspaper accounts of hurricanes of 1897 and 1987Newspaper accounts of hurricanes of 1897 and 1987Photocopy of 7 July 1897 article in the Derby Mercury, “The Tornado in Essex”;Maldon & Burnham Standard, 22 October 1987;Essex Chronicle, 23 October 1987;Essex and Braintree Chronicle, 23 October 1987;
P48FolderGood Neighbours Scheme 1989Good Neighbours Scheme 1989Minutes of 28 June 1989 meeting “After Hospital What Next?” organised by the CHC;1990 Chelmsford Counselling Network Directory;1988-1989 Little Baddow Good Neighbours Scheme papers;
P50AFolderMemorial Hall 1959-1960, fire and re-opening – mounted exhibition materialMemorial Hall 1959-1960, fire and re-opening – mounted exhibition material1959-1960 newspaper articles describing fire and re-opening of hall - Frank Ager, Rex Hovendon, Mrs E Hood, Canon J Berridge, Mrs Berridge, Mr Bernard Martin;Photo of new building (X50j, X50w);1959 black and white photos of hall after fire (X50a-h, X50p, X50q., X50s);1959 colour photos of hall after fire (X50aq, X50ar, X50at, X50au);1960 black and white photos of model of new hall (X50i);
P53FolderPeople and EventsPeople and EventsNotes on family history of Emily Mulley;1970 Newsman article “Out of Town in Little Baddow” Jack and Joan Constable;Family tree for Paterson Family;Family history notes “The Paterson Family at Little Baddow” - Herbert May Paterson and his children;1979 Weekly News article “Bringing a village to life” about Sheila Rowley;1973 Newsman Herald article “In Little Baddow…best of both worlds”;Photocopies of photos (c 1930) of Bowles Family – Mrs Eliza Bowles, Mr and Mrs James Bowles, James and Edith and Harry Bowles;1990 newspaper article “One World Event” – Rev Rowland Joiner;1990 Essex Chronicle article “Valley of gravel”;Newspaper article “Ross Rides High!” – Ross Parker;1990 wedding of Jane Gilhesby;1990 photo of Peter and Margaret Martin;Newspaper article retirement of Dr Ted Nottidge ;1999 correspondence about Stoneham and Edalji families;1990 Essex Chronicle article “G3 EDM’s life saving call” – Geoff Mills;1989 Essex Chronicle article “Sue’s Brave Fight” – Sue Corhell;1988 Essex Chronicle article “From Bali to Baddow by Bike!” – John Stewart;1989 Essex Chronicle article “Patricia: architect of her own success” – Patricia Stewart;1989 wedding of Lisa Balaam;Wedding of Shaun Walsh;1990 Essex Chronicle article about retirement of Mrs Eva Digby;1991 East Anglian Daily Times article about Chelmer and Blackwater canal – Hugh and Caroline Turner;1989 Essex Chronicle article – Brian Bourn;1990 Essex Chronicle article “World Cup Cash for CHARMS!”;1976 enquiry about Blake’s family of Bassets;1969 Essex Chronicle article “Marconi’s story – by his old friend” – Eric Payne;1950 newspaper article – Miss Emily M Everett;1975 newspaper cuttings – Alan Bacon;1980 Essex Weekly article – Geoffrey Pyman;1998 Essex Chronicle article “Parents rescue boy or five in ‘Red Sea’ ordeal”;1955 newspaper article on retirement of Ada Puddephat as cricket club tea lady;Information on 1998 Bob Washington exhibitions ;Notes on council houses built in 1914 – Jim, Eliza, Harry, James, Edie and Minnie Bowles, Liz Willett;Notes on H M Paterson for “A Century of Village Life”;1964 Braintree and Witham article “Hospital operating theatre open again”;Copy of 1950 photo of Geoffrey Pyman and family when he received an MBE;1979 newspaper article on Murray MacLaren;1977 newspaper article describing Sir John Ruggles-Brise presenting to Dr Eric Thompson ;1979 Essex Chronicle article on retirement of Mr Linton Newman;1980 Weekly News article “Memories of a schoolteacher”- Constance Turner, Nita Humphries, Joan (or Dorothy) Wright, Lily Westwood, Beryl Vanstone, Jean Ager, Phyllis Lightfoot, Ron Hart, Monty Peacock, tom look, George Brazier, George Kemp, Ken Winger;1936-1941 electricity meter reading card for New Lodge – S B M Bremner;New Lodge Farm apple label – S B M Bremner;Notes on Samuel and Rebecca Shaen;“A day to remember”, an article by Joyce Dorothy Thornton;Memories of Joyce Thornton including a 1914 sketch plan of Hoppet ;Memories of Joyce Dunnatt (nee French) of Little Baddow in 1920s/30s– James and Clara Gibson, Rodney Gibson, Gertrude Gibson (Hen Farm), Misses Crook, Miss Wood, Fred Wood (Walter’s Cottage), Miss Langford;Photo of Harry Humphries (X53am);Memories of William Blake (c 17th C) – imagined ?;1991 Independent article “A fell and burn mission to rescue cricket from its cleft stick” about willow growing on Chelmer and Blackwater;Newspaper report of wedding of Reginald Ernest Lightfoot and Marjorie Norah Medley;Newspaper report of wedding of Maude Smith and Fred Nunn;1990s Order of Services of weddings at URC and St Mary’s;2006 article “Nottingham Lace to Essex Willow “ by John Bundock about Benjamin and Walter Warsop;“Holybread Farm”, notes from Jill Goodson for her book “Around Danbury and Little Baddow, Volume 2, 2006;Copies of c1920 Humphries family photos – Norah Humphries, Gertrude Humphries (nee Eady), Percival Robert Humphries, Edith Mae(Cis), Charles Frederick Symington, Helen Harriett (Daisy) Humphries , William Harvey, Frederick George Humphries, Helen Ramsey (nee Short), Juanita Daphne (Nita or Pete), Millicent Eady (Bob);1971 newspaper article “Festival of Calm in Pocket of Peace” – Joan Clifford-Smith, Jonathon Clifford;Copy of 1933 The Times article “Young Woman Shot in Wood – Verdict of Accidental Death”, Nancy Leigh Woodhouse, Arthur Lionel Woodhouse, Peter Woodhouse, Ethel Kennedy, Dr S Storr;Blanks’ Family History from 1999 Parish of the English Martyrs, Danbury Parish Magazine – Lazarus Blanks, Sarah Rumsey and children;Handwritten Blanks’ family tree – Lazarus and Sarah’s descendants;Letter from Tom Croucher re his research into blanks family;2011, “The Story of Lazarus Blanks” by Tom Croucher – Lazarus Blanks, Sarah Rumsey and their children Charles, William, Lazarus, Arthur, Sarah, John, Joseph, Mary, John, Thomas, Jane and Edward;2011, “The Story of Jane Blanks” by Tom Croucher – Jane Blanks, Charles Thomas Blanks, Charles Palmer, John Mackiah Collins, George Banks, Jonathan Beckett, George Herbert;
P53bFolderPeople and EventsStoneham Papers and MiscCoat or arms;Silhouette of Captain Thomas Stoneham;Copy of Chapman and Andre 1777 map showing Whitwells in occupation of Capt Stoneham;List of sundries delivered to Capt Stoneham;1789 declaration of intent to marriage of Robert Thompson Stoneham and Elizabeth Steele;2009 photos of Stoneham lock;Monmental brass of Lady Katherine Howard, 1535, Lambeth Church, Surrey;1789 marriage license of Robert Thompson Stoneham and Elizabeth Steele;Stoneham family crest of arms;Photo of Whitwells;List of clothes in two chests and sundries delivered to Capt Stoneham 1743;1780 list of farming stock and utensils belonging to Thompson Stoneham;(All items mounted for exhibition);
P56FolderConservation SocietyConservation Society1970-1987 paperwork of Little Baddow Conservation Society minutes, newsletters etc.
P56AFolderAldermanburgh Site RedevelopmentAldermanburgh Site Redevelopment1977 redevelopment plans
P66FolderHistoric EssexHistoric Essex1989 East Anglian Daily Times article “Mayflower settlers brought back to life”;Copy of the Chelmsford Chronicle of August 10 1764;1987 edition of Essex Archaeology;Undated letter from Alan C Gifford “Mark Stones of Essex”;1994 edition of Essex Archaeology;Local sources information c1988;Beeleigh Premonstratensian Abbey, Maldon Archaeological Group Report, 1985;Eastern Countries Railway Timetable, 1845;“A Year’s Farming at Great Bentley, 1631-2”, ERO Transcript No 448;Reproductions of Old Engravings (Corn Market, Colchester and St John’s Abbey, Colchester), Essex Countryside, 1973;“The Story of James Morrill”, Bowen Historical Society;“Is Caesaromagnus? The Case for Heybridge”, Essex Chronicle, 1994;“Farming will never be the same again”, Essex Chronicle, 2002;“A Heritage Protection Policy for Essex”, Essex County Council, 1992 Booklet;Leez Priory Leaflet;Essex Heritage News, 1993-1995;The Victoria County History of Essex Appeal Fund papers, c1995;Cressing Temple papers c1995;ERO Update, No 29, 1996;Friends of Chelmsford Museums Newsletter, 1993;“Essex Prepares for Invasion, 1796-1805”, The Essex Review 1951-52;“On Roman Roads in Essex”, Transactions of Essex Archaeology Society, 1920;
P65FolderPolicePolice“Officers Behaving Badly”, Essex Police History Notebook No 30 – Charles Calcraft;“Police March for 150th Anniversary”, Essex Chronicle 1990 – Admiral McHardy Way.;“The Police in Little Baddow”, transcript of a tape by Roy Warsop – PCs Hagger, Hammond, French;Printout of list of instructions to constables from 1802-1815;William Calcraft “His Honour the Finisher of the Law”, Mary Klaber, The Little Baddow Historical Society, 1999;Excerpt from “Hangmen of England – The History of Execution from Jack Ketch to Albert Pierrepoint”, Brian Bailey – William Calcraft;“The Coggeshall Gang”, Martyn Lockwood, Essex Police History Notebook No 29;Essex Police Museum leaflet;Extract from ERO File J/P1/1-30, Little Baddow and Danbury Police;“Too Many Cooks”, Fred Feather, Police History Notebook No 33;
P64FolderNewspaper Reports of Parish Council MeetingsNewspaper Reports of Parish Council Meetings1979 Essex Chronicle article reporting meeting of 7th February.
P59HFolderNotes on Little Baddow HousesNotes on Little Baddow HousesHolybreads;Little Baddow Hall 1918 ;Mill Cottage;The Cock ;Phillows 1931 ;Whitwells Cottages (3);Apsfield Cottages ;Two cottages – possible Hammonds;Cottage in the Bush 1918;Cherry Tree Cottage;Mill Cottage;Formerly Campins Bowling Alley House including map of The County London Electric Supply Co, Ltd;Landgores or Jopps;Great Gunbies or Millers;Fern Cottage;Transcription of D/DRa T44 from Essex Record Office referring to various properties including Wickhay Cottage, Lees Wickhay Green;Notes on Waste;Glovers;Sales Particulars of various properties including 1921 Little Baddow Mill, 1925 Cockleys Cottage, Belle Vue, Longmead, Flett Cottage, 1953 Monks Garden, 1920 Heards, Livermore, Cloggers, 1917 House and Cottage opposite Pilgrims, 1912 Cuckoos;Parsonage Glebe and Tithes;Great and Little Birch Field Birch Wood;Meadow Huskards Mead;Little Baddow Mill;Plyshrines alias Pyglees;Powleas/Powletts;Contents of Tofts 1824;Transcription of Manors date 26 Nov 1656;Details of Hurscardesmell 1272, Huskaidesmell 1404, Huskendes Medowe 1523;Little Baddow Hall Manor details of tenants Michaelmas 1811;Extracts from Survey of Mugthon or Mugden Hall 1589 (Mowden Hall);Edwin Shuring’s Drawings of house details on LB houses;
2023:0011DocNotes on legal document 20th May 1704Part of the collection of documents being examined by Duncan Robertson as of Autumn 2022.
2023:0010DocBackground notes of legal documents ('Hammonds'Made by Duncan Robertson, submitted January 2023. Legal information of leases etc
2022:0027DocNotes on volunteering at the HC (for young people)Made by Grace Doubell in 2022, following work at the HC for her Duke of Edinburgh's Award.
2000:0020PhotoInterior of St Mary's, 2013
P63FolderDanbury and Little Baddow Horticultural SocietyDanbury and Little Baddow Horticultural Society1998 and 2000 membership cards; 1998 Spring Show Programme; 1993/1998/1999 Horticultural Society Newsletter; W.E.A Day School Gardening Question Time Programme; Report of 1904 Show, Danbury Ruridecanal Parish Magazine – J Wood, J W Pledger, J Everett, J J Speakman, G Ager, G Collins, A E Everett, W Wood, W Spokes, C Courtman, H Pryor, G Burr, H Medforth, C Parmentor, W Mulley, J Bowles, C Dowsett; 1954 final correspondence of Little Baddow and Woodham Walter District nursing Association;
P66AFolderNewspapers of Interest to EssexNewspapers of Interest to EssexDaily Telegraph of 7th August 1945 (First Atom Bomb); Daily Telegraph of 25th January 1965 (Death of Churchill)
P66BFolderNewspapers of Interest to EssexNewspapers of Interest to EssexDaily Telegraph of 14th August 1961 (Berlin Border Sealed); Daily Telegraph of 21st July 1969 (Landing on the Moon)
P66CFolderNewspapers of Interest to EssexNewspapers of Interest to EssexDaily Telegraph of 11th December 1936 (Abdication of Edward VIII)
P66DFolderEssex Newspapers of General InterestEssex Newspapers of General InterestEssex Chronicle of 5th August 1988 (Visit of Queen to Chelmsford)
P66FFolderEssex Newspapers of Historic InterestEssex Newspapers of Historic InterestEssex Chronicle of 9h June1978 (Chelmsford Central Bypass); Chelmsford Weekly News of 8th June 1978 (Chelmsford Central Bypass)
P66GFolderEssex Newspapers of Historic InterestEssex Newspapers of Historic InterestCopy of article “Soldier Drowned at Little Baddow” – George Barrett Peacock
P67FolderParish Council Financial Statements 1917-1925Parish Council Financial Statements 1917-1925Parish Council Financial Statements – 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920(2), 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925
P68FolderParish Council Financial Statements 1926-1934Parish Council Financial Statements 1926-1934Parish Council Financial Statements – 1926, 1927, 1928(2), 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934(2)
P69FolderParish Council Financial Statements 1935-1943Parish Council Financial Statements 1935-1943Parish Council Financial Statements – 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940(3), 1941, 1942(3), 1943
P70FolderParish Council Financial Statements 1944-1952Parish Council Financial Statements 1944-1952Parish Council Financial Statements – 1944(2), 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952
P71FolderParish Council Financial Statements 1954-1958Parish Council Financial Statements 1954-1958Parish Council Financial Statements – 1954, 1955, 1956(2), 1957, 1958; Note about Rev Arthur Johnson and Woodlands
P72FolderParish Council Financial Statements 1910Parish Council Financial Statements 1910Parish Council Financial Statements – 1910
P72AFolderParish Council Financial Statements 1985-1990Parish Council Financial Statements 1985-1990Parish Council Financial Statements – 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990
P73AFolderParish Council Financial Papers 1950/51Parish Council Financial Papers 1950/51Parish Council Financial Files, Receipts, Invoices etc – April 1950–Mar 1951
P73BFolderParish Council Financial Papers 1951/52Parish Council Financial Papers 1951/52Parish Council Financial Files, Receipts, Invoices etc – April 1951– Mar 1952
P73DFolderParish Council Financial Papers 1952/53Parish Council Financial Papers 1952/53Parish Council Financial Files, Receipts, Invoices etc – April 1952–Mar 1953
P73GFolderParish Council Financial Papers 1955/56, 1956/57Parish Council Financial Papers 1955/56, 1956/57Parish Council Financial Files, Receipts, Invoices etc – March 1955-September 1957
P74A-BFolderParish Council Reference Booklets relating to Little Baddow and South East Essex Water and Southend WaterCorrespondence relating to Southend Water Bill; 1920 Book of Reference for Little Baddow; 1924 Book of Reference for Little Baddow
P75A-GFolderCivil Defence Instructions to Local Invasion Committees 1939-1945Correspondence relating to Parish Invasion Committees; List of properties and number of inhabitants; 1924 Book of Reference for Little Baddow; Handwritten minutes of LB Parish Invasion Committee 14th January 1942; Two schedules for manning of JI Sector from 1943 and 1944; Instructions for Little Baddow Fire Guard; Map showing hydrant locations; Map of Sector JI (Little Baddow);
P76AFolderGravel Extraction 1928-1953Gravel Extraction 1928-1953
P76bDocMiss Everett, Clerk to Council
P76cDocLitter in Village 19561956 correspondence with Rural District Council regarding emptying of litter bins in village
P76dDocLitter in Village 19571957 correspondence with Charrington Brewers regarding state of land around General’s Arms
P76eFolderCaretakers for Village Hall
P73EFolderParish Council Financial Papers -1953/54Parish Council Financial Papers -1953/54Parish Council Financial Files, Receipts, Invoices etc – April 1954-September 1954
P73FFolderParish Council Financial Papers -1954Parish Council Financial Papers -1954Parish Council Financial Files, Receipts, Invoices etc – April 1953-March 1954
2022:0028DocNotes on Lower Common by Grace DoubellPublished in 2 parts in Little Baddow News. Grace produced this as part of her Duke of Edinburgh's Award project.
2000:0022PhotoThe Old RodneyEdwardian photo at gate between Love's Lane and Heather HillsShows family - details not known. Listed as 'Little Baddow No. 7'.
2000:0024PhotoWalter Warsop and others batmaking(details not known)
2000:0026PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillSpalding postcard of Coleraines
2023:0001PhotoAxehead and spearhead (A12 / A13)(digital image of artefacts in collection)
P76CFolderGravel Extraction 1955-1958Gravel Extraction 1955-1958
P77aDocParish Council – Trees1966 Essex Weekly article “Flattened trees anger Rector” (Rev Arthur King); 1942-1958 correspondence re tree preservation in Little Baddow
P77bDocParish Council – Woodland Letter Box1957 correspondence re Woodlands Letter Box
P77fDocParish Council – Sports Field Pavilion1957 estimate for work to Sports Pavilion from S.A. and A.S.Willett
P77gDocParish Council – Tithe Awards / Map1843 Tithe awards for Little Baddow – listing landowners and occupiers; Photocopy of 1843 Tithe Map – original in ERO
P77hDocParish Council – Naming of Roads1957 correspondence re standardisation of road names.
P77iDocParish Council – Tithe Redemption Commission 19571957 correspondence with Tithe Redemption Commission
P77jDocParish Council – Wolfenden Commission in Sport 19581957-58 correspondence
P77kDocParish Council – Little Baddow Playing Fields1957 estimate for work to Sports Pavilion from S.A. and A.S.Willett including plan of proposed work.
P77l-pDocParish Council Insurance1942-1965 documents relating to Parish Council Insurance
2023:0002DocMarriage settlement, 1735Notes on deed, produced by Duncan Robertson, February 2023.
2023:0003Doc2021-2023Notes on sale of Wickhay Cottage, 1807Also known as Pilcherines / Pilgrims, ERO D/DRa T44
2023:0004Doc2021-2023Parish Newsletter, Spring 2022
2023:0005MapFootpaths, 1986 and 1989Agreed maps public rights of way in the village on those dates, provided by the Parish Council.
2023:0006Doc2021-2023Millennium WalkMap and instructions on card. Circular walk 6.9 miles.
2022:0026FolderLittle Baddow: the Story of an Essex VillageBook by Mel Thompson, published in November 2022; word file of text and images; cover photoshop file; front cover jpeg.
P76BFolderGravel Extraction 1954Gravel Extraction 1954Further correspondence relating to Gravel Workings at Hollybreds Farm and Wedlock Green; Handwritten letters from Constance Turner and others residents; Notes on Parish Meeting 29th September 1954; Letter from John R Owles headed “Town and Country Act 1947 Proposed Sand and Gravel Working Act Little Baddow, Essex Appeal by Mr C Stubbings dated 7th October 1954; Letter from Parish council to the Minister of Housing and Local Government headed “Gravel Workings in the Parish of Little Baddow, Essex” dated 9th October 1954; Handwritten draft of former letter; Replies from Tom Driberg MP, Rural District of Maldon, Maldon Division Conservative Association, Hubert Ashton MP, Bernard Floud, The Nature Conservancy, The National Trust, CPRE, The Ramblers’ Association; Minutes of Little Baddow Parish Council Ordinary Meeting, 30th November 1954 – R St John Brice, B&M Martin, J Pheby, H Stracy, C Turner, C G Vanstone; Minutes of Little Baddow Preservation Society 21st December 1954 – N E Davis, F E Thorrington, J R Owles, Mrs D S Thompson, Peter Baker, R St John Brice, Rev W F G Mitchell, B Martin; Notes on Public Meeting held 7/12/54 to discuss Gravel Workings – N E Davies, J R Owles, F E Thorrington
2023:0094DocBlakes Wood by Mr W R HoodPDF of booklet by Mr Hood, who donated Blakes Wood to the National Trust.
2023:0009FolderNovels by Jesse BerridgeSundry digital files from the new editions, 2015.
BF/ChapelFolderChapelCopy of photograph of board in Chapel showing Ministers of the Church from 1662-1980; Abbreviated notes on William Parry Minister 1780-1799; Abbreviated notes on Reverend Stephen Morell 1773-1852; Copy of print of Chapel by Mark Rowland; A summary of the life of Reverend Deryck Collingwood 1916-; Service details of the service for the Ecumenical Covenant held June 12th 2005; Pictures of the Chapel and Manse postcard by Fred Spalding ; Copy of the Role of Honour board in Little Baddow Congregational Church (later known as the United Reform Chapel); Churchyard Management plan by Brenda Hooson; Summary of prizes awarded to URC by the Rural Community Council of Essex 1919-2009; Description of the churchyard and the flowers to be found including plant hunt on March 2004 and April 2011; Notes on “Through the Seasons - Notes on the Churchyard and Grounds” by Brenda Hooson; A picture of The Congregational Chapel Sunday Treat at the Old Rodney 1904 showing James Burgess the Minister; Picture showing the Sunday School Workshop 1998; A picture of Little Baddow United Reformed Church Sunday School in The Manse garden 29th May 1977 taken by A.V.Sharman; Picture of Brenda’s Blue Christmas The Chapel 2001; Picture of URC Sale of Work in 1988 showing Shirley Gibson and Hazel Rowland
P78AaDocMemorial Hall as Polling Station
P78AbDocMemorial Hall Branch Library1951 correspondence re hire of Memorial Hall room as a branch library.; 1958 correspondence relating to condition of library floor
P78AcDocMemorial Hall Repair and Redecorating 1950, 1953/41953 estimate for repairs and decorations to Memorial Hall.; Photo of Memorial Hall interior showing decorative glass panel; 1964 correspondence re replacement of glass panel; Illustration of glass panel
P78AdDocMemorial Hall used as child welfare centre 1953-1957Financial correspondence; 1954 correspondence regarding provision of a cupboard to store Welfare Foods.; 1953/4 correspondence regarding provision of a trolley for weighing scales
P78AeDocMemorial Hall Drainage
2023:0007BookThe History of Old Riffhams by Jim LeaverPrivately published by W A J Leaver in 2021
2023:0008FolderDocuments on Old Riffhams
P78/1aDocMemorial Hall Extension 1945-53
P78/1bDocMemorial Hall Extension 1958
P78/1cDocMemorial Hall Extension 1957
P78/1dDocMemorial Hall Extension 1956Correspondence regarding extension to hall; Plans of existing hall and proposed extension
P78/1eDocMemorial Hall Mortgage 19361936 documentation relating to Parish Hall mortgage
P78/1fDocMemorial Hall School 1919-19201919-1920 documentation regarding mortgage for purchasing the Old School and School House for the purpose of a Parish Hall
P78/2FolderMemorial Hall Extension 1973-1976Photographs of Model of proposed Memorial Hall; Correspondence regarding changes to Memorial Hall (enlarged kitchen, separate bar area, improvement to toilets); Plan of proposed changes to Memorial Hall
2023:0013DocMr Bell the Paraffin ManNotes from interview with Tony Bell, 19th July 2018, taken by Mel Thompson
2023:0014PhotoSketch of the URCUnknown artist.
2023:0015PhotoPostcard of Bracken Hill, Spring Elms LaneBracken Hill tea rooms.
2023:0016DocDocuments from 1745
2023:0017DocAmy BullSuffragette; died at General's Orchard, The Ridge; commemmorated by blue plaque; notes from national biog database.
2023:0018PhotoThe Old Rodney, Children's CornerPhoto of postcard.
P106FolderThe National Schools Little Baddow & Danbury and Evacuees during WW2The National Schools Little Baddow & Danbury and Evacuees during WW2LB Church of England The War Years.;Extracts from School Log Book 1876.;Extracts from 1874 onwards.;Head report for managers at C of E School.;Village schools from 17th Century to 1960.;LB School Concert 1950.;Manse School, Village School.; Unwillingly to School - Christine Jemmeson BA education mid Essex rural parish 19th Century.;LB School, given to children when admitted.;Paper cutting regarding retirement of Head at St John’s Primary School 2006.;Heathcote School;Little Baddow’s Educational History;Evacuees;Little Baddow School Instructions for pupils and parents;Evacuees.;Rules for LB School.;Annual treat to The Rodney.;Evacuees;
P78EaDocMemorial Hall – Parish Council General Correspondence / Minutes 1920-19391922 correspondence re purchase of Hall from British School;1927 letter from H B Luard re providence of Scout Hall;1932 correspondence re repairs and decoration to Memorial Hall;1933 list of light fittings for Memorial Hall;Letting charges and rules;Caretaker duties;1933 correspondence re electrical lighting installation work;
P78EbDocMemorial Hall – Parish Council General Correspondence / Minutes 1940-1949
P78EcDocMemorial Hall – Parish Council General Correspondence / Minutes 1950-19551950 correspondence re water supply;1954-55 receipts
P78EdDocMemorial Hall – Parish Council General Correspondence / Minutes 1956-1960
P78BaDocMemorial Hall Hire Charges 1949-1955
P78BbDocMemorial Hall Hire Charges 1956-1957
P78BcDocMemorial Hall Hire Charges 1958-1959
P78BdDocMemorial Hall Hire Charges 1950-19521951 correspondence re hiring of Memorial Hall with Essex County Health Services (Little Baddow Child Welfare Centre), Essex Education Committee, Women’s Institute, Conservative Association
P78BeDocMemorial Hall Hire Charges 1931-1949
P78BfDocMemorial Hall Hire Charges 1985-19901984/1987, 1985/86, 1986/87,1987/88 and 1988/89 Hall accounts;Scale of charges;Balance of accounts at 31.3.86 and 31.3.87;1984-1988 Little Baddow Hall Bookings
P78CaDocEducation and the Memorial Hall 1950
P78CbDocEducation and the Memorial Hall 1951-1952
P78CcDocEducation and the Memorial Hall 1953-1954
P78CdDocEducation and the Memorial Hall 1955-1956
P78CeDocEducation and the Memorial Hall 1940-1949
P78DaDocMemorial Hall Entertainment and Licenses 1958License for public performance of Stage Plays;License for purpose of public Music and Dancing;Terms and conditions relating to licenses;Correspondence relating to licenses
P78DbDocMemorial Hall Entertainment and Licenses 1957
P78DcDocMemorial Hall Entertainment and Licenses 1956
P78DdDocMemorial Hall Entertainment and Licenses 1955
P78DeDocMemorial Hall Entertainment and Licenses 1954
P78DfDocMemorial Hall Entertainment and Licenses 1950-1953
P78DgDocMemorial Hall Entertainment and Licenses 1940-1949
P78DhDocMemorial Hall Entertainment and Licenses 1931-1939
P107FolderGood NeighboursGood NeighboursLittle Baddow Neighbours scheme 1984;1990 invitation from Chelmsford Assoc of Community Care Groups to join. To be called Little Baddow Community Care Group;The Good Neighbours scheme was initially sponsored by the communities of the 2 churches.
P79FolderParish Council: Almshouses 1923-1961Parish Council: Almshouses 1923-1961
BF/Houses Q-ZFolderQ-ZOld Village Stocks; The Rodney Inn - Smith; The Old Rodney - Jordan, Pullen, Mecklenburg, Boreham, Clark; The Old Vicarage; The Rectory - Ady, Butterfield, Tayler, Berridge; The Return; Riffhams; Rye Field; Ropers; Rose Cottage; Shouldersticks; Smugglers Barn; Sorrells - Sorrell, Campion, Aylett, Puddephatt, Marven, Rasch; The Stores North Hill; Tofts; Little Baddow Hall; The Old Vicarage; Huskards Mill (Paper Mill); Water Hall (Belmers); Walters Cottage; Warren Cottage; Well Cottage; Well House; Wedlock Cottage (aka Loves Green and then Whitlock Green) - Woodward, Came, Hopwood, Thorrington; Whitwells; The Willows; Yew Tree Cottage; Luard’s House; Woodlands -Meggy, Livermore,Boldero, Ady, Luard;
P113FolderVarious CensusesVarious CensusesCopy 1881 Census; Copy 1851 Census; Copy 1901 Census, 2 pages including Little Baddow Hall; Transcription 1841 Census; Transcription 1881 for Phillips Family
2000:0028Doc1967-1979 Parish Council PapersMinutes of Ordinary and Annual Meetings 1967-1979
2000:0029Doc1967-1979 Parish Council PapersParish Newsletters 1967-1979
2000:0030Doc1967-1979 Parish Council PapersVillage Activity Lists 1967-1979
2000:0031Doc1967-1979 Parish Council PapersThe Renewal Program 1970s Leaflet
2000:0120Doc1955-1966 Parish Council Papers1955-1966 Minutes of Ordinary and Annual Meetings
2000:0033Doc1955-1966 Parish Council Papers1962 Index of Village Organisations
2000:0034Doc1933-1934 Parish Council PapersParish Council Correspondence 1933-1934Mr A.E.Robinson (Firtree Lane), Advertisement Byelaws
2000:0035Doc1933-1934 Parish Council Papers1933 Transfer of ownership of “The Rodney”From Edward William Bickmore to John Vincent Goldsworthy
2023:0031DocDocument from 1765
2023:0032DocCricketA Brief History of Little Baddow Cricket Club
2000:0036Doc1943-1949 Parish Council Papers1943-1949 Parish Council correspondenceCharringtons, Sale of Pasture Land adjoining Memorial Hall( Mr W R Hood, Mr Frank Ager, Mr Wooder), Mrs Sapford (Almshouses), Rev W.F.G.Mitchell (The Rectory), Wickhay Cottages ( Mr Mead, Mr Partlett, Little Baddow Copyhold Allotments – Poors Wood (Joseph J Speakman, W B Blood, William Gooday Strutt, Jeremiah Pledger, James Tweed, Samuel Snow, Johnson Clark), Mr and Mrs William Brown (Oakworth Cottage)
2000:0037DocArchaeologyHandwritten notes on archaeology
2000:0038DocArchaeologyThe Medieval Tilery at DanburyEssex Archaeological Society Pamphlet by P J Drury, Chairman of Research and Fieldwork Committee, March 1974
2000:0039DocArchaeologyTwo Bronze Looped Axeheads found on Phillows Farm, 1974Photocopies of pages 146 and 147 from an unnamed source with “Work undertaken by Essex County Council Archaeological Section 1971-76” by Christine Couchman
2000:0040DocArchaeologyFossil Horns found at Paper Mill BridgeLetter from Colchester and Essex Museum, dated 26 May 1965, to Mrs P.T.Barker (The Ridge House) regarding Fossil Horns found in 1935 and late Bronze Age hoard.
2000:0041DocArchaeologyExhibition notes on archaeological finds in Little BaddowFinds from Site of Old Vicarage, Brick Making (16th/17th century), Bronze axe-head found near New Lodge
2023:0033DocPeople and Events of Little BaddowVillage of the WeekEssex Chronicle, 4 Dec 2008 – John and Jenny McCrindle, Simon and Margaret Johnson, Mary Buckley, John Robinson
P21FolderProperties Spring Elms LaneProperties Spring Elms Lane
2023:0034DocPoliceGreat-great-great-grandfather’s other jobArticle by Richard A Jeffery, Family Tree Magazine, September 1995
2023:0035DocPoliceNotes on William CalcraftVarious sources including Dictionary of National Biography, Baptism records of Little Baddow URC
2000:0044BookLittle Baddow in the Seventeenth Century by J Berridge.Reprints from Essex Review Vol 43, January, April, July 1934
2000:0045BookLittle Baddow in the Sixteenth Century by J Berridge.Reprints from Essex Review Vol 45 October 1936, Vol 46 April 1937
2000:0046BookJesse Berridge PapersLittle Baddow in the Middle Ages by J BerridgeReprints from Essex Review Vol 48 January, April, July 1939
2023:0036DocDoc I from 1765Document of 1765; William and Sarah Tagell; assignment of mortage dated 1745
2023:0037DocDoc J from 1766Mortgage of 1766
2023:0038DocDoc K from 1772Letter dated 1772
2023:0039PhotoImage of doc K from 1772Image of letter dated 1772
P116FolderTour of village - on cards (R Warsop 1979)Tour of village - on cards (R Warsop 1979)Schools; Colam Lane – Hill Cottage, Cranley and Anns Cottage, Cockleys, Rectory, Lordlands, Broadmead, Longmead, Lammes Lands; Village Hall – Memorial Hall; Miss Sorrell’s Shop; Aldermanburgh (Shipmans); Parsonage Farm (now Elm Green School); Cricket Fielda; Generals Arms named after Maj Gen William Goodaye Strutt; Mill Lane; Monks Garden; Twitty Fee, the house Joyces Corner; Dukes Orchard; Rodney Gate Cottage, small, known as Tomtit Hall and later as Sweeps Cottage, sweep lived there. The hill sometimes known as Sweeps Hill; The Rodney or Heather Hill; Wedlock Green; Village Boundary, just before Spring Elms Farm Land; Woodham Walter Common; Cloggers Farm, where they made cloggs; Chamberlains; Old Bassetts and New Bassetts; Tofts; North Hill; Walters Cottage; Lower end of North Hill; Coleraines, Poleighs and Fir Tree Cottage. Paper Mill.; Cock Farm; Lane beside Cock Farm leading to Pilgrims formerly Pulcherines, Edmund Butler lived there and left money to the Butler Charity; Rose Cottage and Rose Fair Field, Holybred Lane; Bowling Alley House (had shelter for people suffering from T.B.; Holybred Farm; Chesnut Cottage (once know as Scotchmans Hill); Cuckoos; Forge Holybred Lane; Baddow Hall; Chapel Lane; Cottage of left by Rowans used to be a beer house called Rose and Crown; Kings Mill; Phillows Farm on Sandon Road; Hammonds Farm, home of the Pledgers; Walter Hall; Old Riffhams; Great Graces; Thatched Cottage Riffhams Lane; New Riffhams (actually in Danbury)
P118FolderParish Magazines - now called Little Baddow News, Cash BooksParish Magazines - now called Little Baddow News, Cash Books
2023:0040DocWorld War Two2016 Rededication ServiceEssex Heritage News article Spring 2017
2023:0041DocWorld War TwoDiary of Blakes Wood during WW2Syd Enefer, John Dawkins, Miss Hudson, Mr Bradleys, W Scrivener
2023:0042DocLittle Baddow History Centre2008 History Centre Exhibition
2023:0043DocLittle Baddow History CentreLittle Baddow History CentreArticle from little Baddow Newsletter, March 2011
2023:0044DocLittle Baddow History CentreLittle Baddow History CentreA Local Jewel in the Crown, The Journal article, unknown date
2023:0045DocLittle Baddow History Centre2004 History Centre Dedication CeremonyProgramme for Annual Hooker/Eliot Memorial Service at Cuckoos Farm and History Centre Dedication Ceremony at Little Baddow Chapel
2023:0046DocLittle Baddow History Centre2005 History Centre ExhibitionFlyer for Faith History exhibition
2023:0047DocLittle Baddow History Centre2003/4 History Centre Fundraising Appeal
2017:0087DocLittle Baddow History Centre2010/11 History Centre Exhibitions and EventsArchives of Achievement, The Parish Chest Revisited, The Countryside Around Little Baddow,
2000:0048DocLittle Baddow History Centre2012/13 History Centre Exhibitions and EventsOur Village in the 20th Century, Fragmentation to Reconciliation 1662-2012, Read All About Us
2000:0050PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillNorth HillFred Spalding postcard looking up North Hill to Miss Sorrell’s shop
2000:0051PhotoPast and PresentNorth HillNotes on the back of photograph are by Roy Warsop (the shorter of the two boys shown in the photo); Mr (Pigkiller) Ager and Mrs Ager (by Warren Collage), Harry Martin and R Warsop. Poss date 1911
2000:0136BookLittle Baddow Scarecrows 2009 Calendar
2023:0048DocOur Village a century ago or thereabouts - notes compiled by Joan Barker from Parish Newsletters, 1966/7Twitty Fee, Clarkes Farm, Cottage in the Bush, Pattentees, Awkward Square, Cherry Tree Bungalow, Woodlands, Fern Cottage, Generals Arms, Aldermanburgh, Old Post Office, Boarded Cottage (Pitt Cottage), Cloggers, Gibbs, Gibbs Cottages, Wedlock Cottage, Ashcroft, Sunnmead, Old House, Pheasand House Cottages, Duke's Orchard, Rodney Gate, Hockham Hills, Well House, Monks Carden, Bellevue Cottages, Cockleys, Hood's Old Cottage, Ann'e Cottage, The Rectory, The Bungalow, Hill Cottage, Policeman's House, Almshouses, The National School, Shoulder Stick Hall, Brick Cottages, Littlecotes, Hillside, Ambleside, Boarded Cottages, Holly Cottage, Warren Farm, Warren Cottage, Two cottages just above the Rodney Inn, TheRodney, North Hill Cottage, Horth Hill road - original line of Robjohn's Hill, Fern Cottage, Cock Farm, Old Rectory, The Lodge.
2023:0049FolderDigital copies of portions of Barrington Map
2023:0050DocLittle Baddow History CentreList of exhibitions and brochuresList of exhibitions from 2008 to 2019, along with History Centre brochures 2008 to 2014 (2011-12 missing)
2023:0052Doc2021-20232005 Little Baddow Village Design Statement
2023:0054DocWildlife, Nature ReservesLittle Baddow – The Annual Ford Clean UpUndated copy of newspaper article re fourth annual clean up
P33FolderAerial PhotographsAerial Photographs
2000:0058PhotoAerial PhotographsAerial Photo of River Chelmer looking east (26th Sept 1970)Area to the east of North Hill, take from 6,000'
2000:0054PhotoArchaeologyTrack to Old Vicarage c2020
P117FolderTranscripts of tapes of conversations on memoriesTranscripts of tapes of conversations on memories
BF/Ghosts and WitchesFolderGhosts and WitchesLaminated map of the Witchcraft Prosecutions at the Essex Assizes 1560-1680; Witches of Little Baddow 1560-1680 including Alice Swallow who was accused of bewitching Alice Bastwick wife of William Bastwick and Elizabeh Goores daughter of William so they died. Also John Dagnet husbandman and four horses belonging to John Franke. She pleaded not guilty at the 1570 assizes but was hanged.; Alice Bambricke, spinister, bewitched Richard Hawkes aged 7 days he died 1st September 1569. She was found not guilty.; Hauntings at Cuckoos house reference to a Puritan man being seen in the lane near a hedge one reference from Joan Arkle ; Alice Mildmay and a ghostly sighting at Graces Walk extract from A Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Essex by Jess Payne.; Gemma Hooper reference to 1950 ghost in Graces Walk taken from; Heather Chaplin seeing ghost in 1973 taken from; The Ghost of Graces Bridge which appeared in Coasts Cuttings a newsletter published by the Chelmer Canal Trust.; Two black and white pictures of Little Baddow Grace’s Walk in 1903 and 1906.; Report from the Echo Newspaper published Saturday 28th July 2001 referring to Little Baddow couple’s ghostly experience.; Laminated picture from The Chelmer Trust of the “spooked” Graces Bridge.; The Haunting of Suzannah Andrews who lived at Walters Cottage with her niece in 1901.; Black and white copy of picture of Granny Andrews.; Samuel Shaen of The Crix Hatfield Peveral regular attendee of the Chapel at Little Baddow and the story of a ghostly dog that haunted his house.; Narrative of The Old Lady of Colam Lane by unknown author and undated.; Narrative of a ghostly couple on the Lingwood Mound.; Details from M Hernimans talk 2007 regarding ghosts in Little Baddow.
2000:0056DocAerial PhotographsEssex Chronicle publication 14th September 2001 entitled Essex History from the Air.Top of Colam Lane, Little Baddow 1971
2000:0130PhotoAerial PhotographsAerial photo of ToftsFrom north, 19th June 2000 c.7pm
2000:0132PhotoAerial PhotographsAerial photo of Chelmer Cottage19th June 2000 c.7pm
2000:0134PhotoAerial PhotographsAerial photo of North HillFrom NE, 19th June 2000 c.7pm
2023:0058DocCricketLittle Baddow Cricket Club – Club Fixtures 2015
2023:0060DocWWI MemorabiliaLetters from Uncle Joe compiled by Jeg RoastExtracts of letters written by Joseph Brewer to his family during 1916 and 1917 whilst serving in the Great War
2023:0062DocThe National Schools Little Baddow & Danbury and Evacuees during WW2Letter to WW2 evacuee’s family from Little Baddow host
P80Dd-gFolder1988-2005 Parish Council Papers
2000:0122Doc1984-1987 Minutes of Ordinary and Annual Meetings
2000:0066Doc1984-85 Little Baddow Activities and Services Leaflet
2000:0068Doc1986-87 Little Baddow Activities and Services Leaflet
2000:0070Doc1988-1990 Minutes of Ordinary and Annual Meetings
2000:0072Doc1992 Parish Newsletter
2000:0074Doc1996 Information Pack (Activities List and Information)
2000:0076Doc2005 Little Baddow Parish Council Annual Report and Newsletter
2000:0078FolderParish Council Papers 1950-1952Parish Council Papers 1950-1952
P83FolderParish Council: General Proceedings, Correspondence 1955Parish Council: General Proceedings, Correspondence 1955Tunstill’s Wood, W F G Mitchell
P85FolderParish Council: General Proceedings, Correspondence 1957Parish Council: General Proceedings, Correspondence 1957Bus Service for children attending Sandon School, Playing Field Swings, Battening of Chairs, Flooding in Wickhay Cottages, Fire Extinguishers
2000:0060DocJames HarrisNotes on James Harris (URC Preacher of Woodham Walters) by Stella Waller
P86FolderParish Council: General Proceedings, Correspondence 1958Parish Council: General Proceedings, Correspondence 1958Rules for Notices exhibited on Parish Council Board, Letter from Ursula Gregory (Bassetts) re donation of R J Washington sketch “Black Bridge”
2023:0051PhotoSt Andrew's Rooms, North Hilltaken in 2015 by Mel Thompson
2023:0053PhotoSchool, North Hill, showing bomb shelterPoor quality scan from newspaper; date unknown.
2000:0063PhotoEdwardian postcard of Old Rodney, with people seated on grassLabelled Little Baddow Number 1
2000:0067PhotoJohn Vale standing in doorway of his shop
2023:0055PhotoOriginal Parish Chest used for display.
2023:0057PhotoPhoto of watercolour of the History Centre by Gill Goodson
2000:0083PhotoWI 40th Anniversary Lunch (for menu, see P2b17)Also shows original War Memorial Board.
2000:0085DocPDF of LB War Heroes book.
2000:0087FolderPhotographs from the 17th century Faire, 2012.
P103AFolderLB Historical Society 2000-2006LB Historical Society 2000-2006LBHS Programmes 2000-2001, 2001-2002; LBHS Newsletter 2001; Jubilee Calendar 2002
2000:0080DocLittle Baddow History Centre2006 History Centre Exhibitions and Events
2000:0089PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPaper Mill, view across navigation, date unknown.
2000:0142DocLittle Baddow in the PastCopies of documents relating to cottage near Manse occupied by Lindsell family
2000:0082ArtLieutenant Jesse Dell WWI Medals
2000:0084ArtArthur Evan Thomas WWI Memorabilia
2000:0086ArtFriends of the VillagePortrait and notes about Miss Mary Pyne and Margaret Kirwan (Gibbs Cottage)
2000:0088ArtLittle Baddow MillFramed print
2000:0090ArtPlaque of Hartford MeetinghouseMembers of the First Church of Christ in Hartford, known as Center Church and founded in 1632 in Cambridge, MA, trekked with their minister, the Rev Thomas Hooker, to settle Hartford, CT in 1636, The meetinghouse was built in 1807.
2000:0092ArtDeryck CollingwoodFramed colour photo 1985
P113bFolderVarious CensusesInformation from Little Baddow 1851 census
P113gFolderVarious Censuses1821 censusERO D/P35/18/3
P113hFolderVarious Censuses1831 censusERO D/P35/11/2
P113iFolderVarious CensusesGaol Rates 1822-1825List of Little Baddow population showing the amount of gaol rate paid to overseers (ERO D/P35/11/2)
P113jFolderVarious CensusesCopy of 1801 censusERO D/P35/18/2
P113kFolderVarious Censuses1911 censusSample of some of the census forms, mostly North Hill
2000:0094Art1909 Burleigh print of an area near Baddow RodneyFramed colour print
2000:0096DocScouts, Hockey and SportsfieldLittle Baddow Hockey Club 1956 ReunionHostess: Mary Martin : Longwood, Little Baddow, Elise and Pyev Carter, Annie Mountfort, Molly and Alan Hendricks, Daphne and Bill Green , John and Mary Munro, Eileen and Mike Akehust (did not attend – apology sent), Ron and Vera Puddephat, Rita and Roger Byrne (did not attend, apology sent ), Mary and Bob Rolton (did not attend, apology sent), Sheila Knight (did not attend , apology sent), Ann Tyrell (did not attend, apology sent), John and Jennifer Fowler , Eddie Wood , Bob and Margaret Upson, Judy and Ken Iliffe, Yvonne Vince (did not attend, apology), Noel and Chris Taylor, Pat and Bill Warner, Bill and Jean Windley (did not attend, apology sent), Pat Manaton, Judy Ashdown(did not attend, apology sent), Jean Hydes (did not attend , apology sent, donation sent), David Kiddle (did not attend , apology sent, donation sent), Jennifer Speakman (did not attend, apology sent), Janet Christie (did not attend), Richard Ratcliffe (did not attend, apology sent), Mike Parker, Mary Parker (did not attend), Margaret Parker (did not attend), Wilf and Nita Sizer, Goff West, Pam Baker (did not attend), Jill Stacey (did not attend), John Burgess (did not attend), Ann Dickson (did not attend), Susan Massingham (did not attend), Robin and Cynthia Fanshawe, Ron Holdcroft (did not attend ) , Benny Foreman (did not attend, apology sent), Fenwick Wilson ( did not attend, apology sent), Gordon and Joyce Cullen (did not attend , apology sent – “love to all”), Bunny Rogers (did not attend ), Margaret Burr (did not attend) , Janet Burr (signed Janet Gloghnnz??), Pat Ward (did not attend), Richard Bailey , David Gill (did not attend), Jack and Joyce Mills, Desmond Collins (did not attend), Mavis and Felicity Butcher (did not attend), Ian Peke (did not attend), Bruce Ratcliffe (did not attend, apology sent ), Mary Phippen (Holland) (did not attend , apology sent), Margaret and David Enders (did not attend), Mike Parry-Cook (did not attend), Bill Agar (did not attend), Rita Rom (did not attend), George Mins (did not attend), Richard Walkdene (did not attend), Malcom Godfrey and wife , Ray Olley and wife, Johnny Latham (did not attend), Susan Tubbs – (signed Sue Lidbury-Tubbs) , John Muirhead (did not attend, apology sent), Henry Nurse (did not attend), Roy Hollowell ( did not attend, apology sent and donation sent), Jackie Eavney (did not attend, apology sent), John Fillibrown (did not attend), Peter Andrews and wife (did not attend, apology sent)
2023:0059DocDeed dated 1776
2023:0061DocLetter dated 1772
2023:0063PhotoPhoto image of 2023.0061
2023:0065DocDeed dated 1774
2023:0067Doc4 deeds, August 1781Labelled as Doc M
2023:0069PhotoSt Mary's 'Churchyard Gang' 1996(Back row from left) Geoff Pyman, Ted Grace, Tom Coxhead, John Whitehouse (front row) John Murrell, John Vale, David Briggs.
2023:0071PhotoSt Mary's 'Churchyard Gang' c 1999(from left) Ted Grace, John Murrell, Geoff Pyman, John Whitehouse, Cliff Hazell, David Briggs, Tom Coxhead.
2023:0073BookAlbum of photographs of Elm Green SchoolCompiled by Ruth Olwen Bennett, 1965 to 2000. given by Nigel Bennett, 2016.
2023:0075DocElm Green SchoolElm Green School - the Early YearsTalk by Michael Tubbs, 11th May 2017.
2023:0077DocSt Mary's ChurchCedric Arnold (organ builder)Note on history of organ building in Thaxted. Arnold built the organ at St Mary's.
2023:0079DocDiamond Jubilee celebrations, 2012Quiz and Treasure Hunt walks. (Folder ref 2021.0053)
2023:0081Photo2021-2023Group photograph in Memorial Hall(no details yet - enter into photocopy)
2000:0104FolderDeryck CollingwoodDeryck Collingwood3 Letters from Deryck Collingwood to Joan Barker 1990/91 mentioning some 17th century LB inhabitants
P132FolderWell HouseWell HouseHistory of Well House by J Barker; 1989 letter from Adam Price re history of Renney family at Well House in 1881 plus photographs of house and gardens
P134FolderGeneral's ArmsGeneral's ArmsList of publicans from 1855-1937; Essex Chronicle article re 2003 re-opening
P135FolderWalter's CottageWalter's CottagePhoto of cottage c1950s; Photo of cottage in 1955; Photo of restoration of village well at cottage; Photo of restoration completed and pumping water; Photo looking down village well during restoration; Little Walters in April 1968, when Elsie and Harry Humphries were tenants; Aerial photo of cottage c1981; Photo of orchard, Christmas 1993; Copies of aerial photos of cottage, August 1954, June 1970, Winter 1980/81, June 2000
P138FolderAdmiral John McHardyAdmiral John McHardyOutline of his life; Correspondence of Sir Alastair Stewart; Article on the loss of Admiral McHardy’s eldest child Mary in the River Chelmer in 1844; McHardy family tree; Essex Weekly articles on retirement (1881) and death (1882); Picture of his wife, Horatio McHardy
P139FolderValuation List c1910-1915Valuation List c1910-1915For properties in village – includes occupier, owner, name and description of property, rental and rateable value
P142FolderVillage Design Statement Photo SurveyVillage Design Statement Photo SurveyExhibition sheets from the Photo Survey Day and area route map
P144FolderMarven Family InformationMarven Family InformationMarven family lived at Sandford Lock; Family tree; Copy of inscription in family bible; Copies of photographs, census and BMD certificates
P145FolderHarry Humphries DiariesHarry Humphries DiariesDiaries dated 1930-1932 and 1950 detailing Harry’s working day
P147FolderArtists in Little BaddowArtists in Little BaddowOriginal sketch of Old Woman by Geoffrey Burnand (Prix de Rome); Leaflet with biographical details and self portrait of Geoffrey Burnand
P148FolderOf Sound and Disposing Mind - Little Baddow Wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1800-1858 by John Bundock, 2009Of Sound and Disposing Mind - Little Baddow Wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1800-1858 by John Bundock, 2009Book plus copies of wills of Jeremiah Pledger (1857), Susannah Sorrell (1837), Frances Ward (1845), John Raven (1840), Frances Burgess (1818), John Simmons (1819), William Johnson (1830, William Goodday Strutt (1848)
P149FolderJean Bardwell’s (nee Brazier) Personal ArchiveJean Bardwell’s (nee Brazier) Personal ArchivePhoto of Baker’s of Danbury undated – Robin Stockwell, Brian Linnett, Maurice Bardwell, Peter Linnett, Charles Edward Brazier; Work time sheet used by employees of Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation c 1930; Photographic collection and notes Little Baddow down at the Canal, People and school, Memories of trades and House History of Leigh Brow; The Copper Beech Tree – a year in the life of Jean Bardwell age 10 (1956)
2023:0083DocFurther developments at Hammonds in 1781Labelled as Doc N
2023:0085Doc2021-2023Newspaper cutting: memorial of George BrazierOn war memorial dedication, 2016.
2023:0087DocDocument on Little Baddow Chapel folk1901 list of church members, their ages and occupations – Rev Joseph Stanley, Laetitia Morell, Alice Morell, Mrs Comp, Mrs Ann French, Lydia Murley, Jane Stanley, Mary Stanley, Vira Stanley, William Raven, Elizabeth Raven, J Wilfred Pledger, Ethel Pledger, Alfred Gamble, Ada Gamble, Fred Finch, Lily French, William Henry Burdock, Jane Burdock, Sarah Harden, Sarah Courtman, David Marvin
2023:0089Doc1795; Will of William Hart SeniorLabelled as Doc O
2023:0091Doc1798: Will of Samuel HartLabelled as Doc P
2023:0093Doc3 deeds of 1804; Mary Hart, Jeremiah PledgerLabelled as Doc Q
2000:0106DocPoliceBaddow Policeman Goes Mad on his BeatEssex County Standard article 16 Sept 1899 – George Jones
P152FolderWilliam Washington ArchiveWilliam Washington Archive
2000:0108DocWilliam Washington ArchiveChristmas card by William Washington showing a line drawing of St Mary’s ChurchDated Xmas 1952 and New Year 1953, addressed to Daisy Alcock
2000:0110ArtWilliam Washington ArchiveWilliam Washington line drawing of The Granite BridgeKingshouse, Argyllshire, no date
2000:0112DocWilliam Washington ArchiveWilliam Washington letter regarding Miss Alcock’s appealSent from Upper Norwood dated 26 June 1951
2000:0114DocWilliam Washington ArchiveWilliam Washington letter stating enclosure of cheque for £1.10.0Sent from High Garret, undated
2000:0116DocWilliam Washington ArchiveChristmas card by William Washington showing line drawing of Victory sign over Union Jack below lionDated 1941
2023:0095Doc1804, two deedsLabelled as Doc R
2023:0097DocIn 'Other Documents' folder.Labelled as Doc S
2023:0099DocIn 'Other Documents' folder.Labelled as Doc T
2023:0084PhotoMemoriesJohn Vale Butchers North Hill 1957/8
2023:0064PhotoMemoriesQueen’s Jubilee 1977, shop with Union Jacks in window
2023:0086PhotoMemoriesXmas 1962, shop front before enhancements
2023:0066PhotoMemories1958, 'Belle Vue’ house in the winter before shop front built on left hand side
2023:0068PhotoMemories1957, John Vale cutting meat
2023:0070PhotoMemories1959-60, John Vale with new A55 delivery van
2023:0072PhotoMemoriesJohn Vale with an Xmas turkey
2023:0074PhotoMemories1983, outside shop
2023:0076PhotoMemories1983, inside the shop John and Douglas? Making sausages
2023:0078PhotoMemories1983, inside the shop showing the back of John making sausages
2023:0080PhotoMemories1970s, new shop front
2023:0082PhotoMemories1970s, new shop front and house
2000:0124DocRoman and Pre-RomanThe Ford and Aspects of Roman FarmingNotes about Hurrell’s Lane
P155FolderRoman and Pre-RomanRoman and Pre-Roman
2023:0028Doc2021-2023The 50s in Little BaddowMemories of David Martin, April 2023 plus school reports etc
P156Folder2021-20232021-2023Notes on derivation of names – Wickhay Cottage, Holybred Farm, Old Riffhams, Graces, Tofts, Bassetts, Blakes Wood
2023:0101PhotoPhotograph of organ in St Mary's before taken out of service, 2023.
2023/HammondsFolderDocuments related to Hammonds FarmFrom 1704, legal and financial documents. Notes provided by Duncan Robertson, 2023
2000:0144PhotoCricketCricket Bat Making1946; Leslie Stubbings, Cyril Warsop, Walter Warsop, Noel Warsop
2000:0146PhotoCricketCricket bats for shipping to West Indies1957, Cyril Warsop
2000:0148PhotoCricket1949 Little Baddow Cricket club second XINewspaper cutting; Keith Miles, David Robinson, Brian Mason, Fred Kite, Tony Ketley, Ted Pizzy, Geoff Green, Ted Enefer, Cedric Joslin, Max Warsop, John Enefer, Don Seargent, Fred Enefer; 2004 photos of Cricket Club centenary;
2000:0150DocCricketHowzat for making a great cricket bat?Chronicle article, 2 June 2011 about Warsop Stebbing
2000:0152DocCricketLittle Baddow Cricket Club History pre 1900Copies of Essex Chronicle articles 1790 and 1885
2023:0088Doc2021-2023Copy of certificate of burial for Thomas HodgesBuried 22 October 1811, copy of entry in Church Register
2023:0090Doc2021-2023Letter To Mr Gregory of Widford Hall from Mr Gepp, solicitors, relating to the signing of a fine for RolstonsDated 16 June 1772
2023:0092Doc2021-2023Certificate of Acknowledgement of Deeds by Married Women1866, for sale from Elizabeth and Denney Fitch to William Bull and Charles James Skill
2023:0103PhotoSt Mary's Church11 colour slides of St Mary's, 1962, Patricia StewartIncludes a slide of Maypole Dancing, 1962, showing Mrs Honniball, wife of the Rector.
2023:0105PhotoCuckoos, Thomas Hooker5 photos of descendants of Thomas Hooker at Walters Cottage, 1986
2023:0096DocLittle Baddow History CentreLittle Baddow History Centre - Architect's Plan 2000
2000:0160DocParsonage FarmPainting, date unknown
2000:0162PhotoThe Cottage at Parsonage FarmC1900
X11cxPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesView from Riffhams Chase towards Riffhams
2020:0081PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillBrambles, North HillPostcard; 1900 - 1910; marked 'Little Baddow, The Stores';
X16aiiiPhotoThe Old RodneyOld Rodney
2000:0156PhotoThe Old Rectory c1905Photo with caption (from 'Postcards' book): Rayleigh; Martin; Nicholson; Berridge;
2017:0016PhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesOld RiffhamsSpalding postcard (second example - view down Riffhams Chase to house)
2000:0065PhotoThe Old RodneyPhyllis Boreham on the Rodney (c 1907)Identified from the photograph of her at similar age on York Street.
2000:0018PhotoThe Old RodneyGirl on Heather HillsPostcard of girl, named elsewhere as Phyllis Boreham, c1908. 3 copies, one addressed to Mrs Edith Muirhead
2000:0009Doc2018-2020Examinations record for poor reliefWilliam Calcraft and his wife, Hannah; George Ward; Thomas Bacon and family; Suzanna Campin;Susannah Linsell and child.
M57MapSketch map of Little Baddow footpaths
BF/Houses A-GFolderA-GSketch of Little Baddow in the Middles Ages; Aldermanburgh (Andanburies) Extract about this property from A Century of Village Life by Mel Thompson; Ann’s Cottage also called Mosses; Balshams; Bassetts; Belmores; Belvue; Bowling Alley House; Little Baddow Sanatorium; Brambles 1908; Bubbs; Chelmer Cottage; Chestnut Cottage; Cloggers and Cloogers Barn; Cock Farm; Cockleys; Colraines - Colraine, Barrington, Hodges, Johnson, Dennis, Snow, Conbrough, Peacock; Cottage in the Bush - Hedge, Burchell, Balls, Wackrill, Armstrong Gibbs; Cuckoo’s Farm including Barn and Gravel Pit Field; Dukes Orchard, Spring Elms Lane. Photograph after V1 attack 1944 ; Eastmans; Fern Cottage (was Gunbies) - Pledger, Gunby, Everett, Adam Eve, Bob Martin, Gerard Peacock; Firtree Cottage; Gibbs; Fishes; The Forge (was Heards) - Gowlett, Riley, Willers, Everett, Prior; Gattons; Great Graces - Le Gras, D'Arcy, Mildmay, Bridges, Simmons, Yell; Great Salts;
2023:0098Book2021-2023Chelmsford Borough Centenary Cookery Book 1888-1988
X12aPhotoJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks, Heather HillsFrom Pillow Barrow to outside earthworks to the North; 1997;
X121x2PhotoSpeakman Family papersLittle Baddow HallPostcard
X121x3PhotoSpeakman Family papersSpeakman Family at new Lodge 1888J J Speakman (died 1933), Anna (nee Page), 6 sons (Hugh died in 1886), girl is Chantel (?) Speakman, born in 1996
X121x1PhotoSpeakman Family papersWill Wild of Cuckoos and Charles Speakman of New Lodge
P121FolderSpeakman Family papersSpeakman Family papersPhotocopy of testimonial presented to Joseph J Speakman on retirement as People’s Warden of St Mary’s 1928; Bill from Messrs Copeland & Sons for arranging mortgage on New Lodge Farm 1928; Newspaper announcements of death of J.J.Speakman, Essex Weekly News 1933 plus one other unknown; Accounts re sale of New Lodge Farm 1929; Letter to J.J.Speakman dated 10 March 1931 from Emily Everett, Parish Council, on his retirement from Parish Council; Rural District Council of Chelmsford, Summary of Attendance of Members 1930-31; Letter to Mr J Ketley re purchase of land from estate of late Col H N Crozier 1921 – Ruth and Dorothy Ketley (sisters) married Charles and Jack Speakman (brothers); Sale particulars 1951 – Pease Hall Farm, Huskards Mead, Rowans; Copies of 2 photos of wedding of Charles Speakman and Ruth Ketley 1922
2023:0102DocObituaries and Memorial ServicesKathleen Andrews ObituaryMay 1980
2023:0104DocList of persons of significance from Little Baddow
2023:0106PhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesLittle GracesDate unknown
X4z6-9PhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowPhotos of George Enefer and familyz6 - George Enefer on his wife's memorial bench; L B Cricket Field; with granddaughter Debbie Haynes; with son-in-law, Don Howe at Walters Cottage; at one of Sir Alastair and Lady Patricia Stewart's functions; walking after the Millennium sign ceremony
2020:0094PhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowGeorge Enefer and his Granddaughter Debbie sitting on the memorial seat to his wife on the cricket ground.
2020:0093PhotoCricketGeorge Enefer outside Cricket Pavillion, 1988.
2017:0107PhotoCricket14 photos of cricket club centenary ; 2004
2000:0043PhotoCongregational Church Sunday School Treat 1902
2000:0025PhotoCongregational Sunday School Treat c1914Baddow Road Congregational Church Sunday School treat, on the Chelmer and Blackwater navigation, near King's Mill, Little Baddow
P1hDocCricketMr Ernest ArnoldFormer secretary and treasurer of Cricket Club
X1rPhotoCricketWalter Warsop bowling1907
2023:0108ArtSchool Pen Nibs
2023:0110Doc2021-2023Little Baddow's Dramatic PastScript of play by Caroline Ogden performed by Little Baddow Society at St Andrew's Room on 16 November 2023
2023:0112Doc2021-2023Knit in at Little Baddow Parish Church, 1984Essex Chronicle newspaper cutting of 6 April 1984 describing fund raising event for parish church restoration fund - Peter Martin, Dr Kerr, Fred Francis, Richard Godden
X1biPhotoCricketCricket Team 1920Ingles; T Andrews; Gompetz; G Joslin; J Buckingham; T Enefer; F Ager; W Wilde; W Warsop; L Tonbridge; H Shortt
X19bPhotoScouts, Hockey and SportsfieldFootball Team 1917
2023:0116PhotoScouts, Hockey and SportsfieldLittle Baddow Football Team c1930Sid Enefer (fourth from left), Jesse Berridge (in suit), Charles Vanstone (fourth from right)
2023:0114PhotoScouts, Hockey and SportsfieldLittle Baddow Football Team c1930Sid Enefer ((back row, second from left), Jesse Berridge (back row, right), Charles Vanstone (middle row, second from left)
P1qDocCricketA Village Cricketer 1900-19302 pages about Frank Ager by Brian Warsop
P1CcDocWarsop Cricket PapersHistory of Cricket Club 1919-1930by B Warsop, 14 pages
2023:0118PhotoHarold Foley c1930sSon of John Foley, postmaster. Was killed towards the end of WW2 when a bomb fell on the factory where he worked.
2023:0120PhotoJohn James FoleyRan the Post Office in the Little Baddow in the 1930s. Buried in the churchyard with his wife Elizabeth.
2023:0122PhotoGrace Foley (nee Carter)Daughter-in-law of John and Elizabeth Foley, who ran the Post Office
2023:0124PhotoHarold Lionel Foley and his new wife Grace (nee Carter)Married 16 May 1937 by Rev Jesse Berridge at St Mary's, Little Baddow
2023:0126PhotoLittle Baddow Mill, 1984Also known as King's Mill
2023:0128PhotoLittle Baddow Mill, 1984Also known as King's Mill
2023:0130PhotoGravestone of Benjamin Brooks Horth
2023:0132PhotoGravestone of Susan Elizabeth wife of Benjamin Brooks Horth
2000:0164DocWarsop Cricket PapersCopy of 1851 Indenture Contract for Benjamin Warsop
P1CeDocWarsop Cricket Papers"I Played at Lords" a true story by Brian WarsopCirca 1912
2023:0134PhotoPhilip Charles Perkins, Mary Perkins (nee Unwin) and Frederick Thomas PerkinsPhilip Charles Perkins - born 1 July 1844 Little Baddow, died 16 July 1923 Chadwell Heath; Mary Perkins (nee Unwin) - baptised 22 August 1847 and Frederick Thomas Perkins (their grandson) born 28 July 1891 Highwood, Writtle, died November 1983 Brentwood
2023:0136PhotoFrederick George Perkins and his son Ernest James PerkinsFrederick George Perkins born 19 August 1867 Little Baddow, died 20 April 1933 Bow; Ernest James Perkins born 4 March 1902 Poplar, died 16 January 1981
2023:0138PhotoLooking down North Hill from around Walter's Cottage 2009Similar view to other photos e.g. 2000:0027
2023:0140PhotoChelmer and Blackwater navigation at Little Baddow under maintenancePostcard showing workmen in front of a barrier of sandbags, date unknown probably early 20th century
2023:0142PhotoSidney Enefer and one otherAt Parsonage Farm, c1925. Sidney is on the right.
2023:0144PhotoLittle Baddow Mill, 1984Also known as King's Mill
2023:0146PhotoRavens Farm House, Woodham Walter
2023:0148PhotoLittle Baddow WI 90th Anniversary 2008
2023:0150DocLittle Baddow WI 90th Anniversary Lunch Menu3 July 2008, Three Rivers Golf Club, Cold Norton, plus other memorabilia
2023:0152DocLittle Baddow WI 90th Anniversary Certificate
2000:0166DocLittle Baddow WI 75th Anniversary Certificate
P2c11DocEssex Chronicle article reporting WI meeting, 22 September 2000
P2c10PhotoLittle Baddow WI 40th Anniversary, 19587 large photos
P2c4DocThe CentenaryShort play, 1970
P2c9DocDaily Telegraph Article, June 1999WI joins calls for five-year ban on GM crops
P2c8DocLittle Baddow WI Christmas Lunch Menu, 1998 (80th Anniversary)
2000:0168DocLittle Baddow WI Christmas Luncheon Menu, 1988 (70th Anniversary)
P2b19DocLittle Baddow WI 50th Anniversary Dinner Menu, 6 June 1968
P2c2BookThe Social Half-Hour HandbookNational Federation of Women's Institutes Booklet, 1950
P2c1BookPeace Offensive, a comedy in one-act by Michael PertweeEnglish Theatre Guild, 1953
2000:0170DocMillennium LunchLittle Baddow Millenium WalkLeaflet describing circular walk around Little Baddow
P2c3DocMildmay Group Carol Service Programme, St Mary's Church 1998
P2c12DocPoster "Life Begins at 60", 2003
P2c6DocLittle Baddow WI Quiz - Nursery Rhymes
P2c5DocJerusalem - notes on hymn by Gertrude Lampson
P2c7DocLittle Baddow WI Recipes
2023:0154Photo1977 Jubilee Party at Walters Cottage15 slides
2023:0156DocLocal Charity Appeals including Holybred Wood AppealSketch of Holybred Wood by S E DavidsonHolybred Wood Appeal
2023:0107PhotoOld Riffhams, viewed across Riffhams Chase
X16fjPhotoThe Old RodneyRodney GateB/W postcard
X17c1PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallLittle Baddow HallEntrance to Hall, Church Road; photocopy of photo c 1910 with concise history
X1aiiPhotoCricketCricket Team 1921G Joselyn; C Vanstone; A Smith; J Bowles; E Enefer; H Shortt; T Enefer; T Andrews; W Wilde; L Tonbridge; C Davies; F Ager;
X21a3PhotoProperties Spring Elms LanePheasant House FarmAdditional copy of photo in X21a2
X21a4PhotoProperties Spring Elms LanePheasant House FarmAdditional copy of photo in X21a1
X21a5PhotoProperties Spring Elms LanePheasant House FarmMr Knight
X21b1PhotoProperties Spring Elms LaneGibbsPostcard; Spring Elms Lane before the road was made up;
X21c1PhotoProperties Spring Elms LaneSweeps CottageSpring Elms Lane
X23l1PhotoAlfred Willett, POWFuneral at Stalag VIII-BFrom Alfred Willett memorabilia
X24/2z1Photo1977 Silver JubileeWorld's Biggest Coffee MorningWalters Cottage; 3rd October 1997;
X24lPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWalters CottageChildren's garden party; 3rd September 1988
X24/2z2Photo1977 Silver JubileeWorld's Biggest Coffee MorningWalters Cottage; 3rd October 1997; Jean Gray; Margaret Coppell; Brenda Hoosen; Ten Grace; Linda Bradley
X24/2gPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWorld's Biggest Coffee MorningWalters Cottage; 3rd October 1997; Linda Bradley;
X24/2tPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWorld's Biggest Coffee MorningWalters Cottage; Bet Ashford; Bric a Brac stall;
X24/2uPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWorld's Biggest Coffee MorningWalters Cottage; 3rd October 1997;
X24/2vPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWorld's Biggest Coffee MorningWalters Cottage; 3rd October 1997; Geoff Pyman; John Daniels (in doorway);
X24/2wPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWorld's Biggest Coffee MorningWalters Cottage; 3rd October 1997; John Daniels; Mary Klaber;
X24/2xPhoto1977 Silver JubileeWorld's Biggest Coffee MorningWalters Cottage; 3rd October 1997; Margaret Coppell; Margaret Dowley; Linda Bradley; Ted Grace;
X28l1PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationBarnes Mill, Springfield
X28m1PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationHouse on north bank of navigationTo the east of Paper Mill Lock, 2000
X32i2PhotoURC North wall window1987
X32j1PhotoURC window west side1987
X32p-qPhotoURC lampsOriginal oil lamps converted to electricity
X44cPhotoRobjohnsFront field with stooked oats 1940's-50
X46k10PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryLunch at Little Baddow Hall July 1986
X46k12PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryLunch at Little Baddow Hall July 1986
X46k13PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryLunch at Little Baddow Hall July 1986
X46k14PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryLunch at Little Baddow Hall July 1986
X46k15PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryChelmsford Cathedral Celebration July 1986
X46k16PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryChelmsford Cathedral Celebrations July 1986
X46k17PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryChelmsford Cathedral Celebrations July 1986
X46k19PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryChelmsford Cathedral Celebrations July 1986
X46k18PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryChelmsford Cathedral Celebrations July 1986
X46k2PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryService in Cuckoo's garden July 1986
X46k20PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryChelmsford Cathedral Celebrations July 1986
X46k3PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryBrownies at Cuckoos Farm July 1986
X46k4PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryGroup in Cuckoos house July 1986
X46k5PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryPlaque on Cuckoo's wall July 1986 (2 copies)
X46k6PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryGroup in Cuckoo's garden July 1986
X46k7PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryGroup in Cuckoo's garden July 1986
X46k8PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryGroup in Cuckoo's garden July 1986
X46k9PhotoCuckoos, Thomas HookerHooker's birth 400th AnniversaryGroup in Cuckoo's garden July 1986
X4viiPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowStracey's busIn Maldon High Street; 1920s
X52g4-6PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubWaltz of the Toreadors, March 1983
X52g7-9PhotoDrama ClubDrama ClubWaltz of the Toreadors, March 1983; Maurice Hurrel, Hunt, Paul Cornel
X9qiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillColour photo of the Almshouse (Mount Pleasant), North Hill, being double glazed, 1987.
X9eii-iiiPhotoRemains of Wickhay GreenIn front of Cock Farm; donated to the Parish by Jack and Olive Wisdom, formerly of Cock Farm
X9gii-vPhotoFern CottageOld photo shows Miss Fleet standing at her door; she later married A Everett of the Forge (?)
X4i1PhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowWedding of Claire Baker1960: Alf Ager; Mrs Frank Ager; Mrs Fennor; Miles Baker ?;
X102a14PhotoHistory Fair, Maldon 19912 photos
M102PhotoAerial photos of Little Baddow, Maldon, Danbury.English Heritage Monuments Record Pack.
M33MountedDuck race at Water Hall FordSeptember 2nd 1989, 5 mounted photos
X39e1-4PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchAssortment of images from Church.
X5ei-iiPhotoWoodhouse FamilyTofts conservatory1916?; (two copies of photo)
X11d5iiPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesOld Riffhams HousePostcard; not dated
X11d5iPhotoProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesOld Riffhams2 photos, April 2005;
X60/3PhotoEventsRodney round Up, 19627 black and white photos
M97PhotoUnframed photograph of HMS ASTREA
X9niiiPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillColour photograph of the Post Office Stores and looking towards the corner of High Pastures, North Hill.1991
2000:0172PhotoHandbell RingersHandbell Ringers at Walters Cottage, Christmas 1993
P4aDocPeople and Events of Little BaddowVI attack on Dukes Orchard, 20 September 1944Two letters by Helen Black to Marian Gregory describing the attack written 20 and 26 September. Explanatory notes from Mrs Gregory on some of the terms used - Frances Perry, Mary Huntly, Miss May Sadler, Ethel Knight, Mary Ackhurst, Nancy Nicholson, Christopher Gregory
X4cPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowPhotocopy of two photos of W Sizer and P Sergeant by the river
P4dDocPeople and Events of Little Baddow2002 Chelmsford Life article on Mayor Maurice Hurrell and Mayoress Monica Hurrell
P4gDocPeople and Events of Little BaddowMaurice HurrellNewspaper reports from his year as Mayor of Chelmsford, 2002
P4hDocPeople and Events of Little BaddowKenneth Stubbings2002 Essex Chronicle article about Community Reporters
P4iDocPeople and Events of Little BaddowGladys Gregory, 1920sCopy of photo in car outside Griffin Hotel with notes
P4uDocPeople and Events of Little BaddowJohn Vale's retirement, 1991Essex Chronicle article
X4z10PhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowDavid Beckwith 1834-1906Copy of a photograph from c1870 with some biographical details
2000:0174DocPeople and Events of Little Baddow1903 letters of Edith E Chaplin (Bassetts) to her daughter Audrey GregoryAyrton Chaplin, Mary Pyne, William E Ayrton, Herta Ayrton, Israel Zangwill, Margaret Kirwan, Isabel Heuvey, Henry Nicholson, Ursula Gregory, Lady Constance Baines, Jane Nicholson, Henry Chaplin, Christopher Gregory, Douglas Forbes, Elizabeth Marie Dixon, Sylvia Percival, Cuthbert Baines, Barbie Ayrton, Alice Grenfell, Alicia Percival, Edith Sadler, Edith Zangwill, Miss Baker, Lucy Pinniger,
P4jDocPeople and Events of Little BaddowVarious articles regarding the life and death of Prof. John Walter Gregory, noted explorer and geologistNational Library of Australia, Australian Dictionary of Biography, Oxford Dictionary of Biography
P4kPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowThe Martin family at Longwood House and the three Martin brothers
P4lDocPeople and Events of Little BaddowNewspaper report on Mr C Shipman's narrow escape from injury at Chelmsford Railway StationEssex County Standard, 5 January 1895, copy
P4mDocPeople and Events of Little BaddowNewspaper report of disturbance by Ms Lucking, Turner, Perkins, White and Simmons of New LodgeThe Essex Standard and General Advertiser for the Eastern Counties, 26 August 1842
P4nDocPeople and Events of Little BaddowJohn McCrindle2011 Essex Chronicle article re award of a medal of honour for wildlife book
P4oDocPeople and Events of Little BaddowLetters from Edith Chaplin to her daughter Audrey dated 1903
P4pDocPeople and Events of Little BaddowNewspaper article of Roy and Elizabeth Warsops' Golden Wedding anniversaryE/W 5.10.78
P4vPhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowSilver Jubilee Party, 6 June 1977Arranged by Sir Alastair and Patricia Stewart for the village at their home, Walters Cottage
2024:0002MountedBeating Party - possibly Edwardian, possibly ToftsSidney Enefer (3rd from left), Adolphus Enefer (4th from right)
P5aJournalWoodhouse FamilyArticle about WW1 service of Lionel and Mosley WoodhouseCross & Cockade International Journal, Vol.34 No.3 2003
P5bDocWoodhouse FamilyWoodhouse family correspondence relating to Mosley's death in 1917Letter from Lionel to father describing brother's death, letter from H Fawcett (Sq Commander) to Mrs Woodhouse, letter from Christopher Courtney to Arthur Mosley
P5mDocWoodhouse FamilyArticle about Woodhouse brothers and David Empson's researchEast Anglian Times, 3 November 1993
P5oDocWoodhouse FamilyPoster advertising pageant at Tofts, 18 June 1922
P5lDocWoodhouse FamilyLetter from D W Empson to Rev Turner stating his interest in the Woodhouse familyc.1993
P5nDocWoodhouse FamilyPoster advertising David Empson's interest in Woodhouse Family
P5pDocWoodhouse FamilyCopies of advertisements placed in the Times by Mrs Woodhouse of Tofts1914-1939
2000:0176DocMarven Family InformationMarven Family MemoriesPhotos, memories etc
X7aPhotoVillage PeopleJohn Matravers 21st birthday party at Memorial Hall, 1938Wilfred Sizer, Mrs C L Turner, Doris Tunstill, Mr C L Turner, Mrs Humphreys, Nita Humphreys (Sizer), Charles Hunt, Beryl Vanstone (Thompson), Edith Stokes (Hunt), Ron Puddephat, Archie Cameron, Jean Ager (Sargeant), Bernard Ager, Eva Mason (Woodcraft), George Simpson, Norah Shortt (Taylor), Harry Shortt, Maud Nunn, Fred Nunn, Jack Pheby, John Murril, Ivy Mason (Clarke), Ron Joslin, Kitty Matravers, Grandpa Roote, John Matravers, Grandma Roote, Kitty Matravers brother and sister-in-law
2000:0178DocVillage PeopleMemories of Jean Harman nee Bane, born 1930
2000:0180DocVillage PeopleJohn Mudd2011 Essex Chronicle article
P7bDocVillage PeopleCorrespondence between Christopher Suckling and Alan Ashford re land use in Little Baddow, 1998
P7cDocVillage People2002 correspondence between Alan Ashford and Mrs Brewer on BramblesGertrude Boreham, John McCormack, Miss Marriage, Miss Riley, the Motts, Mr and Mrs Feetcher
P7dDocVillage PeopleNotes on Maddocks (Maddox) / Algar families2001 correspondence between Alan Ashford and Noel Clark
P7jDocVillage People2002 Essex Chronicle article "New turn for meals on wheels"Joe Sutton, Vicky Briggs
2024:0007DocConveyance from Lord Rayleigh; field for Wickhay Cottages, 1938Sold to Chelmsford District Council
2024:0001Photo5th Essex Regiment (1939/40?)Charles Thompson, 11th from left, top row.
2024:0003Photo5th Essex Regiment (1939/40?)Charles Thompson, far left, second row from bottom
2024:0005Doc1937 PC letter to Mrs Eva VanstoneSalary increase to 8/6 per week
P7iDocVillage PeopleNewspaper cutting of wedding of Vicki Wisdom and David Briggs, 16 January 1965
P7kDocVillage PeopleEssex Chronicle article, 5 April 2002 describing launch of Real Essex CampaignCouncillor Peter Martin
P7lDocVillage People2004 Essex Chronicle article re F1 number platePeter Martin
P7mPhotoVillage People'City Gents' Sponsored Walk for Shelter, c1970 photoJock Luard, Jack Wisdom, Frank Johnson, Bob Alston
P7oDocVillage People2005 notes about Francis Thorrington, Sylvia Stunt, Lizzie Stunt, Barbara Stunt
P7pDocVillage People1737 Will of Rev Charles Gordon of St Marys
P7qDocVillage People1896/7 The Era Notices - Miss Edith Housley appearances as an actress
P7rDocVillage People1970 Newsman Article describing trip around Little Baddow – photos of Julia Sorrell (Hill Drop Stores), Jack and Jane Constable (The General’s Arms).
P9fDocProperties and Residents - North HillSketch map of North Hill from Papermill Lock to the General's Arms showing the houses and families that lived in them between the wars by John Murrell 2011Siggers, Luhman, Stracey, Warsop, Dawson, Capt Johnson, Kersey, Holland, Unwin, Stokes, Williams, Herd, Reeve, Mason, Mead, Stewarts, Wood, Gibson, Everett, Langford, Peacock, Ted Bickmore, Page, Pasfield, Woodhouse, Ali May, Willet, Boles, Winger, Mason, Short, Barker, Enefer, Hope, Johnson, Gibson, Foley, Ager, Puddephat, Targass, Wood, Shipman, Sorrell
2024:0004PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillPhoto of post box outside Walter's Cottage, North HillTaken by Sue Ruskin, mounted on card
2024:0006ArtWhistle Chain WWIPiece of chain found at Jock's Lodge, The Ridge in September 2023 while gardening. Believed to be part of chain that would hold a whistle. Jocks Lodge was built on the remains of an Army Camp known as Danbury Camp One during WWI.
P9cDocProperties and Residents - North HillColeraines research including sales details from 1327-2003Richard Pickard, Widow Lyeman, Lord Coleraine, Lord Barrington, Rev Arthur Johnson, Thomas Dennis, William Goodday Strutt, Simon Snow, John Conbrough, Joseph Speakman, Frederick Johnson, Sir James Neville, Nigel Seymer, John Hoare, Frances and Maud Houghton, Barry and Yvonne Welch, Walter and Aimee Brinzer
X9eiiDocProperties and Residents - North Hill2002 two photos of remains of Wickhay Common
P9dDocProperties and Residents - North HillLittle Baddow Stores – Jam/Pickle Lid CoverShowing front of store, c1990?
X9wiiiDocProperties and Residents - North HillPhoto of Little Baddow Stores (The Brambles)
P9eDocProperties and Residents - North HillAbstracts of deeds and transactions of Rose Cottage, North Hill; Photos of Ambleside and 5/6 Hillside CottagesWalter Smith, Georg Lightfoot, William Fullman, James White, Charles Henry Canfield, Ronald Jack Bailey, Algy Royden Hope, Peter James Baker, Stephen Wassell, Brian and Jean Kendall, Mr and Mrs Taft, Mr and Mrs Robertson, Maureen Wright.
2024:0021PhotoLittle Baddow Scout Troupe, after taking swimming badge.David Money, David Cannon, Keith Raynor; Philip Hedgcock, Christopher Lima.
2024:0031PhotoContrasting photos of orchard and Little Baddow HallFrom 1989 and 1999, showing change of use, along with exhibition caption.
2024:0023PhotoWI visit to the Britvic Factory in ChelmsfordBetty Leakey, Edy Hunt, Dorothy Thompson, Mrs Bates, Mrs Digby (marked on back of photo)
2024:0033DocOriginal Parish Council minutes 1956.Included proposal for new village hall, plus severence of Mrs Everett as secretary.
2024:0011PhotoHollybred FarmSent in by Steve Barber, December 24; date unknown.
2024:0025DocCopy of email from Humphrey Berridge about his grandfather's books.Includes decision to loan Dell Berridge's medals to HC.
2024:0035PhotoInformation on scouts from David Cannon.
2024:0013PhotoRiffhams Chase under snowDate and provenance unknown
2024:0027DocDocuments relating to the publication of 'Little Baddow: a century of village life'Includes publicity sheet and invoices; November 1999
2024:0015PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationWaterfallBelow Paper Mill Lock; Spalding Postcard;
2024:0029DocMemories of Margaret Stamford (nee Paterson)Herbert Paterson, Edith Paterson, Barbers Orchard (Northfields, Colam Lane); Blakes Wood; Mr Pettit; many other comments and names.
2024:0017PhotoPeewitt Patrol, 1st Scout Troupe (on bikes)Christopher Lima, David Money, David Cannon
2024:0009PhotoPipe organ in St Mary's, 2023Built by Cedric Arnold; decommissioned in 2023.
2024:0019PhotoPeewitt Patrol, 1st Scout TroupeBrian Rominson, David Cannon, Billy White, Phillip Hedgcock.
2024:0008ArtLittle Baddow Fruit Farm Sign
2024:0010ArtLittle Baddow Fruit Farm - Pick your own basket
X10d2DocProperties in Colam LaneCopies of Paterson sketch of Cuckoos Farm
X10giPhotoProperties in Colam Lane1914 photo of Old RectoryBuilt 1859, architect Butterfield
X10giiiPhotoProperties in Colam LanePhoto of Old Rectory (rear view)
X10givPhotoProperties in Colam LanePhoto of Old Rectory
2024:0012DocSt Mary's Church ArchitectureCopy of plans for proposed Bell Ringing Floor for St Mary'sP Stewart, 1959
P11oDocProperties - Ridge, Mill Lane, Riffhams, GracesPrecis of the deeds of the Meadow aka Tofts 1864-1983Adolphus Piggott, Joseph Alfred Piggott, Robert John Strutt, Henry James Nicholson, George Gordon Thomas, Herbert James Martin, Joseph Stanton Massey, Jessie Clifford Pryke, Elizabeth Mary Jackson Warsop, Sir John Thomas Davies, Bessie Davies, Edith Emily Currie, George Raymond Scott, Duncan Thomas Robertson, Sideny George Pearce, Clifford Edward Hazell; Article on Old Riffhams – Mr and Mrs Leaver, Sir Robert Clarke, John Roberts Spencer-Phillips.
BF/Woodlands/1FolderWoodlands, Landscapes and Wildlife, Vol 1Bassetts Wood; Blakes Wood including death of Mr W R Hood, and poems of Alice M Sadler; Holybred Wood -1620-1742; -Sale/Appeal; -Holybread Wood Secured
BF/Woodlands/2FolderWoodlands, Landscapes and Wildlife, Vol 2Map of Woods and Nature Reserves of Little Baddow, Danbury and Bicknacre by Jill Goodson; Poster entitled Woodlands of Little Baddow; 1909 Burleigh print of area near Baddow Rodney (ref 2000.0094); Photo by Tony Counsell of Woodland no date given; Danbury Ridge; Rare Flowers in Blakes Wood; Timber Sales 1878; Rodney Common; Photo of Heather Hills; Photo of Mrs Pyman widow of Geoffrey Pyman MBE; Badgers in Poors Piece; Map of Lingwood Common; Enclosure Acts; Beacon Hill – photos; Ling Heather; The Ford in Hurrells Lane; Parsonage Common; Pheasanthouse Wood; Danbury Common; The Squire Oak; Boundary dispute with Danbury; Boundary of Little Baddow; Shooting Box for sale 1811; Essex Wildlife Trust – Help to Save Fir Tree Wood brochure 2023
2024:0037PhotoManse and Chapel, 1904Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0039PhotoGracys Walk, 1906Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0041PhotoThe Old Rectory, side viewCopied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0043PhotoGreetings Card; 'Just a Card', 1924.Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0045PhotoGreetings Card; Christmas GreetingsCopied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0047PhotoGreetings Card; MultiviewCopied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0049PhotoInterior of St Mary's, before ceiling removed and shows gallery.Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0051PhotoSketch of St Marys, 1935.Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0053PhotoLittle Baddow Hall.Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0055PhotoOld Riffhams, from garden.Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0057PhotoPainting of Little Baddow Mill, John Kinnaird.Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0059PhotoBy Little Baddow Mill, looking towards Boreham, 1915.Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0061PhotoThe Old Rodney, across hills, 1904.Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0063PhotoA Pretty Spot' by Little Baddow Mill.Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0065PhotoPaper Mill, looking towards lock from bridge.Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0067PhotoPaper Mill, old mill building.Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0069PhotoGeneral's Arms.Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0071PhotoThe Old Rodney, with car showing.Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0073PhotoSchool and School House.Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0014DocArchaeologyReport on Roman Pottery found at Water Hall, Little BaddowEssex Archaeology and History Transaction 1993, 24 pp 218-219
2024:0016DocMemoriesMy Memories of Little Baddow School during WW2Letter from Marjorie Bennett (nee Taylor) 23 August 2007
2024:0018Art1950 Ration Coupens and Papier Poudre Papers
2021:0048:cDocBoy Blinded in Shooting Accident, Freeman's Journal - 15 September 183714-year-old son of a labourer called Bush injured by Dodd the keeper to Sir Brook Bridges
2021:0048:aDocCarpenter tried to save boy on river CanKenneth Mead, Peter Humphries
2021:0048:bDocInfluenza Deaths, 1860 Essex Standard and General Advertiser for the Eastern CountiesWife and son of Robert Mason bailiff to Lord Rayleigh at Warren Farm
X14aPhotoMillennium LunchUnveiling ceremony; new Village SignEaster Monday 2000; Shows Nora Shipman
X14bPhotoMillennium LunchUnveiling ceremony; new Village SignEaster Monday 2000; Shows unveiling by Jenny Atkinson
X14cPhotoMillennium LunchUnveiling ceremony; new Village SignEaster Monday 2000; Shows unveiling by Jenny Atkinson
2024:0020ArtSewing kit
2024:0022ArtARP MemorabiliaIncluding arm bands, civil defence buttons, medal
2000:0182DocCuckoos, Thomas Hooker1986 Order of Service for a Service of Thanksgiving for Thomas Hooker and John Eliot2 copies, one signed
2024:0024DocScript of "The Cradle Song" a play by Little Baddow WI, Adjudicator's Copy
2024:0026ArtFramed watercolour of Beacon Hill, The Ridge possibly 1970sHome of Eric and Mrs Cahagon until 2017. Painting signed B Filbey
2000:0184DocWar MemorialWar Memorial Appeal (2015)Leaflet giving brief history of Little Baddow War Memorial; Target of £15,000 for appeal.
2000:0186DocWar MemorialOrder of Service for Rededication of War Memorial, 2016
2024:0028DocEvents2021 Little Baddow Festival and Film Night programme
2024:0030NewspapersNewspapers Showing Royal and National Events"Wed - but they need an interpreter" - article reporting wedding in Little Baddow Serbian communityDaily Express, 4 July 1938, Page 5
2024:0081DocNotes on Hen Cottage, Wickhay Green.Prepared for planning appeal, 2024.
2024:0083PhotoPostcard? St Mary's Church early 20th centuryRailings round graves suggest pre-WW1.Copied from 'Chelmsford Remembered' Facebook Group
2024:0085BookThey lived here for a Time by John Bundock, 2008Notes on some Little Baddow Homes and Villagers 1840s to Early 1900s
2024:0075PhotoPaper Mill, visitors in summer of 2020.Prohibitions of foreign travel, plus good weather, brought people to the navigation.
2024:0079PhotoMildmay Tomb, St Mary's
2024:0032PhotoArchaeology Exhibition 2006by Simon Johnson
2000:0188TapeChildhood in Little Baddow in 1930/40sInterview with Brian and Pam Targrass conducted in 1997 about growing up and holidaying in Little Baddow
2024:0036PhotoProperties and Residents - North HillColam Lane / Spring Elm Lane cross road, top of North Hill date unknown showing sign to Maldon
2024:0042DocCopy of Michaelmas 1670 Hearth Tax Returns for Little Baddow
2024:0044DocMemoriesMemories of Anthony PayneLived in Little Baddow c1939-1945. Neighbours of Rev and Mrs Berridge
2024:0046BookAway & Home - World War II (Somerset and Essex 1939-1945) by Pat HernimanThe story of a young girl growing up in England during WW2
2024:0048PhotoLittle Baddow Fun Day, 26 June 2010
2017:0011PhotoChelmer and Blackwater NavigationRustic bridgePostcard dated 1927, shows rustic bridge and backwater.
2024:0052DocArchaeologyLate Bronze Age Hoards from the Chelmer Valley, Essex by D Buckley, Antiquaries Journal - London 66, 1986
2024:0054DocArchaeologyNotes and sketches of Bronze Age Hoards found near New LodgeLetter from Henry Mothersole
2024:0056DocArchaeologyResistivity Survey of field to rear of ChurchMaldon Archaeological and Historical Group, 2006. Accompanying letter from Simon Johnson
2024:0058DocArchaeology2002 correspondence with John Fairclough re Little Baddow Archaeology
2024:0060DocDanbury Notes and PhotographsNeolithic and Iron Age Pottery from Danbury, EssexExcerpt from Antiquaries Journal, Vol 13, Issue 1, January 1933, pp59-62
2024:0062PhotoArchaeologyAerial photographs of fields north of St Mary's ChurchShowing possible archaeological features
2024:0064DocArchaeologyList of Archaeological FindsEssex County Council Finds Record, undated
2000:0192DocJesse Berridge PapersComments on "G for Gas"Letter from John Medbury
P12qDocJesse Berridge Papers“’Butler’s Charity’, Boreham and Little Baddow”, article by Jesse BerridgeEssex Review 1945, Vol 54, pp 11-15
P12acDocJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks at Little Baddow, article by Jesse Berridge in Essex Archaeological Transactions, Vol XVI, pp 301-303, 1923
2000:0194DocJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks at Little Baddow, notes by Jesse Berridge in Essex Archaeological Transactions, Vol 19, pp 199-200, 1930Follow-up to P12ac
P12yDocJesse Berridge Papers1995 autobiography of Jesse Berridge from A Century of Village Life
P12tDocJesse Berridge Papers“Benet Canfield: An Essex Mystic”, article by Jesse BerridgeEssex Review 58, pp 35-42, 1949
P12sDocJesse Berridge Papers“Thomas Hooker and John Eliot, Part 1:Hooker”, article by Jesse BerridgeEssex Review, pp 65-73
P12uDocJesse Berridge Papers“Thomas Hooker and John Eliot, Part 2:Eliot”, article by Jesse BerridgeEssex Review, pp 112-124
2000:0196DocJesse Berridge PapersLittle Baddow in Middle Ages - key to mapInformation taken from 2000:0046
P12mDocJesse Berridge PapersJesse Berridge, 1993 Historical Society Newsletter article by Olive Berridge
P12nDocJesse Berridge PapersNotes on “Colam Lane”, a 1926 talk to the Guild of Arts given by Jesse Berridge with map
P12jDocJesse Berridge Papers1970 notes on “The Discovery of St Christopher” by Jesse and Christian Berridge in 1921
P12lDocJesse Berridge PapersBook review of “The Letters of Edward Thomas to Jesse Berridge” by Anthony BerridgeBy Dominic Hibberd in TLS, 1983
P12adDocJesse Berridge Papers“Little Baddow in the 18th Century”, article by Jesse BerridgeEssex Review Vol 40
P12iDocJesse Berridge PapersExcerpts from “The Letters of Edward Thomas to Jesse Berridge” by Anthony BerridgeShows Berridge to have been the other man in Pursuit of Spurs
P12zDocJesse Berridge Papers1924 talk on Historical Research by Jesse Berridge as reported by Essex ChronicleResearch by Jane Rigler, 1999
P12aiDocJesse Berridge Papers2008 letter from Sue Pitt (granddaughter) containing photos of Jesse Berridge, Edna Adeline Dell, Martin Pitt, at latter's christening
P12aaDocJesse Berridge PapersPhotocopies of two postcards from Jesse Berridge. Front of postcards show LB church and manse with writing on back.
P12agDocJesse Berridge PapersPhotocopy of Her Alphabet, a booklet by Annie Berridge
P12afDocJesse Berridge PapersThe Pirate's ABCCopy of favourite poem of Jesse Berridge
P12ahDocJesse Berridge PapersCopy of letter to Annie Berridge with poemCock-Crow, a poem by Edward Thomas (1878-1917) a friend of Jesse Berridge
P12aeDocJesse Berridge Papers“G is for Gas”, article about use of gas in WWIFrom Chemical Soldiers. Mentions experiences of Dell Berridge
X12g1PhotoJesse Berridge PapersEarthworks, Heather HillsPossibly on mound, facing WNW; 1997
P12fDocJesse Berridge Papers1966 Obituary of Canon Jesse Berridge from the Essex Journal 1(2), pp51-52 and other itemsPlus press cuttings 1947 (wedding) and 1941 (25th anniversary as rector)
P12hDocJesse Berridge PapersNotes on Jesse BerridgeCover ordnance survey maps, 1921 acting performance, reviews of historical novels
P12eDocJesse Berridge PapersCopy of introduction and epilogue from "The Letters of Edward Thomas to Jesse Berridge"
P12gDocJesse Berridge PapersCopy of entry for Jesse Berridge in Who's Who in Essex, 1935
P12cDocJesse Berridge PapersA Relic of the Coaching Days – Mr Joseph Yell (Great Graces)“Notes and Queries" from Essex Review 1929
P12aDocJesse Berridge Papers“Wall-painting in Little Baddow Church" by Jesse BerridgeEssex Archaeological Transactions, Vol XVI, pp 210-212, 1923
P12bDocJesse Berridge Papers“Colam Lane, Little Baddow” by Jesse BerridgeEssex Review Vol 36, pp 29-38, 1927
P14aDocMillennium LunchNotes on Millenium lunch of 1 January 2000 at Memorial Hall
P14fDocMillennium LunchMillennium PapersMillennium Barn Dance Ticket, 10 June 2000
P14eDocMillennium LunchMillennium Papers
P14bNewspapersMillennium LunchSpecial edition of Essex County Chronicle, "Millenium Essex", 21 May 1999
P14gDocMillennium LunchMillennium PapersEssex Millennium Festival Leaflet, 2000
2000:0200DocMillennium Lunch1998 Little Baddow Activities and Information
P14cDocMillennium LunchMillenium Committee Papers 1997-98
B167BookNinety Years of Building in Essex by Peter CameAn account of the history of Baker & Sons (Danbury) Ltd.
2024:0087DocLittle Baddow Historical SocietyContents of Parish Chest and filing cabinets, 1994Listing produced for the Historical Society, August 1994.
2000:0202DocMillennium LunchMillennium papers“Essex Millennium Festival 2000” Brochure
2000:0204DocMillennium LunchMillennium papers“Towards the Millennium 1998 Update” Brochure
2000:0206DocMillennium LunchMillennium papers“The Village and the Millennium” Typewritten summary of Millennium Group plans by Simon Johnson
2000:0208DocMillennium LunchMillennium papers“Fantastic Journey” programme of the special Millennium Fund production by Little Baddow Drama
2000:0210DocMillennium LunchMillennium papersMillennium Committee Income and Expenditure from 2 September 1999 to 4 May 2000
2000:0212DocMillennium LunchMillennium papersList of drinks purchased / returned for unknown Millennium event
2000:0214DocMillennium LunchMillennium papersDetails of tickets purchased by individuals
2000:0216DocMillennium LunchMillennium papersLetter from Paul Smith (butcher of Stretham, Cambridgeshire) dated 24 April 2000 to Simon Johnson regarding food order.
2000:0218DocMillennium LunchMillennium papersLetter of thanks dated 12th June 2000 from Simon Johnson – Pat Breeze, Vicki Briggs, Mike Heard, Russell Hooks, Sian Hurrell, Jennifer Mead, Maurice Staines, Bob Shepherd.
2000:0220DocMillennium LunchMillennium PapersMinutes of Little Baddow Parish Council Annual Meeting of 4 May 2000 – Mrs M Martin, Mrs H Middelboe, Mr J Robinson, Mr B Welch, Mr M Staines, Simon Johnson, Mr T Thorogood, Mr R Goodall, Mr M Hurrell, Mr R Shepherd
2000:0222DocMillennium LunchMillennium PapersChelmsford Millennium Award correspondence from May 2000.
2000:0224DocMillennium LunchMinutes of Millennium Group Meetings Jan 1999 - May 2000Pat Breeze, Vicki Briggs, Mo Cartwright, Mike Heard, Russell Hooks, Sian Hurrell, Simon Johnson, Tom Mabbit, Jennifer Mead, Bob Shepherd, Maurice Staines
P15sDocDanbury postcards, BassettsLetters re Bassetts to I D M Chalmers from Gilbert Boyce (1992), Richard and Jeanne Blake (1992), Sheila Rowley (1990), Gus Edwards (1990)
P15qDocDanbury postcards, BassettsDescription and diagram of house at Bassetts.Brenda and Elphin Watkins plus plan of the timbers by B Watkins, 1996
P15oDocDanbury postcards, BassettsMemoirs of Danbury by Mrs Vera May Vale
P15aDocDanbury postcards, BassettsArticle from Danbury Ruridecanal Parish Magazine, October 1902 describing Danbury and Little Baddow Flower Show
P15uDocDanbury postcards, BassettsAdvertisement for freehold of Bassetts Farm from Sporting Gazette, 12th June 1875
P15vDocDanbury postcards, BassettsPhotocopy of 1780 map of camp on Danbury Common
X15tArtDanbury postcards, BassettsWatercolour of Griffin at carnival time by Jill Goodson.
P16hDocThe Old RodneyVarious letters referring to the Old Rodney, 1923-19491949 letter from J P Stunt to Parish Council regarding proposed Crusader outing to the Rodney. 1923 letter from H J Martin to Jesse Berridge regarding public rights of way. 1925 and 1938 correspondence with Jessie Clark regarding sale of Old Rodney, 1944 correspondence between Jessie Clark and the Parish Council regarding repairs to the Heather Hills gate.
P16gDocThe Old RodneyShort note on Rodney Pleasure Gardens
P16jDocThe Old RodneyAdverts and Tariffs for Old Rodney1885 (E Mecklenburgh), 1920-1940 (Mrs J Clark)
P16kDocThe Old RodneyPoster of Heather Hills Bye-Laws.
P16lDocThe Old RodneyPapers on tea at Old Rodney, 1959
P16mDocThe Old RodneyHistories of the Old Rodney by Olive Gibson and anonJames Jordan, John and Mary Pullen, Elijah Mecklenburg, William Bortham, Wright family, Clark family, Dr G M Kerr.
P16nDocThe Old RodneyEssex Pubs listing for Old Rodney 1925-1937
P16pDocThe Old Rodney2005 listing of holdings in Essex Record Office relating to Old Rodney.Including lease 1925, Sale catalogue 1919, Heather Hills byelaws, Sale catalogue 1918, Inventory of furniture and fittings 1853
P16qDocThe Old Rodney1853 inventory of furniture and fittings at the Rodney.
P16sDocThe Old Rodney1891 report in the Essex Standard describing an outing to the Rodney by employees of Courtaulds
P16tDocThe Old Rodney1893 report in the Essex County Standard describing an outing to the Rodney by the London Road Congregational Sunday School children
P16uDocThe Old Rodney1965 report in the Essex Weekly News describing the Rodney Round-up.
P16wDocThe Old RodneyC1825 list of “those that turn in the common meadow”Pledger, John Forster, Moss, Harris, Smith, Snaur, Balls, Dennis, Shake, Gibson, Edwards
P16vDocThe Old Rodney1965 Essex Weekly News account of the Rodney Round-up Preparations
P16zDocThe Old Rodney1906 booklet for the Rodney Inn Friends-in-Need Benefit Society.
P15pDocDanbury postcards, BassettsNotes on oak panelling at Bassetts in Oak RoomA speculation by I Chalmers
2000:0226PhotoPeople and Events of Little BaddowSpalding photo of Little BaddowColam Lane; looking towards top of hill and Aldermanburgh;
2024:0068PhotoTop of Colam Lane
X17a1ArtProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallCopy of old sketch of ForgeCopy of old Sketch
X17a2PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallAlbert Everett and Mr HaywardAt Forge: Hayward known as 'moon man' because he was affected by the moon, and once assaulted Albert Everett at that time of month.
X17a3ArtProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB Hall1957 sketch of forge
X17a4PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallFarm cart with Albert Everett beside it
X17a5PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallThe ForgeThe Forge as a private house, Holybread Lane, 1997. Home of Shirley Cope and Charles Cope at that time.
X17b5PhotoProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallPhoto of junction of Holybred Lane and North Hill, Summer 2001
P17g10ArtProperities - Holybred Lane, Chapel Lane, Forge, LB HallCopy of 1914 sketch of The Hoppet by Joseph Pike
X18p1PhotoSchool Photographs1931-32 Little Baddow School Country DancingNita Humphries, Joan or Dorothy Wright, Lily Westwood, Beryl Vanstone, Jean Ager, Phyllis Lightfoot, Ron Hunt, Monty Peacock, Tom Lock, George Brazier, George Kemp, Ken Winger
X18p5PhotoSchool Photographs1931-32 Little Baddow School Country DancingDorothy Wright, George Kemp, Jean Ager, Tom Lock, Ron Hunt, Beryl Vanstone, Nita Humphries, Ken Winger
X18ePhotoSchool Photographs1960 Little Baddow School photograph - staff and pupils at time of closureMrs Turner, Marian Williams, Pat Knight, Carol Poulton, Hazel McGeoch, Kevin Stubbings, Gareth Williams, Joyce Vicary, Elisabeth Clarke, Martin Bradley, Sally Bell, Julie Cook, Pamela Last, Mrs Cooke, Kitty Clarke, Alan Mason, Clive Ellis, Alan Poulton, Nevill Cook, Helen Bell, Pauline Wells, Trevor Mason
P18tArtSchool PhotographsDrawing of Little Baddow School by Jill Goodson.
P16xFolderThe Old RodneyHeather Hills Bye Laws1965 correspondence regarding Heather Hills bye-laws revision
P19hDocScouts, Hockey and SportsfieldHockey Club Fixtures List 1956-57List club members
P19aDocScouts, Hockey and Sportsfield2001 Essex Chronicle article re Scout Sleepover Challenge at Paper Mill Lock
X21fPhotoProperties Spring Elms LaneTwo photos of slaughter house (pre-1958) now Ridge House behind Well House garden, Spring Elm Lane
X21e1PhotoProperties Spring Elms LaneTennis Courts at the Old Rodney, c1930
P21a1DocProperties Spring Elms Lane1933 letters from the count of London Electric Supply Company to H R Knight notification of intention to erect overhead power lines across property (Pheasant House Farm)
P21a2DocProperties Spring Elms Lane1960 financial statement for H R Knight (Pheasant House Farm)
P21a3DocProperties Spring Elms LaneC1950 grocery receipts issued by Oliver Parker (Luckin Smith) Ltd for Mrs M K Marks (Froggs Hall) and Mr Knight.
P22bDocWildlife, Nature Reserves1993 Essex Chronicle article about new butterfly glade at Little Baddow Heath
P22dDocWildlife, Nature Reserves1983 Wildlife Survey of Churchyards for United Reform Church and St Mary's
P22cDocWildlife, Nature Reserves1993 Essex Chronicle article about wildlife sanctuary in United Reform Churchyard maintained by Brenda Hooson
P22aDocWildlife, Nature ReservesAward for the establishment of 5 nature reserves around Danbury1971 Essex Weekly News Article describing unveiling of a plaque at Poors Pierce Reserve by Sir John Ruggles-Brise
P22eDocWildlife, Nature ReservesCopy of Report by Essex Ecology Services Ltd on 1996 Survey of Bassetts Wood
2024:0072DocAround Danbury and Little Baddow, Book One by Jill Goodson
P23cDocAlfred Willett, POWIdentity card for Alfred Willett from his time at Stalag VIII-B after a POW march across Europe
P23qDocAlfred Willett, POWNotes on Alfred Willett POW photos and documents
P23bDocAlfred Willett, POWAn old German banknote
P23aDocAlfred Willett, POWA 1940 posted missing notice sent to Alfred Willett's family
P23fDocAlfred Willett, POWRegister form Alfred Willett as a recovered POW, 29 April 1945
P23eDocAlfred Willett, POWDocumentation (pay slip?) for Alfred Willett from a Polish coal mine in which he worked as a POW
P24aDoc1977 Silver Jubilee1977 leaflet for Silver Jubilee events
P25bDocWorld War TwoSeveral documents that relate to the photo of the Little Baddow Home Guard 1939-1945 and with the name of each person on it, and information about the Little Baddow Fire Guard
P25aDocWorld War TwoDocuments relating to evacuees 1939 and 1940
P25cDocWorld War TwoTyped extracts from the parish magazine May 1940-July 1941.
N25hDocWorld War TwoTyped excerpt from the Essex Weekly News May 18th 1951 about impact flying bomb in Duke’s Orchard 1944 on Drama SocietyMrs Gregory Nicholson
P25iDocWorld War TwoLittle Baddow Historical Society newsletter (July 1996) of recollections from WW2 plus separate sheet about Commander McMillan RNVR.R J Carter, Mark Rowland, Barbara Angus, David Dagwell, George Hart, Arthur Willett, Geoff Pyman, Leslie McMillan
P25jDocWorld War TwoDocuments relating to Little Baddow Roll of Honour 1939-1945.
P25kDocWorld War TwoTyped information on Peter and Donald Sargeant in WW2.
P25lDocWorld War TwoBrief notes about WW2 in Little Baddow.
P25mDocWorld War TwoMemories of the day in 1940 when P.O.Westmacott was shot down and landed by parachute near Colam LaneLittle Baddow Parish News September 1984
P25nDocWorld War TwoP25n Information relating to ‘The Secret Army’ in Danbury
P25oDocWorld War TwoBritain's Defences Against HitlerNotes from TV broadcast March 2006
P25pDocWorld War TwoInternet print outs from BBC websites on ‘WW2 People’s War- An Archive of WW2 Memories’ on memories from Essex.Leonard Clark, Tom Pullen, P Martin, Ralph Hill
P25qDocWorld War TwoHandwritten note on mine/bombs at Cuckoo’s Farm and Tofts Chase
P25AaDocWWI MemorabiliaFive pages handwritten memoirs of the Great War 1914-18 from by Roy WarsopAlso one-page handwritten copy of extracts from LB Parish Church Magazine 1917 and Essex County Chronicle 1918. Also one-page handwritten list of men of Little Baddow in Essex Regiment 1914-18
P25Aa1DocWWI MemorabiliaSix typed pages (and some handwritten notes) of memoirs/family history research on Mr Roy Warsop and members of his family and involvement in WW1
P25AbDocWWI MemorabiliaRevised Instructions to Parish Emergency Committees in Case of InvasionDefence of the Realm leaflet Sept 1916 from Chelmsford Local Emergency Committee
P25AcDocWWI MemorabiliaOne page handwritten notes on George Hart
P25AdDocWWI MemorabiliaFour pages computer printout of an email from Clive Burlton (?) to Christine Day regarding family history research on George Pine in WW1. Includes two photocopies of photos of troops in L B and a photocopy of a piece of dried Little Baddow ivy
P25AeDocWWI MemorabiliaComputer printout of memoirs of Winifred Teresa Mary Gosling of her WW1 farming service in and around L B.Original diary was donated to the Imperial War Museum
P25AfDocWWI MemorabiliaWWI service record of Stanley James ParmenterPhotocopy of PRO WW1 Soldiers Documents WO363 - New Soldier’s Record for Stanley James Parmenter of Essex Regiment including photocopies of two photographs of a soldier with (presumably) his family
P25AgDocWWI MemorabiliaWW1 service record of Jesse Dell Berridge
P25AhDocWWI MemorabiliaWW1 service record of George Hollingsworth
P25BaDocCivil Defence Instructions 1950sDocuments relating to Civil Defence by Chelmsford Borough and Rural District Council - Notices 1955 - July, Sept, Oct.
P25BbDocCivil Defence Instructions 1950sDocuments relating to Civil Defence by Chelmsford Borough and Rural District Council - Notices 1956 - May, Dec.
P25BcDocCivil Defence Instructions 1950sDocuments relating to Civil Defence by Chelmsford Borough and Rural District Council - Notices 1957 - Feb, Mar, Apr, June, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, plus a blank reply slip for the Civil Defence for various activities and a letter dated 28th March 1957 regarding Civil Defence Recruitment.
P25BdDocCivil Defence Instructions 1950sDocuments relating to Civil Defence by Chelmsford Borough and Rural District Council - Notices 1958 - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr.
P25BeDocCivil Defence Instructions 1950sDocuments relating to Civil Defence by Chelmsford Borough and Rural District Council - Notices 1958 - May, June, July, and two loose sheets regarding Civil Defence events/other notices.
P25BfDocCivil Defence Instructions 1950sDocuments relating to Civil Defence by Chelmsford Borough and Rural District Council - Notices 1958 - Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec.
P25BgDocCivil Defence Instructions 1950sDocuments relating to Civil Defence by Chelmsford Borough and Rural District Council - Notices 1959 - Jan, Feb, and a timetable of weekly Civil Defence classes.
P26aDocWW2 MemorabiliaH L Stracy Air Raid Warden card (issued 5 June 1940)
P26bDocWW2 MemorabiliaAction Stations Rota for manning of the warden's post
P26cDocWW2 MemorabiliaCitizens' notes on how to beat the incendiary bomb
P26dDocWW2 MemorabiliaNotes for guidance in dealing with Air Raid Incidents, 31 March 1941 - From Air Raid Wardens' Service - Essex (Central Area) to all residents
P26eDocWW2 MemorabiliaLetter to Mr H L Stracy from police announcing disbandment of Civil Defence Wardens Service, 2 May 1945
P26fDocWW2 MemorabiliaLittle Baddow Invasion Committee leaflet - Notes on back as to "How to make a Slit Trench"
P26gDocWW2 MemorabiliaEssex County Council Civil Defence Wardens Mutual Benefit Society Notice of AGM, August 1944.
P26iArtWW2 MemorabiliaTwo WW2 medal ribbons of H L Stracy
P26jDocWW2 MemorabiliaNotes by Mrs Hood from Little Baddow Parish Magazines July 1939-April 1946.
P26kDocWW2 MemorabiliaNotes relating to Air Raid Wardens.
P26mDocWW2 MemorabiliaNotes on rockets, doodle-bugs, landmines and high explosives in village
P26nDocWW2 MemorabiliaNotes on WI, 1940-44
P26pDocWW2 MemorabiliaNotes on Territorial Army, dummy targets
P26qDocWW2 MemorabiliaNotes on secret resistance
P26rDocWW2 MemorabiliaNotes on Food and Pig Club.
P26sDocWW2 MemorabiliaNotes on National Savings and War Savings
P26tDocWW2 MemorabiliaNotes on men in armed services
P26uDocWW2 MemorabiliaNotes on Invasion Committee.
P26vDocWW2 MemorabiliaPoem written May 1940 by Joan Barker.
P26wDocWW2 MemorabiliaNotes on ‘Houses Occupied’
P27aDocChelmer and Blackwater NavigationPrecis of talk given by John Marriage in 1997 to the Little Baddow Historical Society on the Chelmer and Blackwater navigation
P27bDocChelmer and Blackwater Navigation1973 Leaflet “Chelmsford Rally of Boats” by London and South East Branch, Inland Waterways Association.
P27cBookChelmer and Blackwater NavigationThe Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation by Peter Came
P27dBookChelmer and Blackwater Navigation“The Story of the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation through 200 years” by Col J F Cramphorn and A M St J Cramphorn
P27eDocChelmer and Blackwater NavigationExcerpt for Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation from Navigable Rivers, Canals, and Railways throughout Great Britain by Joseph Priestley, 1831
P27fDocChelmer and Blackwater NavigationNotes for the 2001 Historical Society Chelmer and Blackwater calendar
P27gBookChelmer and Blackwater Navigation“The Chelmer and Blackwater – Navigation and Surrounding Area” by the Company and Proprietors of the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation Ltd
P27hDocChelmer and Blackwater Navigation2001 Hatfield Peverel Review cover with reproduction of ink drawing of Little Baddow lock in winter
P27iDocChelmer and Blackwater Navigation"Days of Tranquillity along the Towpath",1993 Essex Chronicle article with 1950s tow-path photos – Fred Hoy, Steven Hoy
P27jNewspapersChelmer and Blackwater NavigationCopy of 1895 Fishing Gazette article describing fishing in the Chelmer.
P27kJournalChelmer and Blackwater NavigationArticle in 1891 Essex Naturalist Vol V, Jan-Dec 1891 describing an excursion by barge from Maldon to Chelmsford, describing plants and aquatic mollusca observed.
P28acDocChelmer and Blackwater Navigation2003 Essex Chronicle article ‘Motor barge era’ by John Marriage about motor-powered barges on the and Blackwater canal in the 1950s to 1970s.
X28c8-12DocChelmer and Blackwater Navigation2002 Colour photos of pleasure boats at Paper Mill Lock
P28adNewspapersChelmer and Blackwater Navigation1993 Essex Chronicle articles on bicentenary of Chelmer and Blackwater Including canal memories of bargee Len Poole.
P55xNewspapersWilliam Washington ArchiveR.J.Washington Obituary, The Times, 13 December 1997
P53aiDocWilliam Washington ArchiveLocal material on William and Robert WashingtonNotes on William and Robert Washington's time in Little Baddow; "R.J.Washington - Nine exhibition tributes to local artist and educator", The Danbury, Bicknacre and Little Baddow Journal Issue 115, October 1998
2000:0228DocWilliam Washington ArchiveDaisy AlcockAutobiographical notes plus copies of photos
X18fPhotoSchool PhotographsSchool pupils 1928[L to R] Row 1: John Murrell, Archie Cameron, Charlie Parmenter, Leslie Winger, ?, George Brazier; Row 2: Basil?, George Kemp, Edith Scroggins, Doris Knight, Gladys Spooner, Irene Wright, Norah Shipman, Peggy ?, Graham Dawkins, Peter Sergeant; Row3: Isabel Hodges, Kathleeen Stubbings, Dolly Winger, Beryl Vanstone, Margaret Parmenter, Emily Lock, Lily Westwood, Jean Ager; Row 4 Lesley Joslin, Don Sergeant, Ken Wright
2000:0230PhotoRiver Chelmer PhotographsThree colour photos of aerial view of Paper Mill in Flood 2001.Chelmsford Weekly News 2001
P29gNewspapersRiver Chelmer PhotographsPage 4 from ‘Go’ section of Essex Chronicle, Thursday April 8th, 2010 on a walk on the Chelmer Navigation entitled ‘Tales from the Towpath’.
P29hNewspapersRiver Chelmer PhotographsCopy of newspaper article entitled ‘Disastrous fire near Chelmsford, £10,000 damages’ about the fire that destroyed Paper Mill 1892Bury and Norwich Post, Tuesday 7th June 1892, p.8.
P29iPhotoRiver Chelmer PhotographsA4 colour photocopy/printout of a photo of Smugglers Barn from the River Chelmer 1980s.
P29jNewspapersRiver Chelmer PhotographsNewspaper cutting about the barge the ‘Susan’ and The Susan Trust entitled ‘Care and Attention for Susan’, includes colour photo of the barge.Essex Chronicle, 16 February 2006
P29kNewspapersRiver Chelmer PhotographsNewspaper cutting entitled ‘Choking weed threat to rivers’, includes colour photo of John Marriage from Friends of the Chelmer and Blackwater Canal.Essex Chronicle, Friday 20 November 1998
2000:0232PhotoRiver Chelmer PhotographsPhotograph of Rushes Lock, River Chelmer
P29lArtRiver Chelmer PhotographsWatercolour of Paper Mill Lock by Jill Goodson.
P29mArtRiver Chelmer PhotographsFishing on the Chelmer, watercolour by Jill Goodson
2000:0234PhotoRiver Chelmer PhotographsPhoto of unnamed section of river, showing flooding
2000:0236NewspapersRiver Chelmer PhotographsNewspaper clipping about a £25,000 grant from the Hanson Environment Fund to the Essex Environment Trust to help Chelmer Canal Trust get rid of Pennywort.Essex Chronicle 22 July 2004
2000:0238NewspapersRiver Chelmer PhotographsNewspaper clipping about a Dragon Boat Race for charity at Paper Mill Lock, Little BaddowNo date
2000:0240BookSick in Body, Perfect of Memory by John Bundock, 2010Little Baddow Wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1500-1857 - Thomas Baxter (1494), Clement Smythe (1551), Thomas Blake (1599), Thomas Emery (1618), William Bridge (1635), John Hubbard (1638), Thomas Vessey (1637), Sir Henry Mildmay (1637), John Newton (1646), Frauncis Mildmay (1647), Richard Vessey (1649), Robert Bredge (1651), Ciceley Mildmay (1654), Thomas Reeve (1653), John Harvey (1655), Elinor Bretland (1657), Thomas Coales (1670), Dame Amy Mildmay (1669), Sir Gobert Barrington (1692), William Hunt (1697), Dame Elizabeth Barrington (1698), Robert Collman (1720), Thomas Jeffrey (1728), Michael Pittman (1727), Charles Gordon (1737), Elizabeth Waterson (1742), John Richarson (1743), Edmund Fowler (1750), Benjamin Harrington (1757), Robert Clerke (1763), Thomas Desaguliers (1777), Thompson Stoneham (1780), John Baker (1786), Rev John Steffe (1786), John Baker (1797), Thomas Hodges (1798), John Hale (1792), Mary Hodges (1805), Francis Burgess (1811), William Lee (1818), John Simmons (1819), Thomas Baker (1808), William Johnson (1830), Edmund Simmons (1826), Benjamin Livermore (1835), Susannah Sorrell (1835), John Raven (1840), William Goodday Strutt (1842), Frances Ward (1848), James Johnson Jeggins (1847), Rev Stephen Morell (1850), Robert Tweed (1840), Jeremiah Pledger (1854)
2000:0242BookLittle Baddow in the News 1750-1950 by John Bundock, 2012
X9jvPhotoProperties and Residents - North HillPoleighs, 1927Photo taken by Mr A.H.Trigge and sent same year from Canada to Mr Stracy then occupying the house
2000:0244PhotoPost Office Stores c1920s ?
X30a-lDocWater Hall Model + National School personnel c.1836-1921B&W photos of a wooden model of Water HallIncluding a letter from D.C.Hurley from Danbury of DH Photography dated 27 January 1986
P30aDocWater Hall Model + National School personnel c.1836-1921National School personnel c.1836-1921Handwritten list of names of teachers, pupil teachers/monitors, assistant teachers, managers and caretakers
P32BFolderScience and Religion groupScience and Religion groupPaperwork from URC Science and Religion Group, 1975-1990
P32bDocCopies of articles from Historical Society Newsletter, Spring 1986“The Morells of Little Baddow”, “William Parry, Founder of the London Missionary Society”, “Little Baddow’s Churches”
2000:0246Book"Through the Seasons – Notes on the Churchyard & Grounds, Little Baddow" by Brenda Hooson2007
2000:0248Book"Little Baddow United Reformed Church – A History" by Rev Dr R Buick KnoxUpdated and reissued 2007
P32cDocHandwritten notes on William Parry, Pastor of Congregational Chapel, 1780-1799
P32eDocCopy of “Little Baddow and the Morells, the Huguenots in England” by Rev J G Hughes, Essex Review, 1892
P32fDocMagazine article “Don’t write off the rural churches” by John Geyer, Minister of Little BaddowReform, January 1978
P32gDocNotes on Garden Party at Hill Cottage, 12 September 1958
P32hDocThe Living Church by Rev Rowland Joiner
P32iArtPainting of URC by Mark RowlandPlus A “Pilgrimage Prayer”, notelets with sketch on cover
P32jDocLittle Baddow United Reformed Church - Profile of Church from 2000 plus Annual Reports 1996-1997 and 2000-2001
P32kDocLetter to Congregation from Deryck Collingwood, 1986Re Hooker and Eliot celebrations
P101eDoc“Haven for Holy Ones" by William J T Smith, Historical society Newsletter, July 1993Describes 17th/18th century non-conformist figures – Rev Newton, Thomas Hooker, Thomas Gibson, John Oakes, Robert Howe, Mr Shoard, Richard Rand, John Steefe
P32l-nDocURC meeting notes 1999-2002
P32p-qDocLetters to URC congregation, 2001-2002
P32s-tDocNotes on URC Church by Ron Bond, 1999
P32yPhotoCopy of c1852-1888 black and white photo of chapelTaken when Thomas Morell was minister
X32v-wDocCopy of sketch of church after alterations made during incumbency of Rev J H StanleyThe pulpit had been returned to its original position, the gallery removed and the north wall door bricked in, Alterations included the provision of a wood block floor and the present seating.
P32u-xDoc1986-1989 Order of Service for Hooker and Eliot commemoration at Cuckoos
P32zDocAdvert for URC Fayre, Nov 2001
P32aaDocCopy of The Link, Summer 2001Magazine of URC in Chelmsford
X32yPhotoCopies of old photos of Chapel and Manse
P32aDocThomas Hooker – an Essex Chapel which Nurtured American Democracy”, Historical Society, 1986
2020:0125DocUnited Reformed ChapelRecords for the 17th Century Faire held in Little Baddow in 1990.
P32ajDocUnited Reformed ChapelPhotocopy of Morell Family treeTaken from Memorial of John Daniel Morell by Robert M Theobald
P32alDocUnited Reformed Chapel2006 Arts and Crafts Exhibition
List of paintings exhibited plus photos
P32acDocUnited Reformed ChapelFlyer and programme for the 17th Century Faire held in Little Baddow in 2002.
P32ad-afDocUnited Reformed Chapel2002 Order of Services for URC.Michael Powell Induction Service, Easter Day Service, Maundy Thursday Service
P32abDocUnited Reformed Chapel2002 Order of Service for Cuckoos Farm Service.
P32akDocUnited Reformed ChapelHandwritten notes on Rev Stephen Morell (1773-1852) by Ronald Bond written in 2005.
P32aiDocUnited Reformed ChapelNtes on Edward and Anne Cook2005 Newsletter of Little Baddow URC
2024:0074ArtMap of Essex divided into Hundreds Framed copy of Half sheet County Map by Emanuel Bowen (1694-1767), Geographer to his late Majesty, and Thomas Bowen
P34aArtClubs and GroupsTea Towel showing hand prints of the children and babies in the Toddler Group Autumn 2009
P34bDocClubs and GroupsLittle Baddow Open Group programme 2008/2009
P34cDocClubs and GroupsLittle Baddow Guild of Arts - Celebration Dinner Programme ‘To mark the 90th Anniversary of the founding of Little Baddow Guild of Arts in 1909’. Names on back- John and Sally Lowe
P34dDocClubs and GroupsLittle Baddow Area Groups and Information leaflet 2006, published by St Mary’s Church, Jan 2006.
X36ciiiPhotoLocal Charity AppealsPurchase of Holybred Wood5 photos at meeting announcing the successful purchase of the wood. 2001
X36ciDocLocal Charity Appeals including Holybred Wood AppealColour photograph of 4 people holding a sign saying ‘Holybred Wood Appeal’
P36AaDocLocal Charity Appeals including Holybred Wood AppealNewspaper clipping from Essex Chronicle 27/7/90 on Francesca Amato from Little Baddow about her accident treatment and fundraising for hospital equipment- includes her photo
P36AbDocLocal Charity Appeals including Holybred Wood AppealNewspaper clipping from Essex Chronicle Fri Aug 3rd 1990 on treasure hunt and garden walk in Little Baddow for Mencap Mini Bus Appeal (includes b&w photo of Mrs Rippon handing over cheque and several people from the Gateway Club)Includes b&w photo of Mrs Rippon handing over cheque and several people from the Gateway Club
P36AcDocLocal Charity Appeals including Holybred Wood AppealHolybred Wood Appeal - invitation to attend handover of deeds for Holybred Wood to Little Baddow Parish Council from Sir Alastair and Lady Stewart and Mrs Wendy Phillips, Fri 21st Sept 2001,
P36AcivDocLocal Charity Appeals including Holybred Wood AppealEssex Environment Trust - Certificate of Merit awarded to Holybred Wood, Little Baddow
P36AcvDocLocal Charity Appeals including Holybred Wood AppealEssex Environment Trust Report 2002including a note on the purchase of Holybred Wood and funding, with pictures (P12)
P36a-o-9DocLocal Charity Appeals1920 British School Trust correspondence
P36aDocLocal Charity Appeals1919-1923 War Memorial Fund receipts, cheques and correspondence
P36cDocLocal Charity AppealsEssex Chronicle article on Holybred Wood Appeal, 2 Feb 2001Yvonne Welch, Lady Patricia Stewart, Duncan Robinson, Sir Alastair Stewart, Freddie Milz, Wendy Phillips, Barry Welch
P36dDocLocal Charity Appeals1914-1949, 1972 Pledger Foundation
P36eDocLocal Charity Appeals1946 Hatfield Charities
P36fDocLocal Charity Appeals1953 Lord Mayor of London's Flood Distress Appeal
P36hDocLocal Charity AppealsChelmsford Rural District Flood Relief Appeal 1958
P36mDocLocal Charity Appeals1987 URC Restoration and Endowment Appeal brochure.
P36gDocLocal Charity Appeals1951 Almshouses Fund Whist Drive
P36jDocLocal Charity Appeals1925-1975 Memorial Hall Appeal Funds and Village Hall repairs
P36kDocLocal Charity Appeals1907-1909, Unknown Donor Charity
P36lDocLocal Charity Appeals1920 Little Baddow British School Trust
P36nDocLocal Charity AppealsFarleigh Hospice Fundraiser, 2003Little Orchard, Postman Lane, Little Baddow
P36oDocLocal Charity AppealsTools With A Mission, 2003St Andrews Room
P36iDocButler Trust RulesNotes on Josiah Smith
2000:0250DocButler Trust Rules1909 Butler Educational Trust scheme rules
2000:0252DocButler Trust Rules1937/1938 Butler Educational Foundation scheme amendments
2000:0254DocButler Trust Rules1957 Butler Educational Foundation payments
2000:0256DocButler Trust Rules1908 Butler Educational Foundation correspondence
2000:0258DocButler Trust Rules1927 Butler Educational Foundation correspondence
2000:0260DocButler Trust Rules1930-31 Butler Educational Foundation correspondence
2000:0262DocButler Trust Rules1934-37 Butler Educational Foundation application
P36B7aDocButler Trust Rules1910-1949 Butler Educational Foundation Minute Book
P36B7bDocButler Trust Rules1961-62 correspondence relating to the sale of Charity Farm
P36Ca-hDocPoor's Wood Charity1937- 1970 Parish Council correspondenceIncludes correspondence regarding leasing of woodland to Mr W Burr of Danbury for the purpose of growing willow trees along the watercourse (1937-38), correspondence with Mr Brooks regarding clearing of Poor’s Wood (1954), correspondence concerning leasing of land to Gordon Wellington (1967), correspondence regarding gift back of land to parish council (1969-70)
P36CiBookLocal Charity AppealsCharity Commission Scheme for the charity of Unknown Donor (aka Almshouse scheme) and Charity known as Copyhold Allotments, June 1971
P37lDocSale notices and newspaper cuttings1920 Auction Catalogue of properties in or near Little BaddowLot 13 - Firtree Cottage let to Mr Chas Walter Stevens; Lot 14 - Arable land opposite Lot 13; Lot 15 - Pasture forming part of Huskett’s Common Mead let to Mr J Wood.
P37kDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsSurvey of British School and School House, 1919
P38mDocSt Mary's Church Architecture1994 Record of Wall Painting Conservation: Nave North WallDevil Fresco, see photos X11a1-11
P38pDocSt Mary's Church Architecture1994 Essex Chronicle article “The devil of Little Baddow is revealed” describing Devil Fresco.
P38kDocSt Mary's Church ArchitectureCopy of the Saint Christopher wall paintingEssex Review Vol XXXII, January 1923
P38hDocSt Mary's Church Architecture1992 Essex Chronicle article “Rare Mural is Found” describing Devil Fresco.
P38aBookSt Mary's Church Architecture1999 leaflet entitled “Pilgrims Guide” by the Diocese of Chelmsford.Mention of St Mary's and the URC
P38qDocSt Mary's Church ArchitectureSt Mary's Church NADFAS, 2003Record of Church Furnishings by the Mid-Essex DFAS Group commenced in 1999 including descriptions of monuments and dating of architecture etc
P39AaDocSt Mary's Church1984 Mildmay Group Carol Service programmeRev R Turner, Rev D Collingwood, Mrs L Cole
P39oDocSt Mary's Church1996 Parish Information Pack
P39AbDocSt Mary's Church1983 Mildmay Group Spring Meeting AgendaMrs H Wells, Lady E Binney
P39AeDocSt Mary's Church1966 Order of Service for the Institution of Rev Arthur David King to Little BaddowAlso invitation card for the service
P39AdDocSt Mary's Church1949 Order of Service for the Institution of Rev A D King to East Horndon
P39AcDocSt Mary's ChurchLetter from William B Ady to ArchdeaconConcerning a controversy over parishioners' proposal to erect a screen inside the church door to keep off draughts
P39AfDocSt Mary's Church1986 Leaflet “English Martyr’s Church, Danbury – The Early Years”Also letter from Peter Cullen on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the English Martyr’s Church
P39AgDocSt Mary's ChurchOrder of Service for Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 1986
P39AhDocSt Mary's ChurchOrder of Service for United Church Service at St Mary's, Good Friday 1985
P39AlDocSt Mary's ChurchFlyer for Justice and Peace Group
P39AmDocSt Mary's ChurchRecord of known gifts to St Mary's Church, 1884-1999
P39AnDocSt Mary's Church2000 Essex Chronicle articles on retirement of Rev Robin Turner
P39AoDocSt Mary's Church2000 Order of Service for licensing of Rev Canon Christine McCafferty
P39ApDocSt Mary's ChurchNote on Free Will Offering Scheme (pre-1988)
P39AqDocSt Mary's ChurchMeeting re Pilgrims to URC and Church
P39ArDocSt Mary's ChurchHistorical notes on St Mary's for Pilgrims
P39AtDocSt Mary's Church2002 Order of Service for Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.
X39a1PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's Church, South ViewLarge B&W photo, B Martin c1955
X39a2PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's Church, view of porchBernard Martin
X39a3PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's Church, view of porchAnn Poulard
X39a4PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's Church, entrance gateAnn Poulard
X39b3PhotoSt Mary's ChurchSt Mary's Church, South ViewColour phot by Mr Ager, 1983
X39b4DocSt Mary's Church1924 print of St Mary’s Church lit by oil lamp by W G Thomas
P39cDocSt Mary's Church1992 Order of Service for thanksgiving service for restoration work.
P39eDocSt Mary's Church'Music for a Summer Evening' programme, 1992In support of St Mary's Fresco fund
P39fNewspapersSt Mary's Church1986 Essex Chronicle article “Baddow Bells go Silent” about renovation of St Mary’s bells.
P39gDocSt Mary's ChurchBlack and white photos of bells during renovation.
P39hDocSt Mary's Church1986 Order of Service for thanksgiving service for repairs and dedication of new bells.
P39aDocSt Mary's Church1925 Little Baddow Church Bell Appeal leafletJ Berridge, A L Woodhouse, J J Speakman
P39iDocSt Mary's Church1986 Village Activities ListLetter to Mr Cooper about including an account of removal and rehanging of bells
P39lDocSt Mary's ChurchExcerpts from various sources about St Mary's church“The King’s England” (1942) by Arthur Mee, Essex Review July 1911 regarding consecration of church graveyard and unattributed source describing church trough.
P60jDocEventsLittle Baddow Festival of Flowers Flyer, 1970St Mary's Church (flower arrangements), art exhibition (Johnson's Barn), refreshments (Little Baddow Hall)
P37jDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsThe Pilgrims Way, The Ridge1988 sales catalogue
P37mDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsGraces1966 sales catalogue
P37nDocSale notices and newspaper cuttings1810 Terrier of Little BaddowExcerpt describing “An old Vicarage-House cover’d with Tiles, a little Garden, a little Barn, a very little Stable and a little Hay-House, all thatch’d, two little Orchards and a little Garden-Plot”
P37oDocSale notices and newspaper cuttings1935-1936 Post OfficePlan and handwritten notes
P37pDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsCedar Park, Graces Lane1991 sales catalogue
P37qDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsTofts1998 sales notice
P37rDocSale notices and newspaper cuttings2000 Property to west side of North Hill to north of village shop.2000 sales notice
P37tDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsEdwardian house in Spring Elms Lane2000 sales notice
P37xDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsTiolman, High Pastures2001 sales notice
P37u-wDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsHigh Pasture2001 sales notice
P37aDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsOld House, Spring Elms Lane1993 sales notice
P37yDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsChelmer Cottage1997 and c.2000 sales notices
P37zDocSale notices and newspaper cuttings2002 Coleraines2002 sales notice
P37/00DocSale notices and newspaper cuttings2000 Property Sale NoticesWickhay Cottage, !!!
P37/01DocSale notices and newspaper cuttings2001 Property Sale NoticesColeraines
P37/02DocSale notices and newspaper cuttings2002 Property Sale NoticesColeraines, Fern Cottage, Wickhay Cottage, !!!! and others
P37/04DocSale notices and newspaper cuttings2004 Property Sale NoticesRainbirds (Paper Mill Lock), Ryefield, Great Graces Brewhouse, Wickhay Cottages, Jarvis Field
P37cDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsGenerals Arms1990 sales notice
P37dDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsCottage in the Bush1989 sales notice
P37eDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsLittle Baddow Hall1989 sales notice
P37fDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsRodney Inn1989 sales notice
P37gDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsAcorn Lodge1992 sales notice
P37hDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsSandpit Cottage –William Sargeant and family1987 sales notice
P37iDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsTofts 1938 (1987 Essex Chronicle article)Albert Morrish
P37bDocSale notices and newspaper cuttingsHouse in Spring Elms Lane1992 sales notice
P37sNewspapersSale notices and newspaper cuttingsNorth Hill property near shop2000 sales notice
P39BaDocSt Mary's Church History and MonumentsHenry Mildmay monumentHandwritten sketch of monument and copy of headstone inscriptions
P39BcDocSt Mary's Church History and Monuments1955 note on historical details inside and outside church
P39BdDocSt Mary's Church History and Monuments1986 letter from Roy Warsop to Rector regarding the restoration of a coat of arms over the south door of church.
P39BeDocSt Mary's Church History and MonumentsArticle from 1993 Historical Society newsletter about the period (Late 13thC) when the church was founded
P39BfDocSt Mary's Church History and MonumentsTypewritten note describing wall paintings in church
P40iDocSt Mary's Church1946 booklet "A Brief Description of the Parish Church of Saint Mary the Virgin Little Baddow"
P40mNewspapersSt Mary's ChurchNewspaper cutting "An evening of trivia to raise church restoration funds"1991 with photo of Rev Turner
P40rDocSt Mary's ChurchRestoration Appeal booklet 1984History of church and aims of work
P40sDocSt Mary's ChurchNotes on history of church from 1090
P40tDocSt Mary's Church"Church of St Mary the Virgin, Little Baddow, Essex", 1955 and 1964Notes on objects of interest in St Mary's church
P40uDocSt Mary's Church"Objects of interest in the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Little Baddow"Undated
P40vDocSt Mary's ChurchCopy of pages "Baddow-parva, Rectory, Vicarage" from Repertorium Ecclesiasticum Parochiale Londinense: An Ecclesiastical History of the Diocese of London....... Vol 2 by Richard Newcourt, 1710Includes excerpt from 1610 Terrier describing the Old Vicarage House, lists of rectors and vicars, description of the chapel at Graces
P40wDocSt Mary's ChurchPoster - "Prayers for Peace", 2003
P40xDocSt Mary's ChurchEvents at St Mary's ChurchPoster - "Treasure in Clay Jars", 2003; "The Bible" Lent study course; Christmas Service leaflet; Flower Festival 2000;
P40yPhotoSt Mary's ChurchPhoto of Parish Chest with note from Margaret Martin
P40zDocSt Mary's Church"the Women of War", 2014 Celebration of Women throughout WW1 concert at St Mary's ChurchLeaflet and poster
P41aDocMemories1927 letter from A H Trigge to Mr Stracey re Poleighs’ photo (2020:0170)
P41cDocMemories1999 Letter from Janet Shave to Mel Thompson re Old Cottage / Poleighs and Fir Tree Cottage and reply
P41dDocMemoriesSerbs in village in WW21969 notes, Notes on schooldays by Roy Warsop, undated newspaper cutting
P41bDocMemoriesLetter to Janet Shave from Roy Warsop, 1981Trigge, Loveday, Thorrington, Blake families
P41eDocMemoriesTranscript of Mr Bowles memories of village
P41fDocMemoriesNotes on Benjamin Livermore - barge owner and miller, Little Baddow 1811-1843Copies of barge certificate and land deeds
P41hDocMemoriesPenning familyNotes on Penning family of Kettleburgh; Copy of Last Will and Testament of Anthony Penning 1630; 2001 letter from Patricia Christy re Penning family to Little Baddow Historical Society and reply including De Bohun and Penning family tree (c1450-1600); Photos of Penning memorial at St Matthew’s Church, Ipswich
P41kDocMemoriesMiscellaneous notes on Barrington and Mildmays
P41jDocMemoriesCopy of receipts of money from Gobert Barrington by Benjamin Steele dated 1675
P41iDocMemoriesNotes on the Hood family and photograph of Dora, Mabel and Walter Hood
P41lDocMemoriesExtracts from the will of Rev C Gordon and a letter from Mr Phillips of Riffhams Lodge dated 1839 concerning it
P41gDocMemoriesLetter from Daphne Mead concerning the Mead family and reply from archivist
P41m-pDocMemoriesBrazier FamilyInsurance on the Laurels 1952, Photos of Brazier family 1940s-1950s, Photo of Stanley Brazier 1957, Notes on V2 explosion 1944 near the Laurels (extract from In and About Maldon Part 3), Poem by Bob Brazier “The Pea Pickers”
P41rDocMemoriesLetter headed paper “H L Stracy Coach Proprietor” with chronological memories from daughter Janet Lyon Stracy
P41sDocMemoriesCopy of English School Exercise Book by Jean Brazier aged 11. Diary of her activities at Little Baddow School from 1953-56Diary of her activities at Little Baddow Village School from 1953-56
P41tDocMemoriesUndated photograph of employees of Bakers of Danbury employees
P42bDocElm Green School1986 visit to URC chapelThank you letters from pupils to Rev Collingwood
P42aDocElm Green School1989 newspaper cuttings about Elm Green School Tennis Champions
2000:0264DocElm Green School"Our visit to Little Baddow" booklet
2000:0266DocElm Green SchoolExtract about school from 1965 WI Scrapbook
P42dDocElm Green SchoolLetter from principal in reply to a request for material about schoolIncludes copies of photos of various school activities
P43aDocLeaflets of events and classes 1832-1905Programme for the Essex and Chelmsford Museum Grand Scientific and Musical Soiree, 22 Jan 1879
P43cDocLeaflets of events and classes 1832-19051828 list of Chelmsford Philosophical Society lectures
P43bDocLeaflets of events and classes 1832-19051905/6 prospectus for evening classes at North Street Council School, Colchester
P43dDocLeaflets of events and classes 1832-19051935/6 prospectus for Domestic Science Department, Mid Essex Technical College & School of Art, Chelmsford
P43eDocLeaflets of events and classes 1832-1905Copy of the Chelmsford Chronicle, 10 August 1764Issued 2001
P44iDocLeaflets of events and classes 1832-19051990 newspaper article re houses owned by Jimmy Greaves (includes one in Little Baddow)
P45aDocLeaflets of events and classes 1832-19052001/2002 programme of Little Baddow Open Group
P44a-bDocLeaflets of events and classes 1832-19051987/88 letters from Colin Flint to Jimmy Greaves re Edwardian school house in Little Baddow and Robjohns Field
P44jDocLeaflets of events and classes 1832-19051991 Radio Times article - "My Kind of Day" by Jimmy Greaves

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